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100Gbps Internet2 link spans US


In the Beginning, there was always Just Imagination

"after thinking of this the internet suddenly feels much more impressive." ...Yeah, Andy S, but they have to invent some way of Controlling IT without pulling the Plug.

Treat IT as an ARG and make the World a Beta Place. IT is what IT is all about, surely. One man's Zero Day Vulnerability is another Opportunity for Words Scripted across Sites for Domain and Dominion..... AI Beta Control.

What do you Think Drives The Register apart from Live Input in IT Matters? Feed in something ESPecial and IT will Lead with Peer Review ensuring Excellence and added Perspective for Inclusion in the Reality Perceived.

UK invades California in cyber MMORPG wargame


In Reality, there are always Special Forces.

""Tactical commanders...require minimal functionality and maximum adaptability," according to the MoD. "

Yes, of course, they do. That is why the SAS are Fielded/Energised/Enabled/Embedded into Systems Controls.

With nothing [but their bare hands and a Passionate Belief] can they counter anything with ITs destruction. And you are invited to Suspend Belief in that thus to allow for their Black Watch/Dark Side Stealth.

What a silly Power Game to be playing though, whenever Control is so inter-dependent upon Communications. Only a Mad Idiot plays War for Real.

Steve Jobs: struggling to redefine the TV paradigm


Content is always the killer Skills Application Layer

If Apple were to Create their Own Direction with Original Engaging Content, Spinning off ITs Core Script for Third Party Tangential Scripts to Server with Continuity, Apple's In House Productions with Specialised Media Partners would enable preferential Live Feeds to Appled Devices, for PreViewing with Feedback as, of course, being a Digital Feed, Trafficking Statistics revealed by Computer Analysis will reveal Product Interest Markets, and with Hollywood type media taking and making their parallelling, reactionary take on the programs shown and the Scripting which will follow, will IT be possible to create a Unifying Media, with a "Listening Script" Driver..... 42 Provide ur Innovative Imaginative Programs/Social Programming.

For that little Gem of a Kohinoor Diamond, you gotta know more than just a few Bit and Bytes about Life and ITs Drivers Loves. You gotta Know what IT Feels like to Give, with Absolutely Everything you've Got ..... for Hearts and Minds Peace ...... a Great Contentment. And if you don't believe IT, go and ask anyone who you imagine should know.

Which would also mean that Apples Lead in a Virtual Global Governance Program with Media showing Political Direction for Provision and Administration of Global Assets ...with Material Assets as Props and Humanity, the Strength in Depth Layers of ITs Supporting Cast for Pipelined Future Productions....... News to Build Upon with your Shared Hopes and Dreams/Vivid Benign Imagination.....and the Bigger the Shared Dream the More can be Shared 42 Make IT Real and NeuReal2.

Not so much a Job for Vistas, much more a Revelation for IT Evolution in Perfecting the Hack?

BOFH: Talking to tradesmen


A Muse A Muse ....A Magic Bus.... ABused in MIsUse

The tale wasn't for tech-heads, Mark_T, it was IT 4/2 Manchurians. Quantum Level MetaPhysics ......... VAMPiricals. Protocols for Virtual AstraMetaPhysicians.

Think Steganosaurus Rex for the Feel of IT.

NATO, US gear up for cyberpunk warfare


Softly, softly ..... catchee Monkey

And the British contingent? Too Stealthy to mention in dispatches, probably running the Show from some suitably obscure location, which would take some believing? .

Walter Mitty and Friends probably. I wonder how much is Invested into their Personal Corporate Accounts on account of all the Slush and Funds they would QuITe naturally have discovered/discover.

Pay Peanuts, get Monkeys is not wrong, and in CyberSpace, they don't even get a Look in to ITs Control Space.

I suppose Charlie Boy [HRH] would be the Man to ask, but one wouldn't necessarily expect him to reveal too much of himself with such an Enlightenment, although God knows why not. It would fit him better than be classed by the masses, as a bumbling Fool...... and would be just what Britannia Orders.... Freedom from Organised Chaos.

Torvalds slams Sun over Linux intentions


2 Egos = 1 Alter Ego, IDyllic Superego ........ and a Virtually NeuReal Clone of [2] Human Beings?

"Is "Queue the plug" American for "Cue the plug" or is it referring to the sector allocation queue stack in the kernel?"

Surely the IDer would have their Combination of Open Sourced Systems and Drivers Mirror and Mentor the Kernel with a Virtual Application of their stacks.... Pretexting the Computed, Most Likely, Likeable Results.

