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PC floggers scavenge for crumbs as Apple hoovers up profits


Re: Ah yes, the idiot tax

"a BMW" has NEVER been able to shop for parts at the GM dealership. Crack a book. ALL of my Apple kit, save my Macbook Air, is based upon IBM's Power PC etc. and at that time a Mercedes analogy may have been drawn and indeed been worthy of such high praise but yours falls flat on its face regarding today's PC's running OSX.

Global warming still stalled since 1998, WMO Doha figures show


Re: Stop the cherry picking

Our CO2 output has been linear genius. Try again... there's always blaming it on Xenu.


Re: Forever is a long time

Lead on MacDuff.

Google, Microsoft spar to be tech's also-ran behind King Apple


Re: market value

Of course it will, run by marketing genius as it is. You don't become the largest hedge fund operator in the word by NOT knowing how to buy for a penny and convince others it's worth a pound... people do realize Apple owns the largest hedge fund of all time at 120 Billion US?

US ecosystems basically unaffected by global warming, studies show


Re: Call me crazy but...

Ah but when they project drought for the spring and you're contemplating using a raft to get about your yard, they certainly CAN be called to task for it. You don't have to lift your head from the pillow to toss up a "Rain today? It will or it won't!" with the same metric for accuracy as you have provided.


Re: Selectively picking through the data to create "evidence"

Its always been a simple case of replicable results. Not within bad models whose base code isn't available for replications and verification. Want to use a model? Provide the models base and notes the author wrote. I have reams of mine and anyone else happily scribbling procedures or mapping out their injection vectors has theirs too.

If you don't read Roger Pielke Sr, you should. Between his site and masterresource.org, you'll see where the science and the business of the entire thing came from and where its going.


Re: Selectively picking through the data to create "evidence"

There isn't any such 95% in existence. If you have such provide it please. Many would dearly love to see it and those who lost hundreds of millions in the Chicago Carbon Exchange would no doubt pay as much to have their golden goose proven as fact. Now how could you or anyone else for that matter turn down $100,000,000 pay day AND recognition for saving the world in the process? Hmmmm?


Re: hope this will configured into climate models ASAP

In some cases we too have models in play whose required results drove their structure. Mann's fortran fiasco spits out hockey sticks with random number sets specifically because it was written in this fashion.


Re: Interesting. It seems the eco systems have feedback but it's not the kind *expected*

Habitats have always changed. If you have evidence of that NOT being the case, you'll nail yourself a Nobel as the first to have ever done such. Even cave systems are subject to fluctuating outside influences from moisture to organisms new to the neighbourhood.

Extreme weather blown away from unexpected direction


Re: Oh, knock it off

"It's saying there is no proof ANY extreme weather events are caused mostly by AGW, not that proof will never exist."

Fixed it for you, that is unless you have empirical evidence of such which would be celebrated by your face on the cover of Nature, a Nobel and open access to the swankiest parties Hollywood has to offer.


Re: They say this now but wont stop it being used as an excuse for water shortages

Try taxing a spider and see where that gets you.


Re: @AC 06:52

Which is exactly why I propose we build a defensive array in space to prevent THE ONLY EOL EVENT proven and actually carrying a 100% consensus among scientists and atheists everywhere. Yes indeed, we need a giant billiard's stick, collect a few comets to chalk up with and a sufficiently large shooter.


Replicable results. That's all AGW ever needed to be held up as valid by all and we're still waiting...

Oh and please don't even try with studies using (source-less) models to validate their if-then (sans else). I still have all my f77 source material and a clue as to how its used which is to say "accurate as written and no more".


Re: Oh, knock it off

In that a metric for "medium evidence" is nonexistent, they may well have just penned their "sexiest person alive" to it as an addendum and tip of the hat to the celebrity set. Not that it would have impacted the validity of it either way...

SHOCK: RIM PlayBook outsells Apple iPad


Re: Absolutely

They are most certainly NOT merely breaking even on the Kindle. Similar specs from start-up companies in India are at a cost of $75 American with stripped down versions hitting government contracts at $60 American in lots of 10,000. Amazon won't admit digital publishing has pushed profits into the stratosphere let alone that selling their delivery system is also profitable. People might just come off the rails and demand that price reduction on books promised by digital publishing initially.





