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HP finance manager went on $5m personal spending spree with company card


On the job training

Sounds like she could have a glittering future in HP’s M&A department, based on her performance.

Royal Bank of Scotland IT contractor ban sparks murmurs of legal action


Cuts for Christmas

Although it might not seem it, it's actually better for people's wellbeing to make cuts before rather than after Christmas.

The reason is that most people have their highest spending period over Christmas, and if they know their job isn't secure they can reduce their spending. If you wait until Jan/Feb, they often have a massive credit card bill from the festivities and are then told their income to pay it off is about to evaporate.

Can't afford a BMW or Roller? Just HACK its doors open!


This is why I drive a car that you could leave the keys in and the door open and no car thief would want it. :)

Is EU right to expand 'right to be forgotten' to Google.com?


"we all agree (or, as politics actually works, we've had it agreed for us) that something done 30 years ago or whatever isn't all that good a guide to current likely behaviour."

Apart from if you need a CRB check, that is.

Google starts selling Glass to Brits – for £1,000 a pop


Re: No symetrical frames

Or you could integrate a Wicked Lasers Arctic 2W laser in to the side and burn a hole in anyone who dares to laught.

Fat-fingered admin downs entire Joyent data center


As someone who has, in the past, managed to power off an entire rack of backbone switches at a corporate datacentre whilst doing a move, I can entirely sympathise with that unique sinking feeling.

EE...K: Why can't I uninstall carrier's sticky 'Free Games' app?


Re: Custom ROM

www.cyanogenmod.com is the place to go.

Just flashed my S3. No more crapware, runs 3x faster. Result.

Surprisingly easy too, I had a few niggles getting the right USB driver on my Windows 8 machine to install it, but their forums sorted me out. Certainly a process I'd guess any Reg reader would be capable of.

Screw you, Brits, says Google: We are ABOVE UK privacy law


I would have thought a just approach here would be "fine, but in that case, you can't use our courts to sue anybody", enabling anybody outside of US jurisdiction to do whatever they like to Google with no fear of rescourse.

Eurozone death spiral forces Microsoft to ease UK licensing price hike



People still use Microsoft software?

Brit CompSci student faces extradition to US over link site


To all commenters on this thread

If you feel this law needs scrapping (like I do), please take a few minutes to write to your mp at faxyourmp.com.

Labour passed this, at the height of their fervour for removing our civil liberties.

The coalition has shown some will so far to reverse Labour's fascist state with the scrapping of ID cards. Perhaps if we put a little more pressure on them, they'll be encouraged to stand up to the US bullies.

Espionage app updated for Windows phones


Back to front

“Striker does't seem like a bad guy in our book, but a silently installing espionage suite should be detected by a security suite,”

Isn't the job of a security suite to detect bad stuff, whether or not the bad stuff wants detecting?

Or are F-Secure just complaining because they haven't figured out how to detect it yet?

Zappos.com's little sister loses $1.6m in pricing cockup

Thumb Up

Good for them

Honouring the agreement, when most others have tried to wheedle out of it.

That's one of the reasons Zappos are doing well, whilst Dixons are dying on their asses.

Video smutware attack returns to Facebook


What a con

You'd think that the malware-mongers would at least have the decent to show you the promised video after they've filled your machine up with crap.


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