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Google drive cloud to rain on Apple, Dropbox parade

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25 gigs...

... on Skydrive here

Mm, Silverlight, what's that smell? Yes, it's death


Not many web sites, but many LOB apps...

.. use Silverlight, including the one I'm working on right now. Microsoft's positioning of SL in the early days as a Flash killer/rich web app platform was wide of the mark., but for LOB there's a lot going for it, the tooling support in Visual Studio/Blend being one, targeting IE6 clients (always an issue in the Enterprise) is another.

HTML5 will have it's day for LOB apps, as will the next big thing after that, when the tools and the client base support it. So don't kill it just yet, not until win8 and it's XAMLyness comes out.

CoD: Black Ops 'not fit for purpose', fans claim

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Just completed it last night...

..on PC. Thought it was excellent, and only experienced one stuck in wall bug. Other then that pretty flawless.

Tried multiplayer, and as excepted was thoroughly whooped. Might just stick to zombies.

Exam board deletes C and PHP from CompSci A-levels


Jobs (not Steve)

ITJobBoard results :

Pascal = 3 jobs

Delphi = 50 jobs

c# = 2249

My case. Rested. #fail