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Slimline Xbox 360 due in December?



"No, it's really not. Without even cutting and pasting your link I know what that is.. That's a perspective thing, is all, and the guy whose desk that is posted follow up photos on the same blog that originally came from to prove it. It's a normal RROD 360 sitting next to its normal 360 replacement.

I bet you believe everything you see on the intertubes.."

No but I am able to make up my own mind and just being told its isnt with out some form of evidance hold little water with me. I can only go on what I can see and what I can see is that the 2 consoles differ quite a bit.

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Mini Xbox 360 here!


If you look in the bottom right picture you will see the slimline 360.

Vodafone USB Modem 7.2


Very nifty device

I was using it Austria in Soll connected at 7.2 Mbs and was getting about 3.5Mbs. I have 8Meg Max at home and I only get 2.5Mbs to me this device is brilliant. Ofcourse connectivity in all other countrys is much better because the UK is the worst for just about everything. However one day we will get there.

The device plugged in pretened to be a CD drive, auto ran a driver install then rebooted the USB port and was detected as the 3G / HSDPA card that it is.

Online games turn British man into hero



What a lad, look forward to seeing you again soon at i31, I know there will be a few people buying you beers so get well chappy.