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UK.gov emits draft IoT and smartphone security law for Parliamentary scrutiny

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You sue?

No. There's no right to private action under this law.

Streamlabs shamed into dropping 'OBS' from product name after open-source OBS Project wades into Twitter spat

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Premium version?

I'm confused. There's the FOSS version which is under GPL 3.0 per the github, and a premium subscription version.

Shirley the premium subscription version is also based on the FOSS one, so the underlying code is GPL 3.0 and therefore the full premium version is FOSS too...

FYI: If the latest Windows 11 really wants to use Edge, it will use Edge no matter what

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Again: subscription model is against which EU laws???

The claim was that the subscription model is against EU laws, nothing to do with "Microsoft tightly integrating its software, including browsers, into the Windows operating system".

Photoshop is subscription-only, for example.

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against EU laws???

Really? Which laws?

NASA advised to study up on what open source, free software, and permissive licenses actually mean

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BSD is a release of copyright restrictions: you can do what you like with it can keep the derivatives secret.

GPL is a restriction using copyright law: you can do what you like with it, but if used in a public product you must provide the full source + compile scripts to allow others to both re-compile the code and make further derivatives.

Sovereignty? We've heard of it. UK government gives contract to store MI5, MI6 and GCHQ's data to AWS

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Perhaps UK need to do an Amexit, and stop being a minion of the US. The US doesn't have friend countries, just servant ones with a public pretense.

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Exactly. So since the US TLAs can legally force access to the info, this incredibly stupid idea can only mean that the USA forced the UK to do it this way.

It's 'near-impossible to escape persistent surveillance' by American ISPs, says FTC

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Re: Yet Another Easy Fix (YaEF?)

Doesn't NordVPN provide a DNS service?

UK competition watchdog unveils principles to make a kinder antivirus business

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watchdog baring its teeth?

It's dentures were out. I just saw gums.

England's Data Guardian warns of plans to grant police access to patient data

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Your council will want access...

...to evaluate who is likely to put rubbish in the wrong bin.

Want to support Firefox? Great, you'll have no problem with personalised, sponsored search suggestions then

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Re: Practical Alternatives

Firefox "fellas & fems"?

They may have non-binary staff too. "people" is easier.

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Re: me too

I would pay if I wasn't forced to accept feature updates, just security fixes.

Brit law firm files suit against Google and Deepmind over use of hospital patients' data

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Data is never deleted...

... just marked so that you can't see it. Others can.

Activision Blizzard to pay out three days of annual profit to settle sex discrimination case

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Some good news

C level people lost their jobs.

Sir Clive Sinclair: Personal computing pioneer missed out on being Britain's Steve Jobs

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Are you saying that Apple products contemporary to Z81 and Spectrum used glue?

RIP Sir Clive Sinclair: British home computer trailblazer dies aged 81

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Ok, technical practices then?

The black amplifier that used 2N3055s instead of 2N3055Hs, so if you clipped the amplifier (dropped the stylus, for example) it blew up the output stage...

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Fraudulent too...

Don't forget Sinclair repeatedly took in orders before the product was available.

British data watchdog brings cookies to G7 meeting – pop-up consent requests, not the delicious baked treats

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It's now the Data Protection Act 2018

UK's Data Protection Act 2018 is binding domestically now, not GDPR, since the end of last year.

However, to process EU data, UK has to follow GDPR as does the US.

Of course UK will break GDPR, while loudly saying it isn't, similar to Ireland protecting FB. But at some point the EU will say 'enough' and data flow to UK from the countries subject to EU law will be illegal under GDPR.

See https://noyb.eu/en if interested in the Schrems litigation.

Apple engineers complain of hostile work environment to US labor watchdog

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Around $125k for a junior softie at Google in the Bay Area... and I remember reading that the median salary is over $200k.

Lenovo pops up tips on its tablets. And by tips, Lenovo means: Unacceptable ads

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Sometimes it's difficult to tell...

