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Rackspace claims credit for shushing Koran-burning 'pastor'

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Well done

Well done RackSpace.

Koran-burning 'pastor' loses website

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To lift the mood a little

Here is a spoof promo video for the event:


Probably NSFW, but it is funny.

German kiddies punted porn-projecting pens

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...on earth are the German authorities doing allowing political parties access to primary schools. Looks like the Hitler Youth is still alive and kicking.

Vulture 1 Mk 2 release mech prepped for testing

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A tiny suggestion

If it isn't too impertinent, could I suggest that you make where the eyelet joins the "hanging shaft" as smooth a possible to prevent it snagging upon release. From the pictures it looks like you have formed it by bending the wire back round itself. You could use solder to smooth over the join and then file it smooth to make sure there are no protrusions to snag in the release hole in the trunking. It would be a real shame if the expansion system worked, the pin pulls out and then the payload drops a millimetre or two but no more because it has snagged.

Russians quizzed over parasailing donkey

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I haven't laughed so much in ages

It's probably not PC, but this story has really tickled my sense of humour.

'Huge airships to carry freight starting 10 years from now'

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If the cargo can travel so slow...

.....wouldn't it be better going by sea on a container ship?

Isn't the whole point of air freight the high speed\short delivery time.....

Atlantis spacewalkers snapped through shuttle windows

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Water would pose the same problem,

and I don't think they have banned that. I would guess that the electrical kit is double insulated (or triple, or quadruple..) so that any stray conductor doesn't cause problems.

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Isn't it the International Space Station they are docked to?

The Russians are just sharing their tech.