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Workload written by student made millions, ran on unsupported hardware, with zero maintenance

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Re: Makes you proud

Codeless code nails it


Excel recruitment time bomb makes top trainee doctors 'unappointable'

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I object to this on the idea that GP is a lesser role.

They are Consultants in Primary Care - which is an incredibly hard job to do well.

I frequently remind people I work with of this.

Qudos to your daughter.

Remind her to sign up to DNUK

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Re: The UK can no longer afford nor staff a viable health service.

NHS England is a government body

GMC is a government QUANGO - it s not a professional body - it is a regulator controlled by the government

AoMRC is run by those awaiting an honour (CBE/Knighthood etc)

RCoA is an independent body and nothing to do with the NHS. It deals with anaesthetists who work IN the NHS.

It fucked up

Almost as badly as the COVID excel shit.

Not my College (RCR)

And I am geek/nerd enough to do a decent job with excel.

And currently managing better SQL searches on local productivity than the flailing efforts of medical management.

Inclusive Naming Initiative limps towards release of dangerous digital dictionary

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But as they had to be physically removed from early ring magnet memory cores, there is precedent for "de-bugging"

Healthcare org with over 100 clinics uses OpenAI's GPT-4 to write medical records

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Several points.

I use VR for this purpose daily. Like all my colleagues it is full of strange typos. It is about the psychology of reading/dictation - you read what you said and it is *really* hard to pick up errors in your own transcribed output.

It is not just summarising the audio - it is pulling past medical history, other interesting facts and results into a report from the article.

Clinic summaries are not just a sanitised record of the consultation. There is also a synthesis of information into a diagnosis, problem lists and treatment plans.

No mention as to who or where that is happening. If only check and sign it hints at trying to be Watson.

Other wise there is a missing step of dictate outcomes.

Kyndryl, IBM sued for age discrimination by former global software director

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Fujitsu Horizon and Postmasters

Compartmentalisation of evidence is exactly what happened in the UK with the Post Office debacle.

Every case was treated as de-novo.

It stinks.

BOFH: Ah. Company-branded merch. So much better than a bonus

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It's mine now!


With The Company Logo On It.

Thank goodness there's no prior art ;)

Is there anything tape can’t fix? This techie used it to defeat the Sun

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MEGA pedantry here

...burning gases...

There is fusion. there is NO burning, particularly no exothermic oxidation.

A suitable scientific response is on how the sun "burns" without oxygen

I shall pass over the ball of thermonuclear explosion as I bask in the warm glow of solar thermonuclear fusion.

India calls for all mobile phones to include FM radios

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Re: It isn't that they don't enable the FM radio

XCoverPro now obsolete due to google bloat and insisting 500mb is a shortage of space. Liked it wile it was usable. Bedside alarm now.

XCover Pro 6 looks smashing (including pogo charging but finding a base is not so easy). Would track one down if I was due to change but have a phone/pda to play with now. 2 USB C slots, and headphone socket.

Oracle's examplar win over SAP for Birmingham City Council is 3 years late

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Infinite Monkeys


I thank you

Balloon-borne telescope returns first photos in search for dark matter

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So if it might land in water, why no airbags/floats on the project. Just asking. For the sake of a small additional weight, the ability to recover enough or it to reuse seems a missed opportunity.

[resisting voting on the ground level v above mean sea level / chart datum thing]

And if they add airbags I claim patent rights!

NASA solar satellite burns up over the Sahara desert

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Re: Proper engineering

Singer had to buy up the second hand original sewing machines and smash them to replace them with more "time limited" successors.

If you like your whisky (no e) you would know that the company that made the malt milling machines, sold 1 to each distillery (honourable exceptions of similarly long lived machines) and went bust.

Too reliable. Market saturation.

DOI been on 1 (or more) too many whisky tours in Scotland. Not like I could run one. There are 3 things you need...

Boffins think they've decoded mysterious 819-day Mayan calendar

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here's another one for you then. I have it and played it a lot as a kid.

Spin your opponents master gear/cog in the correct direction to win.


Had enough of Android? First 'Focal' based Ubuntu Touch is out

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Earth is running out of places for stargazers to do dark deeds in the name of science

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Timed lights

Why can't we just switch off street lights 0100-0500 to give us all a break.

But also deal with light polluting domestic and farm lights.

I used to enjoy my local street light being broken. Now an ultrabright LED.

I live 10 miles (sorry I'll post the length in whales shortly as per the Reg standards) from a Dark Sky reserve,

so in the right places I can count a lot of stars in pegasus, or orion depending on which citizen science I'm doing.

