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Queensland council plans own optical fibre network


Sorry, but no

Hate to burst your bubble, but no we didn't.

We had an incredibly under budgeted completely unworkable plan for FTTH, that the current government knew would never see the light of day.

The $40-50Bn that they claimed would have completed the project would have (as with all good government projects) easily quadrupled in cost. The actual people working within the NBNco have barely shifted, the idea that under a different government they would somehow be several orders of magnitude more efficient is complete rubbish.

FTTN was the only way to try and keep the NBNs budget within reason and even then it is failing. FTTH was a pipe dream of the highest order, one which the ALP loves because they can keep attacking the LNP for failing to live up to it (only because they never had to actually build it).

I say this as someone working within the telco industry and having to deal with these people on a daily basis. FTTH never would have worked without footing a $200BN bill... minimum.

Oz opposition says to stop hackers first stop refugee boats


Re: @Anon 2:38

So I guess Malaysia is no longer a country? As they offer asylum and are closer...

Indonesia does offer asylum as well, additionally Bali will take in seekers and unlike Indonesia is predominately Buddhist and Hindu (I realise it is "owned" by Indonesia but they do conduct most of their own affairs).

The Phillipines is just as far as Australia and also accepts asylum seekers, the passage is also easier to navigate (in terms of sea conditions, which matter in crappy boats).

Also Pakistan and Iran also host refugees and they are also closer...

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It's fairly similar to all the Asian countries (India, China, Japan, Korea, etc) that complain whenever we consider lowering our immigration rate.

Yet ask any of those countries what their immigration rate is....

Almost 0!


Re: @Veldan

I'll grant that it is was a slight strawman, but I'll try to justify it by saying that Australia is in almost all cases farther away than other countries that are willing to take people in, unless there is a war in New Guinea, New Zealand or Indonesia perhaps...

The fact you're missing is that whether or not it is a developing country, they are no longer in danger. They don't get to jump from war zone to first world country. They get to go from war zone to "not a war zone". It is an opportunity to remove themselves from harm.

If they want to then follow on to a first world country, well they can damn well apply like everyone else!

I don't think we're surrounded by tourist resorts, most of our close neighbours are not post industrial societies, some struggle to even be industrial.

I just fail to see how that should change anything if they're willing to harbour them?


Re: @Anon 2:38

"How far you travel doesn't determine your eligibility for refugee status. People don't come here on sinking boats because it's "easier" to get in - it's because it the only option they have."

No, it doesn't.

However it should. If you've passed through several countries willing to take you in and offer you safety, you realistically cease to be a refugee. You become an immigrant as your life is no longer in danger!

Just because you chose to step on a leaky boat to try and get somewhere better doesn't give you a right to go there.

Beggars can't be choosers and all that jazz...

Turnbull 'flat out' seeking NBN killer blow


Re: @mutatedwombat

They already promised it would only rise at inflation. How generous is that!

Considering the industry had been increasing services drastically and reducing costs by 10-20% annually I find the promises of "only at inflation" to be the most disgusting part of all...

‘Anonymous’ hacks Oz Uni’s email to protest bulk iPad buy


Re: Just consider one simple use case

If they were just after a textbook replacement why not a Kindle?

They're MUCH cheaper, are built exactly for that purpose, have close to the widest range of books, can't be misused as easily meaning less security concerns to the uni network and have much better battery life.

Bonus points for most of these arguments applying to almost any non-apple tablet.

Extra credit goes to those who recognise that online textbooks aren't quite all encompassing yet either. Having jsut finished my degree over half of the books that I needed did not have digital versions, what use is a tablet there?

Also in my first degree I worked with exceedingly large files, if it was there as a data storage device as well 16GB would not even begin to cut it...

Long-distance robot makes landfall in Oz


Re: irritatingly anthropomorphised... as “he”

Surely it's a "he" because it is a submersible, which historically have been long, hard and full of seamen. (In this case electronic)

Take action on climate change or the panda gets it

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Re: Cost of AGW

If China really wanted to save the pandas they could stop hoarding them.

They have incredibly strict and and harsh rules about pandas going overseas to other countries (they're only being loaned, must pay, can't keep them for life, etc, etc).

These other countries could then plant the bamboo required and offer global backup if and when the climate shifts the wrong way within China itself...

NSW drops NBN access bombshell


Funny, I was thinking much the same thing about the federal government too...