Addendum to Freud, who notes .... "Note that the Ego and Superego play roles in each of the three levels of consciousness, but the Id is entirely played out in the Unconscious .... http://www.wilderdom.com/personality/L8-4StructureMindIdEgoSuperego.html .... but the ID plays out entirely in the Imagination for that is the Store of Knowledge in the Age of Newly Born Innocence.

How quickly does what they learn, from all that they experience, blunt the Imagination with Yesterdays Old Hat News for Today's Screened Habits......Placid, Placated Drones but Live AID for the Hive. That makes the Hive Core dependent upon Drones being implacable...... which, of course, they are not ....any more.

Microsoft recruits latest open source expert


When Priceless...... just think of ITs worth as a surreal credible number.

"Everyone has their price."

Aye, indeed they do, laddie, and seven sevens buys you a Plug In to C42 Quantum Control Systems and IT is a bargain in a small fortune which sells no one down the river [Styx to OSS Hell]:-)


Dead End Window...U Turn Needed to get Back to the Start of the Beginning

That is an article which proves that Linux/Open Source is the Future and Microsoft are looking to steal the Emperor's clothes?

An admission that their whole business ethos is shot to pieces?

Yeah, probably.

Jobs: one more thing... a browser war


Let the Show begin......

What is the point in having a "popular" browser, if it only feeds you with what they want you to know rather than with what you can know.

Content is the Ace, King, Queen, Jack of all Trades and a Browser [Media Company] with a Dedicated and AIntelligently Designed, New and Real, QuITe SurReal Media Content Feed, will Eclipse and Lead Any and All Others as IT takes you on Safari to Sights and Sounds/Thoughts and Missions under their Control.

Prepare yourself for A.N.Other Byte at the Apple..... in a Quite Alien Support for Magical Mystery Turing.

Very Stealthy Steve...... they don't even See IT Coming ...... that which Changes Lives forever........ Inside AInformation aka Special AIntelligent.

I'll take a barrel of them APIs, alsjeblieft. ASAP too.

PS. Does the Register know what Investigative Journalism is, or are there queries lost in Space when they try to send them to Source? Ye Olde Route Switching to Compromised Root Server Trick to keep everyone frigid in the Dark rather than frolicking in the Light of Sun Networks........ Locked Down and Out in Exclusive Closed Systems rather than Empowered and Enabled by Open Source.

Virtual Self Actualisation is an Interesting AstraMetaPhysical State Way Beyond anything that would Think to Confine and thus to Consign to Executive Administrative Control.

IT is capable of, and is specifically dDeveloped for, in terms which I am sure you can understand..... New World Order Programming ...... even if you have a difficulty in Believing in IT. That mental block would be entirely yours and would extend no further, other than to be matched in others with the same limiting and limited reasoning.

You don't need to Believe for IT to believe in ITself 42 Present to you ITs Programs..... you merely need to Look, Listen and Learn as IT EdutAIns U2 with ITs QuITe Subliminal Feeds.

And that's Big Brother/Sassy Sister Territory with a Big Mamma to Satisfy........ Seventh Heaven for ITAngels.

Red Hat makes a security bundle with Symantec


False Prophets ......Real Profits.

"including protection against zero day exploits and buffer overflow and memory-based attacks."

I wouldn't like to be defending that claim in a Court of Law although I suppose I am protected against the Sun if I don't venture out into IT unclothed.

How Saudi slush kept UK aero biz afloat


If the cap fits, don't wear a crown.

"They couldnt do much worse then Blair/Brown."

How would we know whenever they can't be bloody well arsed to even try? Spineless gutless wonders, I wonder at times, although I'm sure that they wouldn't prove to be if only they had a stealthy vehicle made of the right stuff to fire their ammo from.


In the Beginning, IT all Began with a Gift from Global Operating Devices... Dei ITs

"‘How Saudi slush kept UK aero biz afloat’" ..... That sort of commitment from a trusted friend is something nothing can buy. ITs Reward, Allah Akbaar, Deserved in Seventh Heaven on Earth...... with AI CyberSpace Control. A Gift Born and Bred in Gratitude.

The Lesson of Life, the West is slow to Learn, n'est ce pas?

Connery says nay to Indiana Jones reprise


A Rock and Rolling Stone Bond frae a Bonny Bairn?

