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Mozilla man blasts Apple and Google for HTML5 abuse


Microsoft are good guys now?

I'm no fan of Apple but it seems to me that the bashing they are getting is because their website "gives the impression" that Safari is the only browser to do HTML5. How is this worse than the much more visible "IE8 in 8 seconds" TV adverts from Microsoft which give the impression that IE is the only browser that can help you avoid attack sites, and the only browser that has a privacy mode.

Did they not steal that idea from Firefox?

The other thing which, I guess, people are so familiar with that they don't see it any more is that Safari is shown as being available "For Mac + PC". I have a PC - I run Linux. Can I have Safari?

I'm a PC and.... I'll get my coat...

Microsoft Tag emerges from beta


We've seen it before...

Microsoft is trying to get into a small and already saturated market. Have you seen any of these competing "highly successful" technologies which are apparently "in use worldwide"?

The BeeTag: http://www.beetagg.com/

The ColourZip: http://colorcode.com.sg/

and EZCode: http://www.scanlife.com/atlantis/

Most of the AIDC industry have long ago realised that success is based on open standards. As has been already stated there is already QR Code and Data Matrix and, indeed, many more besides. In fact the biggest movers in this field, Intermec and Symbol, are much more interested in RFID these days.