Libs launch broadband poll


Re: Is this the same Malcolm Turnbull...

Shows your level of detachment from reality if you think that when he says he will provide good internet economically he is still talking about the NBN

Australian tabloid decides to fight trolls ... with trolls


Re: colloquialism, colonism, bastardism

Stop giving me the raw prawn sunshine, what kind of drongo do I look like to you?

Samsung accused of using child labor in its own factories


Child labour

I've always considered it foolish to apply our laws on whether children can or can not work to other countries.

Many children need to work to help support their families in these countries and despite being paid what we would consider two fifths of f**k all, they are still earning well above average for their country.

The only real issue I can see is with the working conditions, these are often much less than desirable.

Though you wouldn't get people queued around the block to work in these places if there were better alternatives...

Chinese boffins build brain-powered camera 'copter

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The YouTube video for anyone that is interested is here:


It looks pretty damned amazing... :o

'This lawsuit is not about patents or money, it's about values'


Re: Sounds interesting...

Anyone think his argument that the software on the old machines couldn't run on the new being grounds to dismiss prior art, yet Android and Samsungs TouchWiz on top of that quite clearly would not work on an Apple device on a software level... but that's totally different don'tchayknow?

NBN zealotry in the ultra-high definition age



The NBN has and always will be a complete farce.

It is just an elaborate scheme to nationalise our internet services. There was no call to do this.

If you chart internet speeds, availability and prices for the last 5 years you'd notice that the private industry was doing perfectly well by itself. Making it more available, faster and cheaper at a reliable and increasing pace.

So some farmers in the sticks won't get access to hi-def porn, so what? I'm not willing to fork out $40 billion for their pleasure and that sum WILL go up as sure as the sun will rise, it is an Australian government project after all.

The conclusions that this article draw are ludicrous as well, FTTP requires first implementing FTTN then actually laying fiber to individual premises. This will take substantially more time no matter how you cut it. It will also cost exponentially more.

Most of the countries considering the even faster networks have much higher population densities meaning that they need to have faster networks in smaller areas than Australia does. To give 1Gb/s to 10000 people in a square kilometer requires much more powerful networks than to give 1Gb/s to 100 people in a square kilometer.

We are not South Korea, The United States or Japan. We can't be compared to their usage and distribution.

Australia threatens telcos with mobile roaming price laws


What free market?

You're forgetting that telco is Australia is not a free market. Thanks to the government in the past these organisations have unreasonably large pieces of the telco pie.

Working in the telco sector (billing specifically) I can tell you that a lot of the smaller telcos have been trying to combat this issue but had to jump through Telstra's hurdles which made their efforts rather useless.

At least they are undoing some of their damage now by taking care of the market they so thoroughly screwed up.

Greens wage war on clean low-carbon renewable energy


Re: The goal?

"but I REALLY want to see the various "greens" (note: scare quotes) deal with a power source that is hard to argue against from a logical perspective."

Hasn't stopped them so far...

High Schools putting kids off IT careers, deepening skills shortage


Re: ICT teaches computer use, not industry skills

Actually that's not true at all. At least it wasn't 9 years ago (god I'm getting old...) when I was in high school.

My school offered two classes, IPT and SDD (Information processes and technology & software design and development). These were the only IT courses available and I did both.

In IPT we learnt about binary, logic gates and the actual physical workings of the PC (how CPUs work, how data is actually written to a hard drive, etc) which was exactly the same stuff I learnt in my first year of uni in the same subject. SDD pretty much covered the basics of what I do for a living now, we programmed in VB (back then it was one of the most widely used languages, the be replaced by VB.net which is just as widely used) and made actual software and focused on the rules and principles of OO design.

The real problem? I had to self teach every last bit of that information. My teachers, who at least told us to read that information, were personally complete idiots. The students ran all the IT for the school and select few (of which I was one) had full administrator rights and would often set up network hardware.

The difficulty lies in the fact that no one with any real intelligence chooses to work with high school students (they are not particularly nice) in a role needing the same skills as any other job offering to pay twice as much unless they are unemployable in that other job.

Many of my classmates failed or dropped out because they were not taught, not because what they were MEANT to be taught was lacking.

Vendors responsible for ‘Aussie Tax’: Choice

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Re: Adding insult -

Checking it yesterday we were at 1 Aussie to 1.10 US. I somehow doubt prices have changed to reflect this since we were back at 1 Aussie to 0.80 US


I import directly from America for almost everything.