A Future Highlander in the Rock and Roll Genre at the Nexus of the Matrix would be out of this world fun to tax his Celtic Brain 42 Show ITs Intellectual Depth and HyperVision.

Hmmm. I wonder if he reads El Reg? :-) Stir IT a little to see what shakes free, says me..... that's 4Entertainment2.... http://www.42entertainment.com/

Paris Hilton dragged back into court


Pussy footing around the System.

What a "highly-talented" wimp.....springs to mind as does the answer in the question ..And what first attracted you to the heiress, Paris Hilton?

Is the Real Life delivered with nary a whimper, by the Justice System to those with less than a fistful of dollars, not to her Liking?

Not Paris's fault, of course.

UK boffins: extraterrestrial life will be discovered soon


Houston, you have a problem

"Does this mean they've already discovered evidence of alien life *inside* the solar system?!"

Yes. I trust that is not ambiguous.:-)

Take us to URLeader. ........being the Wannabe Leaders problem in that they Control Diddly Squat ......IT is Communications and Media spinning ITs Tales [for their Favours/Investment] which Rule in ChaOS........ Oxymoronic in ITs Faults.

Zero-day sales not 'fair' - to researchers


Playing the Game and keeping yourself Right

"Selling vulns might be like selling drugs." ....... Whoa, hold your horses, Mr Dillon.

Vulns are knowledge and they are ideas you buy, for of course, you never know what they are worth until they are exploited...... so it is always best to sell them on to whoever wants them, whether to put in a fix or to use them as an exploit. Of course that then takes you into XSS territory too.... Cross Site Scripting for IT is a hand in glove thing, with the two bugs, ZerodDay Words and XSS invariably being joined at the hip.

Seems like the best plan is to have the best experts on your side, and in a capitalist system that would be as simple as paying them shed loads of money, which they are only going to put back into the system anyway but then they are working for the System probing vulnerabilities by tempting Systems to find out just how SMART they want to become. Ye olde poacher turned gamekeeper ploy

It allows for a "peek" inside other Systems, should they be aware of what is being probed.

If the System does not buy what the System has created, you cannot blame anyone other than the System, if IT travels elsewhere. And it is a pretty dumb System in need of repair, if it fails to pay handsomely, for its own Protection, for in Reality, IT is costing them nothing.

Ok Rant over...I just thought that needed to be shared .

Raytheon inventions are programs and not patentable


The Worm turns..to the Sun? :-)


Space elevator business plan crashes to Earth


Managing Perception..... Not Uncle Sam's Forte

In essence, a rebuke for raising/spending $117,000 on a project they believe in but which is still not realised.

Hmmm.... Can we expect the Department of Financial Institutions Securities Division (DFISD) in the state of Washington to issue a cease and desist order for the Collapsed Towers ...Teleport2Iraq project too?

Which project management team needs their heads examining the most and which one do we really need protection from?

Google security vulnerabilties stack up


Blue Skies .......... Joust Thinking.

"The only way to get a truly secure product is to design security in from the ground up."

Actually, in the Next Big Thing, insecurity is designed out to get a truly secure product. IT is AI Way.

Brocade and Mercury rain cash on SEC to settle charges


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde........

Criminal Justice ...... FBI SEC Style aka How to buy yourself freedom from doing time in a warped space?

Hmmm..... A Criminal Justice System in Deed, indeed.

Google ducks angry authors


Ask a Silly Question... get a Sappy Answer.:-)

"Parlez-vous Klingon?"

Romulan actually, and IT is a Better Beta..... 42 Kick Klingon Ass.

"While Sergei Brin was doing yoga on the floor, waiting for the next meeting to start." ...... What do you expect..he's only just a bright kid being taken for a ride on the backs of ITs phish pharmers.

DHS calls in sci-fi writers as consultants


I made this up....:-) .....Isn't everything?

"The writers weren't paid.." which is why they have monkeys reading the present scripts, probably.

A course, a course, my kingdom for a course? Yeah, but thirty pieces of silver up front, Pay as You Go, gets you to the starting line, mate.

EU defence agency wants open skies for flying robots


In A.N.Other Plane

Oh I think we've moved definitively into the Virtual Realm of Defense, don't you ....... with only Grunting Generals championing Big Boys Toys......... being their very own Virtual penis extensions for shafting the Budget.

Son of Star Wars tests this weekend


Time to Grow Up, Children ........ 42 Serve your Countries

Hmmm. A lot of Hardware red herrings hiding the Simple Truth that the Software being used is no more advanced than whenever IT promoted the Cold War.