Leaked Guntrader firearms data file shared. Worst case scenario? Criminals plot UK gun owners' home addresses in Google Earth

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My understanding is that only pest control firearms can be stored at home (locked cab etc) and the handgun stuff only at the range.

So the burglars can be detected for the angle grinder purchases to convert 12-gauges into whippets.

UK promises big data law shake-up... while also keeping the EU happy, of course. What could go wrong?

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"Dowden said he planned to do away with endless cookie banners and only apply them when cookies pose a high risk to individuals' privacy.".

That's breaking the GDPR straightaway, no matter how many times the expression "light touch" is used.

In other breaking news, there's no "partly pregnant".

British defence supplier Ultra Electronics to be sold for £2.6bn to US-controlled firm

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Don't forget money laundering!

Uk still a leader there!

Amazon delays return to office work until 2022 at the earliest

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Instant chat

Yes, exactly how it works in my small group.

However, if the group is disfunctional (B doesn't care that A is effective), then probably the least invasive way to get a response is to hover at the entrance to someone's cube. Which is NFG with WFH.

Microsoft to require proof of vaccination from on-site staff, pushes back full reopening

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"accommodation process" and Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)


In USA, can't force an EUA vaccine, but can force the choice of daily testing or vaccination.

Hence MS being careful on wording...

What is your greatest weakness? The definitive list of the many kinds of interviewer you will meet in Hell

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uncovered and rectified?

"In the January motion to settle the case, the companies continued to deny that they had done anything wrong or violated any laws."

So, not really rectified.


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When to shut up

With any techical discussion, there are usually multiple adequate approaches. If you know that nobody is going to listen to your probably slightly better way, just get pissy at the implied criticism of the other ideas, then it's usually a good idea just to keep schtum.

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Java as the principle language?

For moral and ethical coding, presumably...

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I work well with the smallish (15) bunch of people in our group, wouldn't jump for 50% more dosh...

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Re: Not in IT, and not a new story, but ...

You are obviously a machine code programmer, because your dad is Richard Pennington 0.

I'm feeling lucky: Google, Facebook say workers must be vaccinated before they return to offices

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Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

FDA must ensure that recipients of the vaccine under an EUA are informed ... that they have the option to accept or refuse the vaccine"


In USA, can't force an EUA vaccine, but can force the choice of daily testing or vaccination.

UKRI denies pulling funding from Newport Wafer Fab over Chinese ownership concerns

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Re: Reciprocity

Essentially the Chinese government will be an investor.

UK and chums call out Chinese Ministry of State Security for Hafnium Microsoft Exchange Server attacks

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"highly likely"

highly likely... so not a solid attribution then.

Those aluminium tubes were rated higher than that.

That time a startup tried to hire me just to push clients' products in job interviews

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Re: "Fronking "

...and there's the wellness assessments. Some years ago, I enquired of one what the privacy policy and data use was, was told they followed all laws, but couldn't get an answer for what exactly happening with it.

Evidence planted on laptops of jailed Indian activists, says forensics firm Arsenal Consulting

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It's only 'other countries' that plant evidence etc to punish enemies?

I don't think so.

U.S. Case Against Julian Assange Falls Apart, as Key Witness Says He Lied to Get Immunity


FBI Fabrication Against Assange Falls Apart


...and Craig Murray is no stranger to having your country be out to get you.

Arm chief hits out at 'ill-informed speculation' over proposed Nvidia buyout

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"we will be able to increase our investment in UK-based talent"

not equals

"we will increase our investment in UK-based talent"

Backbench Tory campaigner promises judicial review of data grab of English GP patients unless UK government changes tack

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A&E unconscious

"You could be in A&E unconscious!" is the "But... think of the children!" equivalent to justify flattening medical privacy.

Ex-Brave staffer launches GDPR sueball in Germany over tech giants' real-time bidding for ad inventory

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There won't be GDPR for long in UK, or at least England/Wales.

