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AMD readies Bulldozers to ship next month

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I want this on my desktop

When will this be available for consumer PCs? Zambezi will probably be released next after Llano. I hope a 16 core Zambezi will available in the coming months.. I can smell FX 8800.. =)

Deep inside AMD's master plan to topple Intel

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Real geeks buy AMD. Remember that.

Sanity saver: Fedora 15 answers Ubuntu's Unity


Why is the dock by default on the left?

Most people are right handed and it would be much quicker if the dock is on the left. I'm not saying that there is not any option to put it on the right but it would be much easier if that would be the default.

ARM's Intel challenger set for 2012 release


Why servers and tablets?

We all want 16 cores on a desktop PC without sucking all that juice. This will be a real challenger to all X86 manufacturers.

Project Ceylon – Red Hat builds Java killer replacement

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same difference

Another language to run on the JVM. Is this really the right way to do it? We can't all avoid oracle and whatever it wants to do with JVM and Java. If it can do it with Java what else can they do to JVM? Java owns the language and the JVM but this project is a start to a new future..

Can't find a smartbook to buy? Blame Adobe


Release The swARM!!!

We need it! Some people don't really need flash in mobile computing. As long as it has some basic functionalities like a word processor like Abiword, a media player - mp3, mp4, etc... Whether or not Adobe comes up with a version for ARM should not be the deciding factor in releasing the coming swARM!

ARM based laptop manufacturers should consider releasing this very competetive platform to the market now. IF this is what the people really want, large market sales will pressure Adobe to release an ARM version of its flash player. Then if Adobe will come up with an ARM version late 2010, ARM based laptop manufacturers should just provide a downloadable update in that time. HTML 5 is also coming and Google has some promising code and video to back it up: http://techcrunch.com/2010/04/01/google-html5-quake/. In the future Youtube will be running on HTML 5 and Adobe flash will be kaput.

So LETS NOT WAIT. Price will be a driving factor for ARM based laptops to compete in the market. Price also is its biggest advantage. A LOT of PEOPLE want it cheap and afordable, this should be what ARM based platforms capitalize on. We will buy it because it's cheaper vs Intels Atom based laptops.

Computing should be cheap and afordable so that everyone in the world can enjoy its benefits. OLPC for countries like Africa would benefit most from this platform. Give the world a chance to know the real potential of what the ARM platform can do. Release the swARM!


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