Re: Misleading

What's to know not covered in the enormous amount of iLitterature and iAdverts plastered about the store? Isn't the entire notion of the iPad simplicity? At the very least that's its marketing angle.

Oh and as for Mac itself, I still have every one I bought boxed and put away since 1989, my Pismo on the shelf above my desk and a Macbook Air on the kitchen table. Now there's a thing of beauty and every bit the gem my Pismo was in its day. So not a hater typing away but certainly a realist.


Re: US Government Agencies Ignore Security Threats...

Seen the IT iPhanboys gone wild at a mine site I work and their 20 litre box box full of dead iPhone 4s too. They've been sold as a business phone with no business being on the job site. Got the wife one and all the daughters too but as for myself, I can't afford having to rely on one. The idiots at RIM need to quit trying to compete with the swiss army phones and focus on just making the best knife on the planet.


Re: Excuses, excuses.

Bought 3 of them for my kids, put the lot in Otterboxes and they ended up the only ones looking up coral and shells on the resort's wifi beach side in Playa del Carmen. The did need a good vacuuming at the end of the week but aside from that, magic.

NASA snaps show Arctic melt


Arctic Oscillation

Happens every 40 years or so and in big ways 80 years ago.


Republican pol rips online piracy bill, defends Google


There are real human beings on both sides in Yankville. Unfortunately they hardly get the podium or the cameras what with the nutters having setup permanent dwellings therein. Too bad that. America needs that third party to represent the majority of them stranded in the middle who see it all as Shakespear did... to be an arse or not to be an arse.



I thought Barack Obama said his projected war chest of 1.2 billion is to be from individual 3-5 dollar contributions from the average yank citizen?

UK Met Office: World temperature back down to 1997 level


Sure: International Panel on Climate Corruption

Originally tasked with preventing the fearmongers of this world from yelling FIRE in the crowded climate theatre.

Prince Charles, Stephen Fry and IBM to save the planet


Wasn't baseless? Yer kidding...

Sure what's the difference in theories and guesstimates of linear losses taking glaciers to 0 in 25 years or 350 if they're heading the same way right? Give your head a shake. The whole movement took a major beating when these singular egos took over and the word "green" became punctuated with a $. The fallout of this is understandably distrust from the general public. That they've caught on is very much the fault of Al Gore's (snicker) Internet. You can't ever lay claim to high percentage projections from models whose code you then guard like KFC does their breading recipe or toss out that the raw data was scrubbed decades ago to make space for... the modified data?

I myself am what is termed a "luke-warmer" and of course universally disdained by both extremes. Not at all bad though as I'd rather reading discussion by Roger Pielke Sr and discussing with Roger Pielke Jr than baseless alarmism or blind denial any day.

Oh and if we're redistributing the Rockefeller fortune to the poor let's also make sure Al Gore's $125 million makes it into the pot. Can't call one if you're not going to call them all even if he did get a Nobel popularity prize (a Nebula would make more sense) all the while maintaining his claim to having spawned the internet.

Never excuse dishonesty on either side of any issue no matter your personal politics. Ever.

'Steve Jobs' switches to Android


All the attitude of Mr Bill but...

He had a shadow monopoly fed by making "student" versions of his products available at universities with copy protection weaker than dishwater so the movers and shakers to come entered the work force with a distinct taste and in some cases tunnel vision for Microsoft product. Good old Steve actually has competition whose tech is improving at a much faster rate than he is allowing of his own. I've used both and don't find the iphone technically superior in any way shape or form given the accrued development times of both products. In fact the iphone's range as a MOBILE PHONE earns a rating of PATHETIC as some of us actually leave the cities for wilds of Canada and in those cases the iphone rapidly becomes just another PDA that plays media while my Motorola is still hanging onto a bar for this E.T. to phone home with. I take it using the device for communication though is passé?

Oh and before someone jumps on me for it, I still have my Macintosh IIc, Strawberry Imac, Powermac G4, Lambda, Pismo, Powerbook G4, iPhone and way too many iPods so Steve owes me not the other way around. How about you?


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