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O2 loses lock stock in Palm Pre precedent


From the O2 website....

"The only exception are handsets which are exclusive to O2 such as the Palm which remain locked to the O2 network as we want our customers to have the very best Smartphone experience."

Perhaps if their customers were having the "very best Smartphone experience" they wouldn't want their phones unlocked?

Just saying......

Men at Work lose Down Under plagiarism appeal


50 year rule?

I thought that copyright on a song expired after 50 years?

ToryDems nearly swallow Labour blueprint of equality for all


So how much do you make then?

Does this mean that the clause in my companies contracts about keeping your salary a secret is now invalid?

Steve Jobs in iPhone bitchslap to creationists, Tea Party

Jobs Halo

God and evolution....

I believe in God AND evolution, so does the Pope actually!


Beeb creates new global iPlayer post


its the money

because outside of the UK the BBC can charge for its content and include adverts.

i think this is a great idea as it means more money for the BBC and less money on the TV licence. Its a win-win situation i think.

Brits don't want in-flight calling


As if flying wasn't unpleasant enough!

Just what you need on a long haul flight, some £$&*! having a loud conversation on his mobile....

Actually, rather than fitting this device to the planes, can't they fit a device to trains and busses that jams the signal instead?

Royal Society opens inquiry into why kids hate tech

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Cops cuff man who exposed holes in 'perfect' voting machines


Pencil and paper works just fine......

"who's making sure the counters are honest"

Having attended the last election count (i was a candidate) I can tell you that the candidates, and there agents, are watching the count and making sure that it is honest. Any vote can be disputed by the candidates or their agents, these are put into a pile to be adjudicated on later.

I doubt that any of us who actually work in IT would be prepared to entrust our votes to a machine.

Office for Mac steps closer to Windows version of software

Jobs Halo

......its called iWork

Yes JDX, there is a piece of software that Apple produce called iWork.

It contains Pages (Word), Numbers (Excel) and Keynote (Powerpoint).

Its not bad at all and is the software I most often use for officey type tasks on my Mac.

Apple fans drool over Liquidmetal widget

Dead Vulture


"But does it really warrant so many awestruck column inches?"

The Reg certainly seems to think it does.

UK set for eBook pricing showdown



I currently get all my books for free from the library. Is there an eBook library?

I'd be willing to pay a monthly subscription for a "spotify" type eBook library service. Until that comes along, they can give away the readers for free, but no way am I going to be paying top dollar for eBooks.

Naked German women evade Swedish chopper



They weren't bothering them, they were looking for them because their friends thought they were lost in the woods.

Canonical: Ubuntu tablets due early 2011


ubuntu is the plural....

abantu is the singular, while ubuntu is already in the plural form.

Sir Paul McBeatle: 'Me, I'd love Beatles to be on iTunes'


EMI owns the mechanical rights

EMI owns the mechanical rights, ie the rights to the actual recordings.

The publishing rights, ie the songwriting writes, are the ones that were passed around from jackson to sony et al

Therefore its up to EMI wether or not its wants the recordings it owns available on iTunes or not. Though they probably don't want the recordings on iTunes as it would eat into their next tedious boxset release.


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