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Kill all geoblocks says Internet Society of Australia

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Makes sense. Everything we buy is already produced overseas, why not extend that to content?

Steely wonder? It's blind to 4G and needs armour: Samsung Galaxy S6

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Re: "Android 5 is incredibly buggy"

He's right. It's been as buggy as buggery. 5.1 is an improvement, if your phone company has deemed you worthy of receiving it.

'Climate change is like Y2k!' - Oz senator

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Australia introduced a "Carbon Tax" last year. The purpose was to make Australians pay just a little bit more for mostly electricity related products - nothing you'd notice, or course - and in return completely fix the weather for the better.

I'm pleased to report after only one year the weather is already smashing, and a healthy industry has bloomed in rigging up subsidized home solar farms.

Congratulations Julia Gillard, Penny Wong, et al. And good for their friends who've done well from the solar boom by being in the right place at the right time. Who could see that coming? Only a genius.

This is how it's done.

Dear-ly beloved: Apple’s costly iPad Mini with Retina Display

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Never mind the price of the lower end model, spec it up a bit and that's when you see the real divergence.

You pay another 100 pounds to get GPS (and 3G) and a further 80 pounds to get another 16GB of storage. And chances are you'll want to do that.

16GB is pittance, and it's a pain in the arse getting data on and off IOS devices unless you like waiting for hours while your Dropbox syncs, instead of minutes if the Internet didn't have to get involved.

Many Android tabs come with GPS as standard, can be expanded cheaply using a card slot and support USB OTG because it's really bloody useful. It's a pity reviewers of these products didn't knock a few points off their reviews for that.

Never mind, you can always email that 2GB MKV to yourself. Makes sense.

iPhone 5S: 64-bit A7, 128GB storage, flashy ƒ/2.0 camera, and...

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If you're the type who's always complaining that beer cans are too big to hold in your hand comfortably, the iPhone is right for you.

Apple designer Sir Jony Ive holding up iOS 7 development: Report

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Most important change in the next iPhone

I don't give a damn about anything else: it's just got to be the thinner than the iPhone 5.

But if you really want to spoil us how about letting App publishers push ads into the lockscreen? That would be really cool.

Climate change forces women into prostitution - US politicians

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Wrong way to sell the story.

I'm pretty sure this is good news for the bloke race.

Movie review: Oblivion

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I'll see anything starring Tom Cruise.

He's awesome.

Global warming fingered as Superstorm Sandy supersizer

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Australia's already fixed the weather by bringing in a Carbon Tax. As soon as you get off the plane you can feel the weather is exactly right, the way God (the one worshipped by Kevin Rudd) intended it.

I hope this is good news to all of you who are terrified by the drumbeat of articles like this.

Soak up CO2 with sponges, says CSIRO

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Tree are another excellent absorber of CO2, and as a bonus they also produce O2. Unfortunately, we need to chop them all down to make way for wind and solar farms.

Wind now cheaper than coal in Oz: Bloomberg

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Mightn't hurt Bloomberg to double check these figures.

Is your Surface Pro a bit full? Slot in an SD card, it's not from Apple

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Apple plans to create a central file store and grant read and write access to external drive storage.

It will be introduced to commerate 10 years since the death of Steve Jobs, in IOS15.

Here's how it will be reported by Wired:


Inside the new climate row as Mystic Met Office goes cool on warming

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Re: Not the Met Office's fault.


2012: The year that netbooks DIED

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Re: Ultrabooks with "premium specs"

Sony Z: http://www.sony-asia.com/product/vpcz128gg

Nothing comes near it.

Businessweek: 'It's Global Warming, Stupid'

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'Apple's iOS 6 maps app is SHOCKING, rushed and half-baked'

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It's all over.

Australia won't back away from data retention plan

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What a disaster this Labour government has been on every level.

Climate change behind extreme weather, says NASA

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Australia's Carbon Tax

It's also unpopular because:

only the most gullible believe making energy more expensive will directly improve the weather.

only the most gullible believe money from such a tax will result in the invention of an alternative energy source.

everyone understands making energy more expensive will worsen one's standard of living.

Plus, the sheer level of bluffing bullshit sprouted by those introducing has been breathtaking.

Size does matter: Outlook.com punters want meatier passwords

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Fantastic story

What a ripping yarn.

Solar, wind, landfill to make cheapest power by 2030

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Grubby business tactics

This is like bragging your team is unbeatable when you've had your thug mates kneecap the opposition and hold their families at gunpoint.

CO2 warms Earth FASTER than previously thought

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Science is settled, except when it's bad news

Any idiot can see temperatures have plummetted across Australia since Gillard introduced the Carbon Tax.

My only concern is that it will start to heat up again after the winter.

Time for Victoria to adapt, says Climate Commission

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Do not argue

Remember if you're at all skeptical about the reasoning here you're what's classed as a "denier" and smart people won't invite you to their dinner parties. You'll have to cook for yourself.

Mega spam-spewing Grum botnet finally KO'd

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For the last few years I've been getting around 60 messages per day from one bot network. All the domains are registered by Moniker and Enom; they must register at least 100 a day.

Rarely watches and Viagra, this one does stuff like Raspberry Ketone, travel deals, loan advances and discount coupons. About ten different themes, spread across multiple slight variations. Every day without fail they come in around the time the USA gets out of bed.

Surely whoever's behind this insanity understands that this isn't marketing it's an attack that will take down an email address. But the same emails keep coming. Day after day after day.

Behold: First look at Office 2013, with screenshots

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Can't go wrong with Microsoft. Consistently excellent products.

No-one ever got fired for buying Microsoft.

Breaking: Megaupload seizures illegal says NZ High Court

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Re: Its and it's

Who give's a shit?