I have a US address (thanks myUS.com) and even accounting for the shipping price it is still drastically cheaper for a lot of items.

The big ticket ones being Visual Studio 2010 licences, Ice hockey gear (it's quite popular in Oz) and almost electronic good you can think of.

I can at least understand the price differences for a lot of things as the Oz government charges ridiculous amounts of tax on imports but for software (as the above Steam example shows) it is ridiculous to be paying over double, you're better off using Hotspot shield to fake an American IP and buy it all for 30% of the Oz price.

Telco industry slapped with new consumer rules

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I hope along with "cap" they also ditch the word "unlimited"... I know they always include that little * to denote that it's not actually unlimited but it is misleading and wouldn't be allowed in almost any other field of business...

Admittedly to the credit of some of the Telcos unlimited does actually mean unlimited. With Optus I sent over 65K SMS in a month, it cost $0 just as promised which was nice.

Ex-Soviet space gunboats to be FOUND ON MOON


Re: reliability and reality


Elon musk's?

Kogan 'taxes' IE7 users


He's right though...

As a web dev who just the other day (ok, last week) had to go back and fix a whole bunch of display/logic bugs due to IE7, I feel his pain.

We said "We only support the latest browsers" but when a big enough client kicks up a stink the work has to be done. We also charge them for it as it is not a standard feature to support IE7.

Lard-busting specs trick snack-happy Japanese


Re: A puzzle

Hate to break it to you but the common held misconception that the Japanese don't have that many fat people is quite old.

At the moment in Japan they are starting to face the same problems most first world countries face, a rapidly rising obesity rate.

The fact that it is rising VERY rapidly in Japan is probably the reason for research like this to occur...

JEDI alliance: Jellyfish overlords won't rule Earth after all


Wrong scale

You're thinking of the fashion concious trousers scale.

The Jellyfish -Threat scale is the same one used to asteroid impacts and nuclear plants and goes:

- I could eat off these

- Turn them inside out and they'll be good

- I could wear them again in a pinch

- *sniff sniff* uhh.... no...

- Brown trouser time

- Small sewage plant

- Best not mentioned in polite or impolite conversation

Google merging more personal data into search results


Afraid or what?

The amount of people here who get completely outraged and either get worried or suspect nasty ulterior motives to every action Google take is insane.

Sure, your privacy is your business and if you want to be private, don't have a facebook account or a google+ account. Go completely off grid and keep to yourself.

Though personally I kind of like the idea that when I search for an Ice skating supply shop I'm likely to get actual ice skating supply shops from my country AND not a list of drug rehab clinics (this has happened in days of old, because "Ice" is a drug) or skate shops over in the US or Canada which all refuse to ship to dear old OZ.

I don't put any information that I actually want to hide online, the rest is open season and if they use that to help me, well all the better for it!

Comm Bank in four hour network wipeout


Where's my money?!

This had me freaked out. I had just put $1000 in my account the day before, went to the ATM and saw $200.

Thought it had been a massive hack attempt or card cracking scheme...

So relieved to find that the money is back now, but the lack of customer service or explanation was terrifying...

Enormous orbiting solar raygun power plants touted


Nice post


There are just a few extra ideas around the subject which I've heard for helping to make it slightly more feasible.

Namely building it up the side of a mountain, the bigger the better. Though land rights (Everest would be lovely) will be an issue and there is still a large technical challenge there. However it would be a lot easier than trying to build a 7Km tall building...

The launcher itself of course would have to be vacuum sealed so as to not destroy itself with super sonic speeds and the like. However as for the exit from the tunnel I have heard some people talk about the possibility of either firing a sacrificial leading shot to help disperse the air opening up a vacuum ahead of the tunnel for the actual payload or accelerating the air to nearly the same speed as the payload (massive leaf blower :p) to try and cushion its launch.

These are still far from perfect and well beyond out technology but the idea isn't without merit. Perhaps for lugging very large solid masses (ores, minerals, etc) which are to be later picked up by another conventional rocket powered vessel.

(Icon? Mostly likely result from that hydrogen/uranium shipment they were sending to the moon...)

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

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No longer Ace Comabt

I really wish they'd just ditched the Ace Combat title from this...

The history and story of the Ace Combat world (The Belkan World, etc) were just too cool and allowed so much play room in regards to story and let us have flights of fancy with tech pushing just beyond the real world...

