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Boeing comes clean on parachute borkage as the ISS crew is set to shrink


LOHAN to launch from Cornwall instead now?

Given the US has still not given you permission to launch LOHAN from America, maybe you should bring it back and launch it from Scotland or Cornwall?

Space hackers prepare to reactivate antiquated spacecraft


Great! Now do the same for Ulysses?

What a brilliant idea! People power!

We should try to do the same for Ulysses, which is orbitting the sun perpendicular to the plane of the planets in the solar system - over the suns poles - http://ulysses.jpl.nasa.gov/

'Weird' OBJECT, PROPELLED by its OWN JETS, spotted beyond Mars orbit by Hubble


The Asteroid is Electrically Charged and Passing Through the Sun's Electric Field

The asteroid is approaching the sun and thus moving further into the sun's electric field (which accelerates the solar wind away from the sun). The asteroid has an electric charge and thus behaves like a comet - check this out : The Electric Comet at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34wtt2EUToo

NASA outlines 2020 plans for Mars life search with Curiosity v2.0


Earth Meteorites on Mars

Given we've found meteorites from Mars here on Earth, by the same token (and mechanism) it is surely likely that it will be possible to find Earth meteorites on Mars. Hard to find of course, but it would mean that they would find (probably dead/fossilised) bacteria/micro-organisms on a rock on Mars. Wierd. Would they be able to tell it was an Earth rock, or would they say it's an amazing parallel development of dna/bacteria/life?

Voyager probe reaches edge of Solar System's 'bubble'


Stream of 'high energy electrons' = 'electric current'

"Voyager has detected a 100-fold increase in the intensity of high-energy electrons from elsewhere in the galaxy diffusing into our solar system from outside"

Funny how articles like this continue to talk of streams of ionised particles (e.g. protons) and electrons as a solar 'wind'. If electrons are moving in space, this constitues an electric current (which generates an electric field). If electrons are moving, there must be a potential difference (voltage) causing them to move. High energy electrons must be being forced to move by a very high potential difference. If these electrons are from elsewhere in the galaxy, then the stars in this galaxy are linked by a series of electric currents and voltages. All this stuff about wind is a load of hot air

The plane story of galactic clusters


Electromagnetic Fields are Much Stronger than Gravity

I'm no expert, but if you think about a solar-systems' width of electrons flowing between a set of stars in a galaxy (or between galaxies) due to a potential difference, that is a lot of electrons. The field generated by them will be weak, but much stronger than gravity. The nature of Birkeland currents is that the field generated by the electron movement will tend to force the electrons together so that they start to entwine around one - the maths gets a bit hairy, but see here: http://www.aldebaran.cz/astrofyzika/plazma/pinch_en.html. If this electron stream (current) encounters an element in space, it can cause excitation and a glow like a flame test or neon light.


These Filaments are Birkeland Currents

You do not need 'dark matter/energy' to explain these filaments. They are electric currents. If electrons move through space (e.g. in a 'solar wind') then this is an electric current. Currents move due to voltage (potential) differences, like electrons "boiling off" a cathode and racing to a phosphor screen in an old Cathode Ray Tube.

Movement of the electrons generate an electric field, which feeds back onto the stream of electrons themselves causing them to spiral and entwine about one another - a bit like a copper twisted pair. See http://www.plasma-universe.com/Birkeland_current .

Space is full of 'solar winds' (electrons, ions, called 'plasma') from the zillions of stars which interacts with electromagnetic fields and elements at low pressure which can cause light to be radiated like a neon light.

Filamentary, my dear Watson.

Accelerating universe expansion discovery snags Nobel Prize


It's All Crazy Until We Investigate and Find Out It's Not!

You've lost me in the detail a bit there. But I still think the main issue is that 'conventional' science can charge headlong into propogating a theory, not necessarily correct, that becomes self-perpetuating and self-sustaining killing off all other alternatives.

Galileo of course was considered crazy in his time by supporting the idea that the earth orbitted the sun rather than vice versa.

