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Engineer admits he wiped 456 Cisco WebEx VMs from AWS after leaving the biz, derailed 16,000 Teams accounts



"He accessed Cisco's AWS five months after quitting Cisco."

So, how is it he was ABLE to access CISCO's VM's after leaving? Surely his access should have been removed when he left?

Still waiting for your Atari retro gaming console? You're not alone: Its architect has just sued the biz for 'non-payment'


Re: Casino


You've duked it out with OS/2 – but how to deal with these troublesome users? Nukem


Re: Expensive

Originally, No 3D card helped with this game, it didn't take advantage of any 3D acceleration and was purely a software renderer.... 3DFX would never help here.

However, in later years some clever people hacked around the Build engine to enable 3D acceleration, and higher resolution textures... which is nice.

Ubuntu says i386 to be 86'd with Eoan 19.10 release: Ageing 32-bit x86 support will be ex-86


Re: Irrelevant

Nope, the op clearly states:

"Not wanting to go back to the computers of 20 years ago, I can't see the point of running a 32-bit machine now."

Doesn't mention architecture. Irrespective of the platform, there are many good reasons to use a 32bit OS and simply put there is a point of running a 32bit machine and isn't as antiquated as the OP suggests.


Re: To Everything There Is A Season...

Most of the ARM install base is 32bit.

Up in arms! Arm kills off its anti-RISC-V smear site after own staff revolt


Re: It bears repeating: Building a CPU that runs C fast considered harmful.

Agreed with Op, I don't understand the downvote here.. 1 byte = 8 bits.

Always has.

Heads up: Fujitsu tips its hand to reveal exascale Arm supercomputer processor – the A64FX


...BUT can you run Crysis!

oh wait.. erm, yes you can...ok

Indiegogo lawyer asks ZX Spectrum reboot firm: Where's the cash?


Re: " We need to act before it’s too late and London’s success is threatened. "

It;s not an investment in a statup, that would suggest you get shares in the company. You don't invest, you buy a product (possibly slightly cheaper) but you don't get anything else back for your "investment". Now, a crowdfunding exercise where you buy shares into a startup would be more interesting ... oh wait...

LLVM contributor hits breakpoint, quits citing inclusivity intolerance


Re: Good point but .....

"Sometimes the only way to effect change that has a hope of persisting is to fight fire with fire, therefore the historically persistent yet still endemic discrimination has to be fought with equal discrimination"

So instead of fighting against discrimination, your solution is to persist it.. so for the post you are responding to, you are one of the hypocrites they are talking about.

Your not part of the solution, your part of the problem.

Exclusive to all press: Atari launches world's best ever games console


Joust you listen to me! This type of talk belongs in a Circus! Trolling like this will turn this thread into a Battlezone, I usually Dodge'Em but I as an original player of the 2600, I wanted to stop this chatter going on the Rampage!

Cmon guys, do the Basic Maths, this new Atari has a Stellar Track record ..they just need to sort out the Gremlins. Waiting for this console is no Picnic, but speculation is Out of Control! Hopefully we will all see Atari isn't Mr Don't...and is in fact Mr Do!

Ok,ok... I'm getting my coat..

FYI: Processor bugs are everywhere – just ask Intel and AMD


Re: Even the 6502 - The early 16 bit chips like the 68000 had bugs

HCF was a 6809 instruction, not a 6502 :)

Security researcher to IBM: 'Fix that 2013 Java bug'


Re: Java - IBM?

IBM have their own JVM

Oracle to kill off Java browser plugins with JDK 9


Re: Isn't Ask Toolbar != Java plugin?

Yep, I'm a little confused as well. I see this as the Java Plug in removed to run java apps in the browser and not the removal of Browser plugins from the installer.... but like i said, I'm a little confused here...I'm easily confused!

Cyber-terror: How real is the threat? Squirrels are more of a danger


Oh no...

I only read the headline "Cyber-terror: How real is the threat? Squirrels are more of a danger"

...we have squirrels at the bottom of my garden... I'm too scared to leave the house!

Thanks a lot guys!!

Windows 10 Device Guard: Microsoft's effort to keep malware off PCs


Trace ON

It's been done before, and we know how that ends!

Ed Dillinger: Part of the Master Control Program?

Alan Bradley: No, it'll run independently. It can watchdog the MCP as well.

MARIO MOBES: Nintendo hooks up with DeNA, births NX gaming system


I was going to leap into how fond I am of almost all Mario games etc but I was stopped dead in my tracks with

"suck donkey kongs moist nappy."


I feel ill ;)

M0n0wall comes tumbling down as dev throws in the trowel


I used M0n0wall for years, it was a great product and admittedly I don't use it now I can tell you it certainly wasn't a lame duck.

