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Microsoft to release Visual Studio 2015 ahead of Windows 10

tim morrison

Subscription model for VS2015

If you want anything other than a free community edition, looks like you have to take out an MSDN subscription.

Dragons' Den star's biz Outsourcery sends yet more millions up in smoke

tim morrison

Re: Huh?

Too true. In my experience, they do what it says on the tin... they outsource.

They approached me over a substantial Lync implementation - yes, they had they skills, they had the pedigree they assured me..... then they phoned one of the other firms I was talking to to see if they could help them with a Lync project. They add no value, can't understand how a business model like that is allowed to survive.

First-person shootout world record set

tim morrison

yeah, but...

it was awful. worked fine for the first 15 seconds......not sure that it's solid enough for a commercial offering just yet

Eurofighter Typhoon: It's EVEN WORSE than we thought

tim morrison
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I went to the inaugural flight of the Eurofighter...

It was at Farnborough airshow, and it was a big deal because the company I worked for was going to be making bits for it. They hired buses and we had a nice day out watching the nice new pointy plane.

I think I was 18 or 19 at the time.... I'm 43 now..... This plane MUST be cutting edge....!!!

Airline ejects passenger for being hungry

tim morrison

hmmmm.... undecided....!

On the one hand, I would have thought that if the stewardess had mis-heard him, she would have tried to clarify what he'd said.... on the other hand, I have flown UA and have found the cabin crew to be the surliest I have ever met.

I can see either happening, but I do suspect this guy gobbed off and didn't know when to stop and now wishes to portray himself as a hard-done-by.

Darling banks on offshoring to save UK plc

tim morrison

Offshoring is a great idea!

...and Alistair's job should be first - see how you like it, you nonce.

Broadband speed testers fail the test

tim morrison
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No need to worry Virgin....

...please don't think that people aren't signing up with you because of inaccurate speedtests, they avoid you because you're widely known for being crap at customer service... you acknowledged my letter of June asking for a refund, and nothing since.... only 5 months and counting eh?

Hacker unearths young Chinese gymnast scam

tim morrison
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Frankie Says

Quote from Frankie Boyle - "Watching gymnastics is just like paedophilia for cowards..."

Maybe the IOC allow it because it gives 'em big stiffies.....

Taxing times for Hungary's porn inspectors

tim morrison
Paris Hilton


...it's a legitimately incurred cost for dry-cleaning all the trouser custard out of the bedsheets and off the curtains....

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

tim morrison
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Glad I'm not the only one

I left Virgin Media after only one month because they're liars and their mung call centre staff couldn't care less.

I really hope someone from VM is reading all this, because it WILL catch up with them sooner or later.

Mr Branson must be so proud to have his brand put to such a shite, hated service.

Virgin Media in talks to trial three strikes regime against P2P

tim morrison

One less for Virgin Media

I fell for a Virgin Media broadband offer, despite being more than happy with Freedom2Surf for three years.

I signed up, and got so pissed off with the shitty connection and arsey call-centre staff, that after a MONTH, I was happy to pay the disconnection fee to get shot of them.

Please, anyone reading this, take heed of my experience and this story and AVOID VIRGIN LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Im now back with Freedom2Surf and situation normal, one happy bunny again.

Ofcom says yes on more TV ads

tim morrison

Oh great

This sort of thing drives me farcking nuts, if it ain't the sound level going through the roof when the ads come on, it's this shit idea of showing the credits and then a whole bunch of ads.

No wonder people illegally download this stuff with all the ads ripped out.... not me obviously ossifer........

Internet s&x auction ends in pregnancy, legal feud

tim morrison

Who put the custard in the clown's pocket?

Given that the Fraulein probably had 6 different flavours of custard swilling around in her wizard's sleeve, it will be interesting to see which (or indeed HOW MANY) of the six will be asked to cough up for the three-eyed offspring that results from that recipe.....

GMail shakes IMAP out of coma

tim morrison
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Nice well rounded argument

@Robert Long

Care to explain why (in your opinion) IMAP is a "dog" or why POP3 is "so much better"??

How can a protocol that actually requires you to download your virus-laden spam (POP3) be better than a protocol that gives you a list of your messages waiting on the server? With IMAP you can just delete it before it gets anywhere near your computer.

UK mulls drink-drive limit cut

tim morrison

Zero limit not feasible

Unfortunately as much as I would love to see a zero limit (me being ex-plod & teetotal) it's unworkable.

Mouthwashes, Grandma's trifle, poncy cooking... it's all got alcohol in it.. suddenly, you're a criminal and you didn't know it.

I think the limit should be LOW, ie not enought to even have a half of lager, but also introduce LIFETIME DRIVING BANS for drink driving. Publish the scrotes on the interweb and offer a £100 reward (payable by the scrote) for each one you catch behind the wheel and the Police manage to nab.

Bingo, an instant 10 million pairs of eyes watching these deviants, multiple repeat offenders are taken out back and thrown in a municipal cess pit...

I really should stand for PM shouldn't I?

El Reg 'buys' acre of Brazilian rainforest

tim morrison

Tight bazzers

Only half an acre? The Reg team would only have to forego one liquid lunch to buy an area the size of Belgium, shurely?

Apple's iPhone available on June 29

tim morrison

You're forgetting how to convert currencies

...the American way.

That is, "will sell for $499 (£251/€370) " actually translates into a 1:1 "will sell for £499" a la Windows Vista and Photoshop....

Online games turn British man into hero

tim morrison

Pwned Pt 2

Oooh, nearly forgot, as the IT Support dude is probably not very busy right now, is there any chance I can have his number so I can get him to look at my busted laptop?

I *have* turned it off and on again................... :)

tim morrison


What sort of a world is it that we live in when a guy tries to help, gets hurt and gets scorn and ridicule from the pasty nerds that read this site.

Anyone that walks past a fellow human in desperate need of help deserves to be locked up in chokey, spending 5 -10 years as a fat man's sex dolly.

Do nothing, walk on by and the scum will inherit the Earth. Good on you, IT Support dude.


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