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Zappos.com's little sister loses $1.6m in pricing cockup

Ravi Shanghavi
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Good on them!

Very happy to hear they honored the purchases. Excellent PR really. Everyone loves a deal. I love Amazon for randomly shipping me little giveaways in my purchases, and I totally return to the stores where I've gotten 'to good to be true deals'. Though Shoebuy tends to have better stock on the brands I buy, I still buy from Zappos once in awhile. And their customer service is outstanding. -Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa, Canada

Microsoft sneak peeks Hotmail makeover

Ravi Shanghavi


Quite frankly until they fix their spam filters... I don't see very many gmail users going back to Hotmail. -Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa,Canada

Red Dead Redemption

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Oh boy

You know.. I never was much of the cowboy and indians type of guy. But this has my interest peaked. Perhaps I may just have to have a go. Thanks for the review. - Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa, Canada


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