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RIP Prince: You were the soundtrack of my youth


the clapton quote: he was effin joking. He was implying Prince was an egotist.

A moment of brilliance? UPnP for Internet of Stuff lightbulbs


Re: Making things simple

with this you'd never walk into a dark room again. The light would be on automatically by the presence of your phone.

Twitter turns 8: Five tech kingpins whose first tweets are UNBELIEVABLE


Re: I must be missing something

Well seeing as though you're the sort of person that calls The Register "El Reg", and puts the word 'celebrities' in inverted commas to try and devalue a legitimate if already implicitly valueless classification, I'm not surprised. I am surprised you haven't finished with some 'witty' comment about getting your coat, or 'freetards', or one of the many other phrases you all seem so keen on repeating to each other like barking dogs.

Getting it right on the second attempt: Sony Xperia Z1


Re: Bigger not always better

the s2 started on gingerbread, then got ICS and is now on jelly bean.

Reports: New Xbox could DOOM second-hand games market


Bit of plastic

You're talking about the bit of plastic they're using as a data cache to save you having to download it? Let's face it, that's all it is. I think that's how they should be officially defined. Buy games exclusively online, then buy a physical copy of the data cache if you have a crap network. You're free to sell on that data cache if you want, but you'll still have to buy the executables online. Nobody moans about not being able to resell xbox arcade games.

Meet the stealthiest UK startup's app Swiftkey - and its psychic* keyboard


Re: Brilliant!

yay you saved £1.39. Result.

The Register Android App



Whatever it is they should leave it that way, it's the best way. I like the mobile site. The app is junk. The developers of the app are a joke. Writing an RSS reader on Android is easy, writing one for a single specific feed should be an order of magnitude easier.


Re: After the update ...

Err... I thought all these bugs were mysteriously introduced by the play store submission process? In which case, why aren't they all being fixed in a single operation rather than lots of individual, well y'know, bug fixes?


Re: Yup ..

or the galaxy s2? or s3?

nobody likes being lied to.

Panasonic pitches Ultra HD 4K x 2K monster tablet



at what point are you going to stop comparing ppi's to the ipad (264) and start comparing them to the nexus 10 (300ppi)?

30 years ago, at flip of a switch, the internet as we know it WAS BORN


why do you keep bringing your parents into it?

Xiaomi to go quad core with iPhone challenger


Re: Fantastic OS

oh i dunno...straight MIUI on the s2 is pretty sluggish, chiefly because they base it on the samsung sources with all that entails. I'd recommend cMIUI instead, which is a version of MIUI based on the CM9 sources - way quicker - hit a button and something immediately happens instead of 2 seconds later. I believe it's just the galaxy nexus MIUI sources shuffled about a bit.

Only trouble with it is the USB dock audio output doesn't work on cMIUI...otherwise I'd be using it myself.

MIUI is lovely though, it has to be said.

Valve: Games run FASTER on Linux than Windows


Re: I thought this would have been common knowledge?

OpenGL had geometry shaders as an extension at pretty much the same time as D10 was released.....the only thing it really lagged with was implementing a proper render to texture mechanism, and vertex buffer objects. When they solved those two problems they solved them in incredible style, giving us a much more elegant and flexible solution than in direct3d.

Java won the smartphone wars (and nobody noticed)


you just said that out loud.

Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe


Re: sensi

although speedball 2 is definitely up there sniffing at sensi's feet...



for gods sake, cut to the chase and do an article on the best game ever made - sensible soccer.

Ten... eight-bit classic games

Thumb Up

Re: What no Design Design???

dark star on the amstrad cpc with headphones on....cool as candy.



Pyjamarama was absolutely magical. So was Trapdoor.

Google mocks Jobs with Flash on Android


yes, sewn up.

the iphone was released 3 years ago, and they have a 25% market share. They've just released a computer for £400 following the same usage model as the iphone. If you don't think that's sewn up, then I don't think I'll be following any of your financial advice thank you very much!

I'm currently trying to sell my fathers laptop on ebay because he's insisting on getting an ipad, because he can actually use it.

It may seem odd to you and I, but the ipad is what the rest of the population have been waiting for.


it doesn't matter

none of it matters. Flash is a competing platform to Apple. If Apples devices supported Flash they wouldn't be able to take a cut on apps sold. That's their business model. And "it turns out, in the current market, people use Apple devices". Google are several steps behind Apple and grabbing at straws.

As an aside, I find it strange that the Register was full of anti-Flash stories and comments, but now Apple have publicly declared they're definitely not going to support it, suddenly Flash is some kind of human right being denied.

I rarely unblock a Flash app with FlashBlock - and I know most of you do the same.


nice spelling and grammar

but you're obviously on another planet. Have you not paid any attention to the I.T. business over the past 30 years?

Apple have it sewn up. It's unfortunate, but it's incredibly improbable they're not going to be the next Microsoft.


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