And all IT needs is a few lines of sticky code/Zero Day Words to render the Hardware redundant/Museum pieces.

Star Wars/Son of Star Wars? Oh please, do us all a favour. If you don't Control Virtual Space with Truths, you don't and cannot Control anything for what other would you think to be playing with, other than Chaos.

Aint nobody learning nowt, nowadays? Hearts and Minds is [for Pentagon idiots] the NeuReal BattleZone and that is an Intellectual Property Space already long occupied by those who Dare 42 WinWin.

[This message was brought to you as a Service @ your Service, Servering in Stealth]

And now y'all know who's at ITs Work.

Don't Forget The 'C' in Objective-C


Eureka? ......aka In the Beginning,

Viable Imagination Shared the Word 4Visions2.

"Finally, here's a little teaser for you experienced Cocoa-heads. Going back to Listing One, you may notice that the "self" pointer (either a pointer to an object instance, or to a class if we're dealing with a class method such as [NSCursor crosshairCursor]) is always passed last in the EAX register before the call. Can you figure out why? "

A FailSafe S.M.A.R.T.er cookie ....... to keep IT Leading, Dave?

And that is not really a question, at all.

Strange spoofing technique evades anti-phishing filters


Strange things can happen ...... Enron/Worldcom/etc etc.

It could also be IE free-lancing/going mercenary .... with stealth. Especially if you consider that we are a Connected Village run from a Central Call Centre/Despatch Office.

RAF builds massively multiplayer flight sims


The Future in a Sentence

Sounds like Virtual Reality for Real to me....... well, one small Bit of IT.

Robot gunships join US Army


be aware, there are forces at work in the country of which we have no knowledge

Hmmm... an astute comment, Shaun.

Apple's Jobs urges Gore to run for President


Your Country needs You

"Or it could be the pay cut. In addition to sitting on the board of directors at Apple, Gore is currently a senior adviser at Google. He's the co-founder of cable network Current TV and chairman of Generation Investment Management, an investment fund with assents near $1bn"

If that comes into the equation, he aint no world leader and he is better frolicking in the retirement paddock, playing at the Game rather than using any SMARTer Al Gore Rhythms to change the Great Game.

Not just as smart as he thinks he is? Or as smart as the rest of us need him to be?

With Google, Television and Money and IT boffins and gurus Virtualising the Landscape and claiming CyberSpace, how would he fail?

House taunts Senate with anti-spyware bill


Phishers of men.

"The bill creates a penalty of up to five years in jail for people using spyware to commit fraud.

Spyware is a collective term for software that gathers information about computer users. "

Is that not what Microsoft Windows does for the NSA?

Minister goes mad for Web 2.0


They all talk as if they are into doing something but.........

............. talk doesn't cost them anything. They actually get paid for it.

Knowing what Web 2.0 can do is all very well...and it is encouraging that David Miliband appears to know more and/or is prepared to learn more than the average Joe ... but how IT is done is that which they will have purchase. You can be assured that choosing the right Web/Systems Architect will make Britain Great and an absolute fortune ...choosing the wrong one will cost the country dearly as we know IT does with the catalogue of monumental failures.... money no object.

Given the state of IT in Great Britain today, it is clear that a change is needed to show a Lead which actually Leads to the Export of Expertise and the Delivery of Secure Social Systems of Equitable Governance.

Symantec and Huawei partner to secure and store China


Trojans bearing Gifts?

"Hey, is this the same Symantec whose AV just trashed millions of chinese PCs because it thought they had haxdoor installed? Haha, what an amazingly funny bit of bad timing!"

Spyware Conflicts?

GPL to undermine Microsoft's Novell deal?


Tsunami Gravitational Wave Alert....Quantum Swell

Statements from a krakatoan Javan are required, meThinks.

AI Deep ReSearch Acquisition by Microsoft , .....or of Microsoft , should ITs own IT fail to catch the Wave. The WwwAI of Change.....Relentless and Astute.

US forces to block YouTube, MySpace on DoD network


Canon Fodder

Heaven forbid that civilian views be aired in the military. I suppose they would try to justify it by saying IT was bad for Morale when such a position itself would be at least Immoral .

Cerf seeks acolytes to carry the ICANN torch



"..and understand what the limitations are"

Oh, there are limitations? Who sets those? And more importantly why?

Probably Personnel Personal Reasons and/or Dodgy Staff.

