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Bought a GTX 970? Congrats, Nvidia owes you thirty bucks


I have SLI 970's. The performance drop-off over 3.5GB is huge.

All aboard the Skylake: How Intel stopped worrying and learned to love overclocking


17000 for Firestrike, with that GPU? Really?

That's SLI 970 territory, dude.

Not work! - Firmware hacks


Designed by a designer from The University of Bradford, of all places :)

Sony Xperia P mid-range Android

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Re: Tempted

The reason the Ray and other 512MB RAM phones require plugging in to upgrade to Android 4 is because they don't really have enough RAM to run it correctly (perhaps due to bloatware), so it's not an automatic update. I have the 2011 Mini Pro, and have just rooted, it and hacked all the bloat out of it. This required a LOT of research, and I pondered and ICS upgrade (forced via Wotanserver), but gave it a miss as there doesn't actually seem to offer anything useful, just more overhead for the hardware.

If you want to upgrade, then for £2 you can get 5 OS downloads from Wotanserver, and try it to your heart's content.

The delay in upgrading your device is likely as there are several hardware revisions, firmware and carrier combinations, and they seem to all require different certifications and such. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND you root and prune your system, my battery life during moderate use with 1 email account synced is about 100% better with less bloat running (Facebook App, Googletalk and Popcap software etcetcetc). I used Titanium Backup to delete fixed System software and that sort of stuff.

All this is typed on the phone, with it's great keyboard. I wish ElReg would review it, I had the Previous version, and this is much better. Lovely form factor. I really hope either Sony or Ericsson continue to produce handsets in this form factor.

Good luck!


Major overhaul makes OS X Lion king of security


Sounds great

How do I get it on my Hackintosh?

Samsung NS310 netbook

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1st one that I'd buy since the NC10 I bought the week it was launched.

TBH I'd almost still rather have it with XP though. Or HAIKU!

VIA double stuffs x64 clone chips

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I'd so buy one for a media/net PC.

Also - Competition!

Curiosity kills 3D Cameron cams



Sorry - what would be the point? IMAX Movies? Hmm, if there is no drawback, then I guess there's no harm, but if any real science would have to be sacrificed.....well, I really don't agree with that.

Ten... budget Android smartphones


Too big!

What, no X10 Mini/Mini Pro?

AMD ships first Fusion processors


Oh yeah?

Oh, so ARM isn't going to take over this year either? Boo...

Best of luck to AMD though.

The forgotten, fat generation of Mac Portables



Pretty sure my Quadra 840av had the design team signatures inside the case.

I think it was one of the later real "Pirates of Silicone Valley" era Apple products.

Dead end technology though :(

Carmakers boost e-car noise standards for vision-impaired



Remember that when motorised cars were first introduced, there was a guy walking in front of them with a red flag? I, much as I hate to admit it, think that it is highly unlikely that the 'car' as we know it [ie a method of personal transport with equivalent carrying/transporting capabilities] is going to go away.

Why not seize the chance and invest aural research, right now, and find a sound or combination of sounds which can convey the intentions of cars travelling in the area to those around them via sound? TFA, for example mentions the Doppler effect....

Find a way to do this, and make it an open standard APPLICABLE TO ALL eCARS sold in subscribing countries, and you have the basis for reducing the number of car-and-pedestrian/cyclist/suchlike accidents :)


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