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Santa's Xmas Caper


Christmas bits in games...

The one that jumps out at me first is Crude Buster (Two Crude Dudes). One of the bosses was - if memory serves - a small maniac throwing petrol bombs dressed in a Santa outfit. What sticks with me is him shouting "Ho, Ho, Ho. Psycho Santa!" :)

Rainbow Islands

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I'm with the others...

...and have more fond memories of Bubble Bobble than this one, but it was still a great game.

Bubble Bobble holds a special place for me for being the first coin-op I came across that let you enter secret codes on the machine before you even started playing :)

They don't make platformers like they used to: Wardner (as mentioned above), Karnov, Psychic 5, Tumblepop, Snow Bros, Wonder Boy In Monster Land, New Zealand Story et al.

BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm, 4OD aim for Xbox



another way of looking at it, those who are already paying for their Gold subscriptions get extra services for nothing - a good thing.

The Secret of Monkey Island

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I'm selling these fine leather jackets

It's worth mentioning that the special editions that have been recently released do NOT contain all of the sequels, only the first two games (and if you count the Tales Of Monkey Island episodes, we're lucky enough to have had four sequels now :) ).

It's also worth mentioning the single biggest change to the Special Edition games too, the fact that they've had vocals added! Dominic Armato and the rest of the crew were brought in to voice them retrospectively.

The first two are still two of the best games ever made. The third is very good, but I prefer not to think about the fourth :( Monkey Kombat especially ruined that game for me.

Oh and while you can't die as a result of your course of actions, you can die as a result of your *inaction*. Ten minutes is a long time to hold your breath, but not always long enough... ;)

Sony preps PlayStation gaming for Android

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Good software - wrong hardware?

I don't know if it's just me, but the thought of trying to play even just PSOne games on a touchscreen is a real turn-off. Where do you put equivalent controls for a dpad, two analogue sticks, four face buttons and shoulder buttons? I know games like to use screen overlays, and I know Sony will (probably) have thought about this, but from the outset it seems like there's going to be a lot of fingers taking up screen real estate.

Maybe it'll be like a previous poster said, controlled by Sony on which hardware can run it, despite the OS being open.

2011 Games Preview


Facts Shmacts

Why anyone who calls themselves a gamer would have any reason to trawl through sites finding 'reasons' why the PS3 is best is beyond me. Get them all, enjoy all the best games. It doesn't matter what's released on which system that way.

There's no point taking sides in an industry in which any one of them would bend you over and dry-hump you for more sales.

I bought far more games on 360 than PS3 last year, but that's just because there was more I preferred on it. This year it's looking like Child Of Eden, La Noire, Arkham Asylum and possibly Brink that I'm most excited about so far.

2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa


No mention of the gameplay?

It's a fair point about the annual (or in this case six-monthly) re-vamp churning from the EA machine, but what I find disappointing in this review is that not once in the four pages does it make any reference to how the game actually plays...

For what it's worth, it plays a great game a football and tightens up on a few of the snags from Fifa 10. The refs aren't quite so whistle-happy this time around and the same goes for dishing out cards. Shooting's been made snappier and the timing of the shot has more importance than ever, it's very possible to fluff shots and send them dribbling along the floor to the welcoming keeper. It plays faster, and while it's a bit gimmicky, it's interesting to see the high-altitude grounds effect the teams not used to it. I like how form carries through the tournament and affects the players too.

Is it worth forty quid to people who already own Fifa 10? Probably not. Does it play the best game of football on a console today? For my money, definitely.

(I'm not getting my coat, that's EA reaching for my wallet)



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