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Re: Climate small change

Thank you fir the hint, this is pertinent from NASA

linky to NASA Age of Aquarius

--------> astronomer

Lenovo Thinkpad X13s: The stealth Arm-powered laptop

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Re: Now hand it to the FOSS desk....

So are you trying ARM native apps like





a HAL and RISC OS would be most impressive.

Still waiting to see if Cloverleaf on PineBook Pro launches...

China’s Baidu claims its ERNIE chatbot reinvents the computing stack

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Apologies -reference?

Not something I often ask,

but I am struggling with your reference, even after a google.

I program 6502 machine code

I am entirely unsure how this relates - yes i am aware of guitar stuff after a google.

I would genuinely appreciate a disambiguation.


icon for me

Tech demo takes brain scan, creates a picture of what you're looking at

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Spin on article

Well MRI works by interrogating the spin of atoms.

What it *doesn't do* is spin a superconducting magnet around your body. The physics is phenomenal. TL;DR there is a gradient/shim field that alters the resonant frequency across the volume. Ping in some RF and you can read out the atomic relaxation.

What does spin 2 tonnes (230 Adult badgers or 1 1/3 skateboarding rhinocerii) around your head or body is a CT scanner, using slip ring (ooer Matron) technology - as pictured in the article.

It's my day job,,, and I'm licenced to play with the unsealed radioactive sources too

Google's big security cert log overhaul broke Android apps. Now it's hit undo

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Single FOSS developer for a critical library

Obligatory XKCD

Norway finds a way to recover crypto North Korea pinched in Axie heist

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Return of assets

Unless it is a house in the UK.

Once the land registry is updated it is near impossible to revert the theft.

There are many stories on this.

Tenant updates land registry, sells house, runs away. There are some small protections at the registry but they don't make it easy.

Much more a threat to houses that are mortgage free.

Thunderbird email client is Go for new plumage in July

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It would be ~really~ nice if I could sync multiple accounts across devices. I mean profiles, preferences, plugins (ddone, extension whatever) etc, I don't mind getting my IMAP in real time. My Dovecot is sitting happily. But having added a number of new machines to my home, a sync like FireFox does would be 'neat' [all hail our USAsian overlords!]

No more rockstars, say Billy Idol, Joan Jett in Workday Super Bowl ad

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Re: Rock star - not all are created equal

..scatter Glitter around.

Well he has just been released from prison, who wouldn't want to be associated with A Leader (of a Gang) [/s]

Any iPad is foldable if you try hard enough but Apple guru says a hinged one is coming

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But will it..


If your Start menu or apps are freezing up on Windows, Microsoft has a suggestion

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Re: Replace with ClassicShell

Ok since you ask, for this one time in this one circumstance, I couldn't......resist.

Sorry :(

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Re: "damaged registry keys"

etckeeper helps?

home user and would genuinely like to know

It's been 230 years since British pirates robbed the US of the metric system

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what the 'ell are you on about

Warehouse safety citations could cost Amazon seconds in revenue

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Re: AmazonSmile

Links often lead back to amazon losing the smile (just replace www in the address bar with smile).

I'm registered for the British Trust for Ornithology which has had around £2,300 from all contributors. Going to miss this.

Short sighted - my spend is going down.

Self-driving car computers may be 'as bad' for emissions as datacenters

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Re: Our potential future is a carbon-heavy one

But if the business model changes to rent by the trip, the car can be used multiple times a day, scheduled for your routine.

It may even support ride sharing.

Reduces total number of vehicles on the road. Maximises benefit from a fixed resource.

As Henry Ford said, if you asked the customer what they wanted, the answer would have been faster horses

Native Americans urge Apache Software Foundation to ditch name

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National Viewers and Listeners association

more Mary Whitehouse.


The parallels are uncanny

VALL-E AI can mimic a person’s voice from a three-second snippet

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Fixed passphrase

me too, and they use a fixed passphrase not one of your own choosing, massively simplifying the attack surface

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Re: Accents needed

'aa divnn knaa aboot thaat

like, kidda.

(native speaker)

icon cos,

(at least it's not the rising inflection, high pitched "ahmm gowing howim" (midlands)!!)

IBM shifts remaining US-based AIX dev jobs to India – source

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Horse shoes

Farrier better to be an expert in a niche.

Haiku beta 4: BeOS rebuild / almost ready for release / A thing of beauty

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Re: Psion, what a machine

recently tried to fix 2 x 5mx cables. soldering iron a little too hot and failed. Scraped wish I had the link in the other thread to have had them repaired as only found 1 supplier no longer fixing.

Making do with an Astro Slide now,

RISC OS mega fan here though.

