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Bookeen Cybook Opus e-book reader 2010 edition


The best 5-inch reader and the price is great

I spent a few weeks with one of these readers and at the time it was the best I'd tried...it probably still is. It was also one of the most expensive so this price drop is really welcome.

Regarding the EPUB/Mobipocket issue. I believe that is due to either the Adobe or Mobipocket DRM licensing (perhaps both). This states that they are not allowed to have a second DRM system installed at the same time as theirs. But you're right, it's about time they just dropped mobipocket--it's now all but dead.

Apple iPad



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Have it...don't regret it

Received mine yesterday morning (was surprised at the early delivery) and although I have issues, I don't regret it.

The first thing I noticed was; it's heavy...very heavy! It failed my first "real world" test this morning. On the train to work, standing up with a coffee in one hand, I was basically impossible to use for any length of time.

In use, screen get's gunked up with finger marks very quickly, so I think one of those special pens will be in order, for any long sessions.

I'm not an Apple head, I don't own a Mac computer (and never will) but so far I am happy with the iPad and think I will use this quite a lot, although mostly with productivity apps--and the F1 app, which looks sweet!

I actually bought an iPad because I have to check that the books from my epubBooks website all look good and need to try out all those other eBook reading applications, so in one sense I had no choice but to buy one.

I'd say if you have plenty of cash and are happy to be an early adopter, go ahead and buy one. Otherwise wait a while, let the weight and the price come down, before buying.