Rt Hon Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP in TIGRR: "The ... GDPR... unnecessarily restricting the use of data for worthwhile purposes. ... GDPR is already out of date and needs to be revised for AI and growth sectors if we want to enable innovation in the UK.

With what's going on with NHS data, "worthwhile purposes" is presumably defined as "any way to get money by selling citizen's privacy".

Western Australia rushes out legislation after cops access contact-tracing data to investigate serious crimes

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serious crime

In UK the definition of serious crime degraded enough to allow councils to surveil what people were putting in their rubbish vs recycling bins.

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data is encrypted and stored for 28 days

Curious... was the data grab for info older than 28 days? In which case the over-reach was always on the cards, because the transiency promise was breached too.

Inventor of the graphite anode – key Li-ion battery tech – says he can now charge an electric car in 10 minutes

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Re: Available on the market sooner rather than later?

You can't do both. If you raise the charging voltage across any battery, the charging current will go up.

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Available on the market sooner rather than later?

"The technology that enables fast charging also extends the life of the battery by avoiding stress ... because the way we are charging the battery does not put it under high temperature or high current stress," he said.

Really now? A battery is charged by pushing a current into it, and the higher the current, the faster the charge rate. So "high current" without "high current stress"? Also, the higher current, the higher the battery heating...

Ignoring the above, let's say we have a miracle safe fast charger... it won't be usable with existing packs because the charge balancers have a current rating to match the existing maximum charge current. Considering the design cycle for anything automotive, let alone safety critical systems such as battery packs that you'd prefer not to explode, this would have a long time to adoption.

PR pitch to get funding.

'I put the interests of the country first': Colonial Pipeline CEO on why oil biz paid off ransomware crooks

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The Big Lie

Colonial will keep saying that they Did The Right Thing to drown out the voices saying "Errrm, no...".

Apple settles with student after authorized repair workers leaked her naked pics to her Facebook page

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....continued to strengthen our vendor protocols

Don't worry, it's won't happen again becuase Apple said they will "continued to strengthen our vendor protocols" which means have signs saying don't do it with bigger letters.

Deadline draws near to avoid auto-joining Amazon's mesh network Sidewalk

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With this mesh, traffic through your router to your ISP now includes totally unknown encrypted traffic that you have no control over.

So actually LE suddenly lose the probable cause argument, and would have to inspect logs to determine what and where.

So... what Amazon may have to do is be able to turn off mesh activity for multiple node on police order, to isolate the traffic for a while as being just those households. Doesn't seem practical, and legally a fishing expedition.

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Tapping in

Once established, you can be sure that Amazon will license access to the mesh. Your telly will phone home via your neighbour's neighbour.

Contract killer: Certified PDFs can be secretly tampered with during the signing process, boffins find

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It shows that it is necessary to be the first signatory, and keep a copy of that doc. If the further versions with more sigs has content changes, at the very least you can show that thare's a problem with the sig system and show that it's not secure to get past the 'no no no you must be mistaken' BS.

Frontier sued by FTC, six states for allegedly over-promising, under-delivering broadband

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Two amusements in the Frontier statement

1. The plaintiffs’ complaint includes baseless allegations,...

(but we won't say what they are)

2. ...overstates any possible monetary harm to Frontier’s customers

(so we admit that there's a harm. We disagree about the amount)

Apple announces lossless HD audio at no extra cost, then Amazon Music does too. The ball is now in Spotify's court

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Re: Yay!

I am curious how material that was re-mastered for CD at 16 bit a good while ago is going to be 'converted to 24 bit' without remastering from the original. Stuff that has already been re-mastered for SACD is available, but the rest?

Mammoth grab of GP patient data in the UK set to benefit private-sector market access as rules remain unchanged

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Opt out BS

Considering that the root record is the NI number, it would be easy to have an opt out mechanism that didn't involve the GP, overloaded as they are. It's clearly making it difficult to do, and very difficult to validate.

Ditto organ donation. A person can register their wishes, but the next of kin can be bullied into reversion of that wish post-mortem.



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