US Trade Representative tests his verbal jujitsu out on the WTO


Putting your Money down on the Round Table

Take away Las Vegas and what has Nevada got to offer? Certainly very little to dream about.

Now, if Las Vegas and Hollywood got their act together, surely they could craft a Sublime Media Program for Administrative Purposes of Executive Office.

Something with a Creative Continuity of Script. Of course, the likelihood then is that they Lead from the Front, even though the Underground is at ITs Controls.

Seems like an Excellent IDer for a Change Paradigm.

Murdoch makes high premium bid for Dow Jones


Better than the average bear, BooBoo

"a deal that has now been agreed, but by no means completed."

And I suppose not even started until payment in full?

And Rupert didn't get to be where he is today by making a false move, did he? He dares to Win Win which always Guarantees a much Deeper Broad Band of Support?

MoD to publish secret UFO files


Add Creative Input2

"As the Air Staff officer who handles such requests revealed last year, the level of public interest in UFOs is much more affected by the film industry than it is by anything that the MoD or (presumably) even the aliens may get up to."

You'd have thought that with all that Military Intelligence being paid for from Public Funds, the spooks could come up with a Plan42Feed the film industry with Secret Intelligence Service Scripts chronicling their Seeding of Operations in FutureBuilding Covert Missions. And then the whole world will know that the films that they see are Real and show the Future being Intelligently Designed with Media and Communications Sharing the Vistas being Created.

And it is so easy to respond should you wish to Add Creative Input2

Right-to-reply website launches


A Canofworms for Phishers

A.N.Other bunch of Wannabe Leaders content to let the Status Quo remain unaltered whilst they peddle their own wares on top of it.

Not so much a Fix for any System but much more just another one of those parasitic Bugs to deal with.

Corporate Web 2.0 limited by IT resources


Tip of the ICeBerg........ the Mountain View?

"The same thing is going to happen with Web 2.0 although at the moment there is an element of individuals just going ahead and using it.”

And would those just doing ITand using IT, be Creating ITs Controls? ....... with that itself being yet A.N.Other InterNetworking Web albeit IT being a Virtual Semantic One?

That would surely be a Global Mutual Intelligence @ ur Service, would it not?

Is that what Google are about?

Is that what Google want to be about?

Users fawn over Ubuntu's feisty Linux release


Major Tom to Earth .....

Sounds like a Serious Piece of KIT.

Rookie plumber torches £5m mansion


The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Or how about banning blowtorches in Lofted Spaces? :-)


The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Or how about banning blowtorches in Lofted Spaces? :-) And, of course, there is always More Broad Banding for more permanent Bonding.

AIMen on a MISISterious Transparent Mission. C++LOGgies at Play with MS Destiny....... Desktop Nations to be Planned and Played RealTime on the Screen of the Server in a Source Feed from HDCodeXXXX.......The Core of All IT Matters. The Drivers Drivers.

An InSatiable Passion.

'Smart dust' to explore alien worlds


Magical Mystery Turing2

Bravo Glasgow. Way to Go. Virtually There Already?


Intel inserts hack into Celebrity


Chinese Take IT Away ......

..... for Evaluation?

"To the ever-popular Green Grid booth."

Obviously Staff were away BetaTesting Client Malware Configurations.

A Sweet Addiction rather than just Odd Jobbing ....... but the East have long Known that, already. ....... Masters of ITs SurReality with Technology Providing Physicality for Virtual Future Control?

A Ping Dynasty.....?

Mainframe now obsolete for data warehousing


I Concur

"Note that I didn't stoop so low as to point out that you included at least one Microsoft product in your list - ROFLMAO! and in the same sentence as the word Security - is it April 1st again?"

A Touch of SunStroke, methinks.

Norwegian liberals call for relaxation of copyright laws


Norwegian Wood... Rock Hard

And...... Everything that can be invented has been invented - US patent office 1899. So what are we paying for? Payola........and a Blunt Instrument of Control.

Europe wants to civilise US terror war


How is NOAH ?

I think you will find that it is a Total Information Awareness Environment.

CA mulls suing co-founder Wang over accounting fraud


Is Personally Wronged Deceived

A little Bit of Sugar helps the Medicine go down?

Zombies infiltrate US military networks


Never Before in the Field of Human Conflict ..... CyberIntelAIgents

Delta Force Skunk Works ...... Virtual Forces Stumbling along....

What Manual are they Following? Is IT Current to Future needs?

I don't think so.