Being set in the real world limits the story, limits the tech and makes it feel even more like every other flying game out there, aka, boring. These games were the only flight games I truly liked due to their unreal elements (Good old Ace Combat 3 in particular, though 4 was the best :D).

H.A.W.K.S was a bad rip off of Ace Combat, now Ace Combat is slightly less crappy version of H.A.W.K.S... damn...

I want my X-02 back!

Why was Duke Nukem Forever s**t?


There are limits.

"Damn, you're ugly!"

"Hail to the king baby!"

"You're the inspiration for birth control!"

Those are damned funny and sarcastic and a bit mean.

"I'm so great watch me kick a goal with an aliens eye which is actually a game they made based on me while I (dirty old man) diddle some school girls"

Not so funny as it is just trying too hard with a quick hit over the head for sad it is.

The only people that need attention this bad are Duke and the young girls he chases after...

They had it in the right direction but totally overshot the mark of "Cool" and fell right into "Sad and trying too hard"


and the award goes to!

You beat me to saying it, I think the number one thing that put me off we the trying to hard humour.

The graphics, I can overlook. They weren't THAT bad but some of the animations were a bit stiff.

The story, wasn't terrible... better than CoD

The humour, it's not the wrong style, it is what I expect from Duke. It was just over done.

His sarcastic, bastard nature on top of womanizing and kicking ass and chewing bubblegum was great.

The new approach was "everything is about me! ME ME ME! See that game? ME! See those girls? MINE! See that Toilet? I POOP IN IT! ME!"... It had the right target, but just overshot it, by a wide margin...

British warming to NUKES after Fukushima meltdown


So very very wrong...

Coal plants produce HEAPS of toxic waste. Sure, we catch most it and bury it somewhere but have you ever wondered how long these products last?

How long is mercury poisonous for? That's right, FOREVER!

How long are these isotopes a problem for? A few thousand years (less with correct reuse and management).

Seems like one is definitely better for our long term outlook...

US and Russia to give uranium to ANYONE



That's all well and good to say, but when you really think about it ANY form of power we use today produces harmful side effects (waste from construction, C02 from coal, ammonia, and many more nasties).

Generally speaking these nasties are in greater quantities than nuclear fuel rods and realistically (not how it is actually done, but how it should be done) should be treated with the same care. A coal plant generates more radioactive waste than a nuclear plant and it generates ammonia, sulphates, C02 and everything else that should REALLY be sectioned off and buried or reused, but we just let it spew into the environment...

The very laboured point I'm trying to get to is that while we think of radioactive as terrible and horrible because it is dangerous and lasts for 1000+ years, we are at the same time totally ignoring the just as dangerous, higher quantity hazardous wastes from current industry that, and this is the shocking part, NEVER STOP BEING DANGEROUS!

They are poisonous forever, the fact the radioactivity goes away is a hidden blessing and stepping down from lots of uncontrolled dangerous waste to less yet controlled dangerous waste is a very good thing, it's not as good a we'd like but it's a step in the right direction.

DARPA issues call for notions on Starship-for-2111 plan


Not this again....

Oh no the little yellow men are coming to get us!

Wait... didn't we say the same thing about the Japanese?

oh! and the Russians before that...

and the Germans before that?!

and the Germans again!

Probably someone before that, maybe the British in the Americans case...

People always seem to think that America will be toppled by these countries but at best they compete and even out. China will be no different, particularly with its current population/government...

Well, that about wraps it up for the NBN


All well and good.... but

We should never have been using Korea as an example of demand in the first place-

Population (Korea, 2009) - 48,747,000

Population (Australia, 2009) - 21,874,900

Size of Australia - 7,686,850 sq km

Size of Korea - 98,480 sq km

Square meters per person (Korea) - 2.02

Square meters per person (Australia) - 351.4

Korea is 0.57% the size of Australia per person.

(*Disclaimer: these are rough numbers, I'm not a mathematician)

While I realise that most of Australia's population is crammed into the cities the NBN is still going to go everywhere people are. From a purely cost of cable versus area to cover we can't even come close to Korea.

Even if we only use 10% of Australia's land mass (I remember hearing most of the population is in 10% of the land mass) we still get 35.1 square meters per person.

Roughly 17 times more space to cover.

All this so some farmers in the middle of Ulla Dulla can get high definition shots of female anatomy and check which backstreet boy their friends are... awesome...