Microsoft's message for Win Server 2003 users: FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES


"and those at the workstations didn't notice any difference "

I've nothing against Linux, I use it myself.. but that comment is bollocks. I understand the Firefox point, and any other application which is cross platform but the Desktop and LibreOffice for instance have massive differences in their UI and how they work. Techies may not find it that difficult a leap, but for the average user it would be much more of a struggle.

Microsoft has made excellent software, you pack of fibbers


Re: Win7...

" Including Win 8 and 8.1, which, being 64-bit, point blank refuses to run anything 32-bit, even in compatibility mode."

Complete and utter BOLLOCKS! 32bit code runs fine on Win 8 + 8.1...

Pebble: The brilliant stealth wearable Apple's Watch doesn't see coming


I get at least 5 days battery on mine, and the UI strikes me as simple and easy to use considering it's form factor... I can't imagine a touch screen for example being that useful for my fat fingers?

4K-ing excellent TV is on its way ... in its own sweet time, natch


Re: Tag line...

Hahaha... Brilliant!

Leak of '5 MEELLLION Gmail passwords' creates security flap


Small mistake in article?

"and a move towards multi-user authentication is required"

Do you mean

"and a move towards multi-factor authentication is required"

Scared of brute force password attacks? Just 'GIVE UP' says Microsoft


Re: One password to rule them all

I think you under-estimate the risk here AndrueC. Tesco has to be secure, what happens if someone orders you Marmite!

You didn't think of THAT did you !?


Ballmer SLAM-DUNKS $2 BEEELLLION bid for LA Clippers


Re: In my world ....

bigger/better car! pfff... we don't have cars down our street, I want a bigger and better bike than my neighbour, one with TWO wheels!!

HP: OpenStack's networking nightmare Neutron 'was everyone's fault'


Re: What's with all the Xen is obsolete talk I hear?

"requiring a Windows machine last time I checked "

Unless I missed your point, VMWare runs fine under linux and has done for many a year. I don't find it that hard to configure either?

Nominet bins Optical Express' appeal against 'It ruined my life' website


Now that's an impressive own goal!

Microsoft spells out new rules for exiling .EXEs


Re: @Wzrd1

Agree or disagree, I think that was his point.

Right, Turkey – elections are over. You can use Twitter again


Re: What is the fuss?

@Robert Long 1

Twitter didn't brake any laws in Turkey, which is why the Turkish Courts overturned the Turkish governments decision.

This was a clear attempt to block free speech in the run up for the election. That's the fuss here.

IBM PCjr STRIPPED BARE: We tear down the machine Big Blue would rather you forgot


I didn't know AMD did a z80 clone. They did a 8080 clone which was slightly enhanced, but still this would not measure up to a 8088 processor. Z80 was an 8 bit processor with a 64k address space, the 8088 was a 16 bit processor with a segmented 1Mb address space... Apples and Oranges.

Bugger the jetpack, where's my 21st-century Psion?



I miss Psion, I loved my Series 5 and I always wanted one of those Netbooks they made, they still kind of look cool now ... maybe I'm just a little sad ;)

Microsoft's JavaScript challenger nears 1.0, wins Visual Studio love


Re: Can't see the point myself.

"And if you have that much code client side then perhaps you should rethink your whole design"

So if you have an enterprise application, with a JSON API and an HTML5 ui... then you going to have a bit of JS to manage. I'm not saying that's a good thing, but how else do you do it?

WHEW! OpenBSD won't CloseBSD (for now) after $100,000 cash windfall


re: It is also considered incredibly non-GPL

So whats that got to do with the price of Giraffe feed?

What's your point? Does the license being non-GPL make it any less secure?

Boffins claim battery BREAKTHROUGH – with rhubarb-like molecule


Rhubab haters

Bah! Rhubarb needs a more sophisticated pallet to fully enjoy ;)

Sega’s Out Run: Even better than the wheel thing


Re: how do you explain the smooth scrolling transition of the road side bands?

Actually, that was quite interesting... thanks!


Re: You do talk some rubbish - tiled and scaled road?

Hmmm, are you sure?

"And at the same time an alternating colour palette was applied to each line to make bands of colour run towards the player."


"Space Harrier and Hang-On used the same system (though with just one 'road'). The big difference in Space Harrier was that its starting image was a series of evenly spaced strips running to the horizon instead of just a single road. Then with the palette shifts applied you got the familiar gingham-shaded chequerboard."

So how do you explain the smooth scrolling transition of the road side bands on OutRun and the Space Harrier ground at slow speeds? If it was palete shifting, then you would not see a smooth effect and it would be much more coarse.


"My Atari ST came with this, Carrier Command and Bomb Jack - legendary games, and conversions that were a lot better (imo) than the 8bit versions."

The Atari ST was a much more powerful computer than any of the 8 bit machines... being at the time a next gen 16/32 bit computer... so I guess that's why eh?

