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TomTom ties up traffic with Top Gear

Mark Forster

At least it wasn't James May

what with his sense of direction and all....

Intel extends JavaScript for parallel programming

Mark Forster

Fractured web programming...

"I wonder if we are witnessing the beginnings of the fracturing of Web programming?"

There have always been several competing 'standards' - take flash/activeX, I dont see googles native client as being any different, however this from intel if it gets implemented by the js standards body will be implemented by all browsers eventually and is a step forward allowing javascript to keep up with other technologies, thereby preventing fracturing web programming keeping everyone on HTML/Javascript

PC World throws in free Bravia telly with Sony fondleslabs

Mark Forster

3G Prices?

Why are tablet makers charging so mych for 3G - surely the chipsets cant cost more than about a fiver?!?!

Dyson spouts hot air

Mark Forster


I thought the Idea of the original dyson fan was to make it give more airflow - this will just be sucking through cold air cooling the air that has been heated... or am I missing something?

My Taptu

Mark Forster

almost great

tis a shame - mark all as read and hide once read are a deal breaker for me - other than that it looks very polished

World's mightiest supercomputer to design new nuke plants

Mark Forster

Not that impressive of an award!!!!

Wagner and Evans are chuffed to announce that they have been awarded eight million processor hours on Jaguar for the purpose of running Denovo to develop a "uniquely detailed simulation of the power distribution inside a nuclear reactor core". This is expected to cut years off the process of designing new and better reactors.

8 000 000 hours / 224 000 processors = 35.7142857 hours total

unless I'm missing something?


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