Oxfam's 'Grow' world hunger plan: More peasants

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Then a few years after the genetic diversity policy removes GM crops people won't be saying much. Too busy starving as their crops are no longer drought, flood, plague or disease resistant.

Ah well, at lest they're diverse right?

Google acting as a 'political tool', says China

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Communism... heh

Sorry to burst any bubbles. Communism is and always will be an incredibly bad idea.

It is an idealistic mentality that is so disjointed from reality to border on the absurd.

If we could overcome all the flaws of humanity (including the need to eat I'm afraid) then and only then would it become a potentially viable system.

Places like China take many aspects of Communism (communal, re-distributed wealth, etc) and then add in a lot of tyranny to boot. Like most tyrannies the more time they say "peoples", "democratic" or "republic" the more suppressed the country likely is.

Taking what the OP has said about China then arguing how they aren't a real Communism is all well and good. Point to a real working communist country and then we can say that perhaps the OP is getting his terms confused. In the mean time, we can safely assume he is referring to Communism as China (a self declared Communist country) defines it. Which is pretty damned horrible.

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And then some...

I think that you're right, then add the fact that they took a comment about an attack coming from China which was only ever implied to be the government and starting screaming about how it wasn't then.

They doth protest too much methinks? No one likes getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Linguists use sounds to bypass Skype crypto


Master Debater!

Someone just had to go there!

Schmidt: Android will bring DEMOCRACY to the WORLD

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Money! Good!

I'll never understand the mentality of all these big corporation haters.

They do everything FOR MONEY! Oh god, no! Run for the hills!

Of course they do, we all know this. This is a good thing because this makes them predictable.

It isn't something to be hating or something to use as an insult as so often is done. It is a good mark, it makes their motivation and actions very clear and very well known. Our course of action shouldn't be to belittle them for seeking money, but to encourage that and then cease to give them money when they do things we don't like.

If you want to see really scary, try to find out exactly what motivates a government. There is no clear and universal answer, therefore we can't predict them. That makes them dangerous!

tl:dr; Companies aiming for money is a good thing, it makes them predictable and controllable.

Google lobbying to make driverless cars legal in Nevada


maybe, but unlikely

I can think of very few industries where the long term use of gear results in a savings when renting.

Housing, scuba diving, mountain climbing, paintballing, construction and many others.

All these activities when undertaken often enough quickly start to make buying your own equipment cheaper than renting.

The closest activity i can thin of is boat hire, where if you use a boat more than once a month the cost of renting starts to overtake the cost of owning and maintenance. Then you factor in the security and personal space issues.

I have very little faith it will be any different for cars.

Regardless of the conditions of "keeping it clean" there will be people, drunk or otherwise, that will get these cars very dirty. The only people to report this will be the next user. So you could have a car arrive that is unsuitable for use, report it, have it go away and wait for the next one.

It just seems highly unlikely this will be a preferable model, unless you only drive once or twice a week.

Still, doesn't mean that it won't happen.

There are some VERY good uses for it, such as getting home drunk, transportation for those too young to drive, etc. I could see them becoming incredibly cheap taxis.

Elon Musk prepares SpaceX rocket firm for IPO

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Seeing as this is not likely t turn a quick profit and the vision of those in charge of the company being what it is.

I don't see people investing who don't back the same goal as our Nerd wealth Heca-millionaire overlord.

Just tell me where to buy when it's available =D

DARPA, NASA look to spawn STARSHIP enterprise


Sure we can

Just need to stop spending money on feeding those people. Start building those ships instead!


why multiple planets?

I do find it strange everyone wants multiple planets.

Ships big enough to sustain life for the years it would take to make it to other stars would in fact be big enough and good enough to be colonies themselves.

Why colonize the planets when space is so much bigger and easier to move around in? Added benefit of parking in an asteroid belt and mining it.

Also being hit my asteroids becomes much less of a concern when you can dodge them.

Just a thought...

Robot pirate invented in USA: 'Yarr-2 D-2'?


Fired out of a cannon.

I do wonder how well this little fella will stick.

I've thrown some pretty big magnets at magnetic surfaces and generally they just bounce off until you start talking about the extremely heavy, extremely rare and expensive magnets that weigh several kilograms at least.

My arm isn't anywhere near the power of a cannon. Seeing that little rolling robot all i see is

*shot fired*

*hits hull*

*bounces into ocean*


Boffins pull plug on SETI alien-seeking antenna array


Rock on!