Microsoft to move some Teams features to more costly 'Premium' edition

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Removing an accessibility feature may not be legal in some jurisdictions

Quantum entanglement discovery could enable futuristic comms tech, Nuclear physicists say

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agreeing, sort of


Oh, no: The electric cars at CES are getting all emotional

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A full windshield HUD - perhaps we could combine concepts and call it a WindScreen

Riding in Sidecar: How to get a Psion online in 2023

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Fix a 5

So wish I had found that.

Had (past tense) 2 x 5mx with broken flexi cables to display. got 2x replacments

temperature controlled soldering iron but still borked 2x replacements (soldering skills not shabby) binned chasis

Consoling myself with the just delivered (couple of years delayed) Astro Slider :)))

Still have a 3a and a semi-eqivalent as 232 terminals with screens for my headless server.

Waiting for the Kali on Astro ...

LockBit: Sorry about the SickKids ransomware, not sorry about the rest

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Re: Yeah, yeah, just keep using Windows

Thankfully I use RISC OS

Security through obscurity and pineapples :)

OS in ROM? how does that help...

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worked in..

sick chicks brisbane {australia for the west pondians} sweat shirt with the same...

sick chicks/kids edinburgh [uk ditto]


Twitter whistleblower Peiter 'Mudge' Zatko lands new gig at Rapid7

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Black Helicopters


with offsite secured copies of course...

An IT emergency during a festive visit to the in-laws? So sorry, everyone, I need to step out for a while

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Re: Not during Christmas, but not at the best moment either...


Someone once did that to me - the caller was told to "go away" in a very direct biblical sense and a formal complaint made to the only people that could have shared it.

They were told to make their request properly through the formal channels.

I've done nothing ever for them ever again - even when their clients would be paying me for their referral. Nor in my day job - the department they work in is toxic and I refuse to to deal with them. Doesn't help that they are openly critical of my departments whole service. Not the boss. SEP - painting it pink!

Inadequate IT partly to blame for NHS doctors losing 13.5 million working hours

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We just "did" Cerner.

I invested a lot of time in the interface to our dept. My manager nuked it from orbit.

I had 200 (ish) codes for requests, we now have 6000, many not previously available (for good reason)

I am more geek than our chief information officer.

UI is awful. so many issues...

I dip in and out as I use a radiology system. But messaging is broken

Just had notices sent out [at my instigation] that & ^ " all break messages/referrals so 'usually fit & well, new bleed & breathlessness' comes to us as 'usually fit'

I've had to update reports re inappropriate details (grrrr)

3 screens, working on the right - pop ups on the one on the left.. Can't set date ranges easily.. can't "favourite" our local label printer, can't reprint labels.. microbilogy requisitions don't print... you get the idea (I stab people for a living before you ask, and samples need to be identified apparently)

Icon for current activity

Longstanding bug in Linux kernel floppy handling fixed

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1.6MB floppies with ADFS, yes supported in linux. Not so sure about my custom MO-Drive (640MB) acorn formatted discs, possibly unique on the planet...

And a few MO discs from many US machines where they were core transfer media

Norway has a month left until sun sets on its copper phone lines

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5 days off grid last year, but POTS kept working. Mobile network? not so much.

Several UPS across various bits of kit. Not everything happy to run off the generator :(

Google Health licenses its AI breast cancer screening tool to a medical biz

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and another thing..

I agree with your points entirely.

And have looked at your posting history at Vulture Central {RIP VC UK}

As a schmuck [sp?] who previously used these images and has enough training to comment, it is a useful adjunct to flag a "but did you see this...", never AutoPilot machine diagnosis.

Given that I am currently attending a major conference virtually, the ethnic mix of lots of stuff is being actively questioned in many imaging communities, and the limitations of AI looked at.

You all know of random examples, I've seen the AI heat maps for some diagnoses, which don't map pathology at all.

A bit like the what dog is this Husky ID which relied on the presence of snow alone.

There is definitely a place for CAD (computer aided diagnosis) but AIDED is the thing.

There are papers showing reduced reporting time and increased accuracy, but don't forget the "other" bits that make me worthwile - the spots the computer isn't trained on.


Doctors call for greater scrutiny of bidders for platform that pools UK's health info

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Sorry to quote Harry Enfield in the title (UK users need not GIYF)

£9.6 billion apparently on some website that Bites the hand that feeds IT

Dante Alighieri

missing <sarc>?

or the correct icon?

The likelihood of my union* having any effect on this is small.

*yes I am a member of the BMA, just not in the GP "craft", see posts passim

Massive energy storage system goes online in UK

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Wave and Tide

But the massive energy of waves impacting the UK is completely unrealised.

There are interesting demonstrators around Scotland, including small inlets, air compression chambers and bidirectional turbines

Nothing needs to get wet.

And there *are* always waves.

Tide is more problematic, needs larger projects and timing keeps shifting.