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Cray-1 resurfaces in pieces on eBay



You could be excused for not taking more notice of it... :-) For that was indeed serial no 1 you were looking at and it was much shorter than all the other Cray-1s that followed it - there was no memory error correction (Seymour resented that it slowed the machine down). So there were actually fewer modules in the columns, plus the cold bars didn't have those castellated bits on top.


Seller replies! :-)

If you or anyone else is interested, I have it for sale along with a few other Cray items here:


For the record, the difference between the two modules is that mine is from Cray-1 serial number 1, the original, the other is from an other Cray-1.

I'll ship it anywhere in the world, although it weighs a bit and so shipping outside the UK won't be cheap.

And no, this wasn't the one at Farnborough. They did have a Cray-1 if I remember rightly, and a few other models along the way, but the floor wasn't transparent although the wall was, so visitors could gawk.


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