I mean, crazy as it sounds that idea isn't half bad.

The only kinds of aliens we want to contact are super advanced ones (assuming they are the only ones that could reach us as we have no hope of reaching them atm).

Maybe we don't need to look for something as big as star destruction but strange explosions or odd eclipsing of stars (solars panels of the future will use the WHOLE star :p)

Though in the mean time, you won't find unless you look and for 5 mil i can name at least 50 worse projects the Aussie government have wasted that much on, let alone the US gov...

Japanese gov makes Fukushima evac zone compulsory


You won the prize!

You hit it on the head.

Basically from start to finish every action the government has taken was to make itself look useful and like it was doing something. Regardless of whether they were fanning the flames of fear or otherwise.

Regardless of whether fanning these fears ruins Japans only real shot at power in generations to come. Right now they need to look like they're doing something!

50 years from now, they're still liable for damages so I'm sure arse covering has a lot to do with it too.

Pint - That's your prize.

Hunting of incredibly rare two-horned 'unicorns' forbidden



Looks like of like an antelope to me... or at least a cousin.

Fukushima fearmongers are stealing our Jetsons future


Taking a closer look

While i can admit that this was a failing of NP on one level, it was also a very real trial by fire on the other. A trial it has for all intents and purposes passed. Not as well as we'd hope, maybe it got a "C" instead of an "A" but it was a far cry from an "F".

It should also not push us away from NP but closer to it, so that we can continue to make these safer. The thought also occurs that the actual construction cost of one of these plants is not much higher than a coal plant. It is all the additional leg work that is required by a NP plant that adds cost most of it rather useless (studies of local impact, and other such expensive and generally fruitless and feel good tests) and taking away from money that could be spent "building a bigger tsunami wall" and other safety features.

@Sembel - On to your point however:

"6 old reactors in close proximity out of action"

2 Newer ones and 4 older ones. It is common in the industry to keep multiple reactors at one site as despite what the anti-nukers like to whine about, it means services to keep them safe can be kept within one location and be more readily available to all of them.

"4 old reactors unrecoverable"

4 old reactors that were past their "use by" date anyway. They had an extended lease on life, but they were flawed and old designs that needed to be replaced. So a hidden blessing there, even if it is a costly one. Not to mention that even on of the two reactors which successfully and uneventfully shut down generate more power than than the other four combined. (roughly)

"A lack of radiation gauges for workers"

Don't know where you got that gem from. However the workers had two forms of radiation gauge, both a digital counter and a rather old school badge which changes colour as their exposure increases.

"Tens of thousands of people evacuated from their homes"

Which is mostly due to rather strict (possibly overblown) guidelines on how to handle these situations. Though most of these people would probably lucky if their houses were even intact.

"Contamination preventing search and rescue in the area"

I highly doubt this as being anywhere outside of the plant grounds itself poses very low radiological risks and when weighed against the potential loss of human life not searching poses they'd be allowed the 250mSv limit to perform rescue operations (which is well beyond what they would be exposed to)

"Probable caesium contamination of a sizeable area requiring permanent closure of some land"

Bulls droppings. While caesium contamination is correct, it is only temporary and is of such a low level it won't be harming anyone in any noticeable way. Permanent closure, no... just, no... This isn't a coal power plant, the land isn't covered in coal ash (including mercury) THAT stuff lasts forever, even then it gets spread out to harmless levels given enough time.

"Contamination of some crops requiring monitoring of food"

Yes, that is correct. There is monitoring. Though so far that monitoring has shown there is nothing to fear and no real harm to be had unless you eat a years worth of the stuff in a day.

"Damage to the reputation of the industry"

Yes, because of people like you spreading lies and misinformation.

"Contamination of the sea requiring research/monitoring and fishing restrictions"

Last post i heard was declaring that the fish were fine to eat. Just like the food, of course they're monitoring it. Though the monitoring is showing nothing of notable harm to be found.

Please just get the facts straight and stop blowing this out of proportion.

This was a disaster. A country is in ruins because of a tsunami and earthquake double whammy. The nuclear plant is the least of their concern right now.

It was a concern before, though never as large as everyone made out.

As long as we keep treating NP as this evil boogeyman we will never be able to relax the strict guidelines put in place that take funding away from building them better and take money away from researching plants that are safer by their very nature like Thorium reactors.



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