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Claims emerge that Citrix has doubled price of month-to-month partner licenses

Gene Mosher

Meanwhile, the cost of X Windows System remote session workgroup software remains $0, which it has always been.

McDonald's ordering system suffers McFlurry of tech troubles

Gene Mosher

I was entering orders on a touchscreen with a graphical interface and printing them in the kitchen in 1986. Everything ran very smoothly back in the day.

More POS malware, just in time for Christmas

Gene Mosher

Linux POS, anyone?

Feeling pretty good about my Linux-based POS software these days.

Tim Cook chills the spines of swingers worldwide

Gene Mosher

If a 'watch' ever replaces MY car key, or anything else, it will be a watch with 100% of its software under the GPL, and absolutely no software whatsoever under the control of Apple or any other company and its proprietary software.

NEW Raspberry Pi B+, NOW with - count them - FOUR USB ports

Gene Mosher


Use Dual Lock strips, not glue.

CURSE you, EINSTEIN! Humanity still chained in relativistic PRISON

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Re: Stupid question

Your rod is actually just a chain of molecules, each bound to the others, in theory, by strong interaction. If all of the molecules in a chain 100 million miles long were to affect each other then this would certainly NOT instantly occur everywhere. Every single molecule along the way would have to interact with every molecule next to it along the entire length before the interaction would reach the other end. The rod is not a 'thing', but rather is a chain of molecules. It may well be that the other end of such a chain of molecules would not even move at all.

Linux in 2013: 'Freakishly awesome' – and who needs a fork?

Gene Mosher

Re: one option

I'd love to see something a bit better than 1024x600 on a 10" tablet, actually.

Gene Mosher

Re: Linux (and X) on Tablets

Which tablet did you buy with this running on it? How much did you pay?

Gene Mosher

Linux (and X) on Tablets

I just have to wonder when we're going to see Linux (and X) running natively on Tablets with 1080p that we can actually buy. At that point I will get excited about Mobile Linux.

Apple granted patent for microphone silhouette

Gene Mosher

That icon has been in Skype for years.

Like I said; that icon has been in Skype for years.

Moon was formed when PLANET SMASHED INTO EARTH

Gene Mosher

There's more to this, I'm pretty sure.

The Theia impact also nicely explains Earth's 23.5 degree axial tilt as well, of course.

Perhaps someday we will be able to guess with some probability of certainty from which direction Earth was struck by Theia, perhaps pushing it toward or away from the Sun, or perhaps speeding up/slowing down the time of its annual journey around the Sun, depending upon from which relative direction it was traveling prior to the collision.

Apple files disappearing-feature iPhone patent

Gene Mosher

I have had hidden buttons, context-sensitive buttons and user-sensitive buttons on my ViewTouch point of sale interface since 1987. I have also had Microsoft style Metro buttons on it since 1987.

Man matches machine in Jeopardy! showdown

Gene Mosher

Where to from here?

Once it is established that the software & hardware is consistently beating the best humans at playing the game then will the job of creating the categories & questions be given to the software & hardware? If so then that should be interesting.

Ubuntu open to greater touch

Gene Mosher

About time

I've been designing graphical interfaces for touchscreens since 1985 and have been using Linux for my touchscreen X Window Manager and Linux point of sale applications since 1997 and, before that, UNIX. The touchscreen support has been in X for quite a few years now so it should be a very minor affair to add it to the Ubuntu distribution.

A word to the Canonical crew - the most often used touch buttons go along the bottom of the display.