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HTC Desire HD


1 GHz but slow

Have had the phone for almost 2 months. Have to say it sometimes slows to an absolute crawl, waiting a second or 2 to flip between screens. And if you have loads of photos, browsing them takes so long you give up rather soon.

I've installed many apps, so not sure if they cause the slowdowns. I really hope the next Android version gives more fine grained control over apps and don't leave it up to 3rd party devs.

I can concur with an earlier post that the battery life gets better after a couple of cycles, but it's still abysmal, I've reached paranoid levels in switching wireless on and off and ensuring the the screen switches of when I put it away.

As for the gap where the sim is loaded - I have a 'gel' type cover for the phone but even without it, it really is a non-issue.

80%? Think it's fair, the phone is mostly great.

Top Ten Retro PC Games


Roll your own

I nominate stunts - awesome creating your own tracks

Moms stand firm against antenna madness


Reply: Well, really!

Are these people for real? ROLF

Garage worker prangs £200k Ferrari


I saw it!

I saw it happen and yes the guy was being a dick - speeding off in the wet - laughed my balls off


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