If just perhaps 1% of the research budget used to build the CMB model over the years was spent investigating seriously other 'crazy' ideas, perhaps we'd find they were not so crazy after all? This would save us pushing further down research avenues that will ultimately end in a dead-end, spending millions of pounds in the process.


When Theories Don't Match Observation

"in the standard model of cosmology the redshift is actually gravitational in origin and not coming from a physical "velocity"."

Isn't that the point? Can we demonstrate gravitational origin of red-shift? When theories do not match observation and laboratory experiments, then the theory should be changed. My worry is that there are so many vested interests and reputations built on the 'standard model of cosmology', I wonder whether inconvenient new evidence that doesn't fit the model is sidelined rather than embraced and the model updated.


Red-shift Does Not Necessarily Indicate Velocity - Hence No Expansion At All?

Essentially it appears that all universe expansion theories are predicated on the assumption also used here that "red-shift indicates velocity". Not necessarily! For example in galaxy NGC 4319, there is a quasar ejected from its parent galaxy that has a very different red shift from the galaxy itself. http://lempel.pagesperso-orange.fr/red_shift_NGC_4319_uk.htm. If both were accelerating away from us, the red shift should be the same.

Anyway, clearly red-shift does not necessarily equate to accleration or velocity, so something else is going on - if this were to disprove expansion of the universe, then a lot of scientists having invested zillions in research into this would be a bit embarrassed - or hopefully open minded enough to digest new data, facts and observations dispassionately and adapt their theories accordingly. (But odd how photo press releases were issued of this phenomenon with the 'bridge' of material between the galaxy and quasar removed).

NASA: Beam me up some power, Scotty


Plus 'Solar Wind' charged particles, electrons and plasma

Lots of light already in space, plus a stream of charged particles, electrons, cosmic rays and plasma eminating from the sun and other stars 'nearby'. Would have thought it would take LOADSA power from a laser on the earth or even in orbit to overcome those other sources. Like blowing through a straw towards a gale force wind?

LOHAN spaceplane project starting to shape up nicely


Doughnut - Shaped Balloon allows vertical take-off - Thunderbird 3 is go!

If you had a large doughnut-with-a-hole shaped balloon, then the rocket could be mounted vertically and take off through the middle - like Thunderbird 3 does when it launches :-) Means you wouldn't need to bother with all the 45 degree stuff. You could wait until the balloon burst for max height, then a small drogue parachute at the top of the rocket could keep it's attitude vertical until the engines could ignite.

Space scope spies soggy, stupendous Saturnian doughnut


Enceladus Aurora?

Looks to me like an Aurora - odd that the jets only concentrated in one place? Maybe Enceladus has a magnetic field like Earth which also interacts with the solar wind and causes an aurora of charged particles at the poles? Maybe ionised water on Enceladus would interact with this electric field and get accelerated off the planet?

Does that mean that any ionised water vapour in clouds at the poles on earth would also be shot into space under the right circumstances? Photos like this seem to show lines of something perpendicular to the ground?


Moon actually dryer than dem dry bones, say boffins

Thumb Up

Comets not 'dirty snowballs' then

Presumably similar reasoning could be used to show that comets are not 'dirty snowballs', but are also dry-as-a-bone lumps of rock flying through variable strenghs of solar wind as they approach and recede from the sun in their highly elliptical orbits.

Big EU imports of Sahara sun-power coming soon?


Iceland - better with Geothermal Energy

Surprised Iceland use Hydroelectricity so much. Guess it's cheap(er), but I'd presume they also have huge potential for Geothermal energy which perhaps could also be cheaper than a Nuke power station

Halley's comet is actually ALIEN VISITOR


What Made the Asteroid Belt Made Comets?

Not sure why all these comets have to come from another solar system - or Oort cloud. Surely at some point there must have been a big bang - sorry, explosion - of something where the asteroid belt now sits and this would presumably have sent off rocks in all sorts of directions and orbits that would return them periodically around the sun?

3-million-km-long comet plunges into Sun


Sun hotter above it's surface?


Interesting ideas about an alternative theory for the sun here - appears to explain many observed anomolies. No agenda, just read it with my Spock head on and thought - 'facinating'