Antarctic ice shelves not melting at all, new field data show

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So if the planet is warming why would "some" melt and not others? Still doesn't support the hypothesis that we need to exterminate 80% of the human race in order to get CO2 levels just right.

Study fingers humans for ocean heat rise

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Finally some bad news. Now we can get on with punishing ourselves.

For those wondering where the "deniers" are WUWT broke this story yesterday:


Climate scientists see 'tipping point' ahead

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Deniers, ye shall burn in Hell for eternity

We must heed the prophecy. End of Days is upon us.

Those amongst us who have sinned. Those amongst us who given birth to the beast that is the baby human. Ye shall burn in Hell for eternity.

For none is more guilty than the woman who brings upon the Earth the pestilence that is the human being. Who by its biological nature breathes out the very poison that is killing our planet.

Carbon, my friends, is the evil by which the Earth shall be delivered to the Devil. And ye who create it with your motor vehicles and your electric lights, ye shall be punished.

I urge you to repent before all is lost.

The only path to salvation is through flagellation in the form of taxation.

We must pay more. More for everything. And worry. Worry about everything.

It is the word of our prophets.

Himalayan glaciers actually gaining ice, space scans show

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Maybe it's happening glacially.

Vote now for the WORST movie EVER

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A single year's output from the British film industry could whip this list's arse several times over.

Greenland melt threshold lower than thought

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Re: Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Or the exact opposite.

I've been studying the works of a German social engineer from the mid Twentieth Century - a forward thinking, yet deeply misunderstood vegetarian - who asserted that humankind should isolate genetic markers favourable to its survival and carry only those forward.

The genetic marker he had in mind is in fact the same gene common to 99% of the Green intellectual movement, one that manifests itself in a lighter shade of skin tone.

If were to simply weed out those who don't carry this Green intellectual gene - some 80% of the world's population - we would immediately solve the biggest crisis facing the human race, the overproduction of CO2.

I believe this could be the Final Solution.

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I agree with the environmentalists. The only way to prevent the catastrophic temperature rise is to immediately abate C02 production. And the only way to do this with any chance of being effective is to cull at least 80% of the excess humans on the planet.

The hard part is deciding which to get rid of first. Who contributes least? Who do we continue having to prop up? Let's round them up, and gas the lot of them.

That's what you're getting at isn't it?

Pacific nation prepares to flee rising seas

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Outrageous. Can we pin this on the Jews?

Activist supplied illegally obtained docs to DeSmogBlog

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Re: Global Warming is real.

Unless, of course, it doesn't extrapolate linearly:


If you're really worried about the future, suicide is still the safest option.

Heartland Institute documents leaked

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Re: Re: Will be interesting to see how the "mainstream" news media report this

It'll be even more interesting to see whether the Guardian etc print any kind of retraction for using a fake document in their smear.

If you need any further proof that there's an aggressive conspiracy that's manipulating the media to silence dissent on this issue, you need only follow the progress of this story:


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Re: Re: Re: AGW denier propaganda

"6) Temperatures fall over several decades"

Very few so-called "skeptics" argue that temperatures haven't risen. But there is a significant school of thought that they won't continue to rise, for varying reasons. That's the thing with science, especially one as wooly as this: it's never settled.

Of course none of this matters, because the real issue is how we react to it. That's where the mountains of bullshit start, and no matter how much you want the sky to be falling you should still have the integrity to say no to the rampant profiteering that's been exploiting this scaremongering.

Taxing carbon will not suddenly invent cheap power. The incentive is already there for other reasons.

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Re: Re: Y2Kyoto

""A survey of 3146 earth scientists asked the question "Do you think human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures?" (Doran 2009). More than 90% of participants had Ph.D.s, and 7% had master’s degrees. Overall, 82% of the scientists answered yes. "

Indeed, most so-called "skeptics" - including Anthony Watts - would also answer "yes."

Read this:


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Lie gets halfway around the world

Heartland says at least one document is a fake:


Watts responds calmly:


Watts, McIntyre and other reputable scientists who are trying to move this subject forward would do well to distance themselves from conservative "think tanks" and slimy leftist creepfests like DeSmog Blog and their ilk.

Any scientist who doesn't consider themself instinctively a "skeptic" on any aspect of their chosen field should give up science and go work in the media or PR. And leave the fear peddling to the Guardian.

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Re: Re: Not actually much money relatively.

Raising the cost of fossil fuel use raises the cost of living. Every part of living. Or put another way reduces the standard of living, contracts the economy and increases hardship.

It's fine to fantasize that making power more expensive will somehow make more expensive power more viable, but the goal should be making power cheaper.

If you think we're using a lot of C02 producing energy right now, just wait until the emerging industrial world, most of which lies in the tropics - and which has explosive population growth - demands air conditioning and the other trappings we enjoy right now.

Yes, there is a solution - if there is indeed a problem - and it's not changing our power source. It's culling 80% of the world's population. Starting with the most useless unproductive ones. Now which ones would that be?

Certainly save some money in aid wouldn't it?

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Shirley, if you were serious you'd know if there were a viable alternative it would pay for its own research.

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Where does Al Gore get all his money?

Heartland should be tapping into a bit of that gold mine.

New sat data shows Himalayan glaciers hardly melting at all

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Don't you fossil fuel funded deniers understand this is exactly how Climate Change works?

I'll stop worrying when we have the same weather every day for twenty five years.

Jobs' 'nuclear war' is not doing Apple any good - analyst

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Apple is the new Pokemon

Gotta collect 'em all, right fanbois?

Five... friendly, free Android apps

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iPhone where is your God now?

That's cinches it. I'm definitely getting an Android phone. I've just be waiting for a killer cache clearer. Goodbye stoopid IOS, finally.

2011's Best... Games

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Duke Nukem Forever

DNF the best game of all time.