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Minnow Android slab maker BEATS Apple in court



>> I don't want joe unemployed to sport a clone of my iPad so can't see this as bad pr yet

Have you not been to a British council estate recently? Swathes of unemployed oiks wearing tracksuits playing angry birds on their **Apple iPhones**. Yes, theft, long term contracts, or generally spending every penny you "earn" (selling drugs) on a gadget is seen as more important to these people than putting 50p coins into the electric meter or changing baby's nappy immediately after a bowel movement. I actually *know* people who are Council Housed And Violent (C.H.A.V .for short) who insist on the latest apple gadgets. Apple as an "unobtainable premium product" finished years ago - now it's a toy for the masses, like Nokia was in the 90s and I presume microwave ovens were the decade before.

PlayStation 3 sales catch up with Xbox 360 total



They're both games consoles. They both have their merits. They both have their faults. They both have a few exclusive games, and a hell of a lot of games which are made by third parties for all major platforms.

Get over it.

I got a PS3, because it was "free" (with an overpriced phone contract). The only reason I chose PS3 over X360 is the blu-ray functionality. For playing the likes of FIFA, COD and GTA, the consoles are identical.

Fifa, Uefa lose free-to-view footie challenge


re: Good for the most part

I can see your point, but football fans are paying for other sports currently. For example, I absolutely loathe cricket (it's entirely pointless... how can a game last for weeks, then be declared a draw, and why are games between Sri Lanka and South Africa shown on British TV, when, say, a European Qualifier between Holland and Germany isn't?). I also loathe Rugby League.

In fact, sod it, I loathe most football. Sky's "Super Sunday" a few weeks ago was Bolton vs Everton. Hardly super. Sky rammed two games down my throat on Tuesday night - I watched neither. It transpires I'm paying £20 a month to watch the one or two games that interest me.

At least, as an F1 fan, you'll be shelling out your £20 for two races, two practice sessions and two qualifiers.

Bolle BP-10 iPhone photo printer


Must agree

This is completely pointless. The benefit of a smartphone is that you can quickly share your photos with the world via twitter, facebook, flikr etc...

GIGO --> with 5MP mobile phone images, this is always going to be crap.

Google Nexus S Android smartphone


Re: Proxy

I'm pretty sure you can get apps to proxy your browser traffic. Not 100% whether you have to "root" your phone to do it though as I've never needed to use them.


I like it....

Got mine delivered a few weeks ago, and have had no problems (T-Mobile slashing data limits notwithstanding!).

A few points:

>Samsung have a proven track record of "Release and Retire" for high-end handsets. They pump out new models quickly, forget old ones (by months, not years) which get no updates, and their support is notoriously horrid.

Software is released by google directly - other than the lettering on the back, there is no mention of Samsung elsewhere on the handset.

Battery life... I'm a "heavy user"... It's a phone, an email client, an mp3 player, a portable games system, and I get around 18 hours from a charge. Not fantastic, but better than the last generation of Android handset. Don't expect Nokia-like weekly charges though.

The screen is fantastic. The contrast between black and colour is immense - you can safely leave the screen on its dullest backlight setting and read the screen in daylight - saves the battery too.

Only cons are: the quality of plastics used. Feels a little cheap, and the smooth shiny plastic casing easily slips out of your hand (unlike my HTC Hero with a rubberised backing).

And the lack of SD card. I tend to uninstall apps I don't use, delete music once I'm bored of it, and I don't watch movies on my phone. 16GB should be ok with me, but I can't see why Google/Samsung aren't releasing a 32MB "professional" version.

Oh, and Mac user worrying about syncing... love the cloud. Transferred my phonebook, email and calendar to the device within 30 seconds... by signing into my Google account.

BT quotes pensioner £150,000 to get broadband


City dweller, successful fella

I'm sorry Mrs Granny of deepest ruralest Wales, but why should BT invest money to get broadband to your house? Will you demand that Tesco build a hypermarket on your doorstep? Or perhaps you'd like the M1 re-routed to a within few miles of your house (not too close mind, NIMBY) so you can get to anywhere in the country instantly on your G-Wizz.

Why should BT spend their money so you can browse the internet, update your facebook status with "Granny Gwladys just ordered her iPad, lol", and find men to have casual relationships with on Gumtree?

I live in a City, can I demand to have fresh country air (you know, the smell of horse manure) piped into my vicinity regularly?


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