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Google slapped with libel claim

Chris Lightner

Is dotWorld serious?

If there is libel, you sue the publisher of the site. The site is then removed and links from Google or any other search engine diplay a "page not found" message. DotWorld's reaction is like suing the Grocery store because they sold the newspaper that contains libel.

Microsoft strips Office from charity PC scheme

Chris Lightner

And this matters why?

The users can still get MS Office if that is what they want. However, Open Office will provide the necessary functionality for the majority of those receiving these systems.

Say goodbye to Office 2003, Microsoft tells PC builders

Chris Lightner

Installed and removed within a few weeks

I installed MS Office 2007 at home. I was able to get a home use license fairly cheaply through my company. I left it on for about four weeks before finally ripping out all but Power Point (I may still remove that as well). My wife and kids kept using Open Office, which I prefer as well. O2K7 is too bloated and, in my opinion, not all that intuitive. Of course, I would probably be happy with Word 6.0 and Excel 95 as all I want is a basic word processor and spreadsheet program.

Creationists open biblical history museum

Chris Lightner

Can't wait to go

I'm looking forward to visiting the place. Personally, I think you need as much if not more faith to believe in evolution as creationism. Both are theories, not scientific facts as some claim. You can't recreate evolution in a lab.

As for Mr. Watson's comment about educated individuals, believing creationism does not make you less educated. Mr. Ken Ham is among many very well educated scientists who disagree with the popular theory of evolution.

OK, start typing. I'm sure those who put their faith in evolution will be quick to flame my post.


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