It's true, the START MENU is coming BACK to Windows 8, hiss sources


Re: Had enough of Microsoft.. start menu whingers

"It's not about choice, I don't get to make the design decisions, I only get to use what Microsoft, Apple, Canonical, et al, decide to provide. "

No. It really is about choice. I make choices all the time, i life and not just computers ... and I don't rely on people telling me what I want.

" At some some point in the evolution of their products all those vendors have to make a change & we consumers are obliged to accomodate those changes (by accepting or moving on)"

No. I am not obliged to accommodate anything I don't like... See me point about choice above.

"I developed my use of keyboard shortcuts"

So do I, in Windows 7 it works just fine.

"I'm disappointed that posters resort to personal insults while describing their point of view against others. "

So, I would suggest you tone down the condescending tone of your post to stop inviting them.

" I don't think that's necessary but a little profanity (in an adjective form) or terseness should be excused as we don't all have the time to post in verbose form and, really, is commenting that serious an endeavour?"

Again, do you see the condescending slant there?

How can you argue that we should not have a choice? How do you feel justified with that?

MPs back call to boycott low-taxed tat from Amazon over Xmas



Are you kidding me?

"First, prices WILL increase."

Well other sites managed to compete on price without massive tax dodges. I call bollocks on that one

"second, the Gov will spend that money on shit that I (and you) don't care about."

Uhu... Actually the Gov does spend money on shit that I DO care about, like the NHS, Emergency Services (All of them!) and people in the Public Sector need them for their pensions etc.

"Consumers need to shut up before you ruin it for everyone."

LIke allow for fair competition, so that British business can compete with the off shore companies? SO basically, your telling everyone to STFU and your justification is that you can get cheap goods from Amazon..

DRAM, bam, thank you ma'am: How XtremIO gets its speed


"the X-bricks have to have uninterruptible power supplies (USB) in case a controller goes down"

Do you mean UPS and not USB...

Apple will FAIL in corporate land 'because IT managers hate iPads'


Re: IT Managers (in a windows world) dream of

"The end result what our boss went out and bought us a bunch of laptops that allow us to do our jobs but the IT Admins are forever locking our laptops out of the corporate network."

...and when your laptops have a fault or stop working is it going to be your boss that fixes them or the evil IT Admins?

Obama to Merkel: No Americans are listening to you on this call


Re: Merkel's crocodile tears.

"GERMANY is the No. 1 intercept country for Russia and Eastern European countries,"

Can you post a link with the evidence on what you are claiming here?


Re: Meh

I don't know about that, and stop calling me Shirly :D

Call yourself a 'hacker', watch your ex-boss seize your PC without warning


How can a judge overrule a constitution

"A US district court has ruled that anyone calling themselves a "hacker" loses their Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and property seizures."

I'm not American so I don't understand how a judge can overrule a constitutional right?

Turkish TV presenter canned for flashing too much cleavage


Re: Silly Turkey


I must be weak.. I felt a little rampagey... :)

Down with Unicode! Why 16 bits per character is a right pain in the ASCII



I hate having to navigate around the different encoding types, especially when the customer isn't sure on how they encoded the data in the first place! Even UTF 8 has it's issues... with or without BOM?

Great article, made me laugh.

Windows 8.1: Microsoft's reluctant upgrade has a split-screen personality


I only want one option - "Disable Metro", is that in 8.1?

Twitter just got sh**tier: Natter emitter hit by code critter, fritters web glitter


So... the articles author is moaning about a bug and not an intended feature.. and when brought to Twitters attention they fixed it.! So the entire article is a non event.

But it's only wafer thin: Skinniest keyboard EVER is designed by Camby biz


Re: If they make it cheap enough

A tablet with a keyboard, isn't that a notebook?

'World's worst director' plans Snowden-inspired movie comedy


Worlds worst Director....

*cough* Michael Bay *cough*

Charity chief: Get with it, gov - kids shouldn't have to write by hand


Re: In some regards, he has a point though

"If you've got 3 hours to produce some content, it's the quality of the end result that matters, not how you got there."

Bollocks! It's very important to understand how you got there, if I am testing someone for their ability in my subject area I am more interested on their thought processes rather than the end result.

" It turns out I got marked down for using ditto marks to speed the job up and avoid the cramp that had crippled me in the past. Bonkers. If I'd been on a computer, I'd have copy/pasted a bunch of lines and made the relevant changes."

That kind of suggests you missed the point of OOP. If you find you having to duplicate lots of code (copy/paste/ditto) then you've got your model wrong, especially in an academic exam!

BYOD to exams seems to be pandering to the minority here. I am sure there are exceptions to this, be it some sort of learning difficulty or other and they should be helped... but this should not be the norm otherwise in 20 years time we will start to lose the ability to write. We already have a generation of people that struggle more with basic maths without a calculator.