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Microsoft's Azure cloud down and out for 8 hours

Rob Kirton

The Fix

Yep, this one is eating into my day too. Evidently somebody at Microsoft is going to switch it off and back on again. Solves most problems..

MS names Nokia WinPho models in compo blunder

Rob Kirton

Not a cat in hells chance

nokiasabre.com registered just today. Not that I was really checking of course :0)

A-level results accidentally put on interwebs a week early

Rob Kirton

Wrong Results

The wrong results occur on Thursday...

Icebergs measured in Manhattans: Official

Rob Kirton


I think they should be measured in Whales (as opposed to Wales). Seems appropriate somehow and of course will be a suitable source of confusion.

RIM: 'We don't need 200 fart apps'

Rob Kirton

Hang on....

I feel an App coming on. What do you mean - they don't want it?

Brown says the 'C' word

Rob Kirton

For one moment...

I thought he would promise to cut the cr@p.....

You've let me down again Gordon.

Volkswagen unveils Yorkshire-friendly e-car

Rob Kirton

Superb dual fuel hybrid

80 miles on leccy, and then some sort of dual fuel hybrid with the beer crate arrangement on the back seat to get you home if the journey is longer.

On a more serious note, another disappointment. 2013? What are they thinking of. It just seem to me to be a "me too" PR spin.

EU bids to dominate future nebulous buzzword

Rob Kirton

Web 3.0?

I can just hear the sounds of the consultants gravy train pulling into Brussels right now. I'm sure the whole matter of definition of Web3.0 can be sorted out over a convivial lunch or 2.

I'm also sure that it won't come cheap, if we really have to have a web3.0 can we please ensure that the EU is in the gaurds van, rather than the vanguard. i.e. right at the back. I am sure they must have better ways of spending my tax.

Misheard song lyrics blamed on technology

Rob Kirton

The best of all time for me..

Is the surprise inclusion of a football manager in the Lion King. Listen to the very opening line where the name "Arsene Wenger" is quite clearly called out. Don't believe me? - Go listen...

EU abolishes the acre

Rob Kirton

Its a matter of conversion

If I am kicked hard in the plums I *Know* I'll have two acres

How many hectares is that?

Sex game bloke traps modesty in padlock

Rob Kirton

One more for the list...

Chicken Licken

Turkey Lurkey

and now...

Cocky Locky

Apple's Safari lacks bold vision

Rob Kirton

Jury's out

Intsalled on two machines XP SP2

- Fine on one

- Cannot configure the toolbar on other (also occasional crash)

Why on Erath was the home button ommited and needed post install configuration?

I prefer to surf under Linux, so not really a Microsoft Fanboy. However I must say IE 7 mops the floor with this (and the native Apple product) where it comes to quality of text rendering.

I guess I will still be using at at some point, post release, for testing purposes.

Physics GCSE: 'insultingly easy, non scientific, and vague'

Rob Kirton

My familly have suffered

My eldest son has just completed a 21st century science qualification at his school, they didn't offer the three sciences despite being a specialist technology school. To be fair to them they are about to rectify it for top stream pupils, like him, in the next year. I thought he had suffered as a result of the woolly 21st century science, though considering what passes as physics, maybe not so much.

The DfES need to hang their collective heads in shame if they do not believe that physics is not all about precision and numbers. It is nothing without precision and numbers.

Human kind is about to prove that evelution is not all about advancement. We are now dumbing down so much, so as to take out natural selection from the gene pool. Prizes for all and the less strong surviving too in the academic field; maybe going on to university and "advancing" science in ways we could never have dreamed of.

Forget launching a rocket to the moon, mankind will soon be unable to organise a bus trip to Scarborough, you know precsion and numbers and that kind of stuff.

Creationists open biblical history museum

Rob Kirton

Change of career needed


If your comment

"Thirdly... If it was a museum on evolution... you wouldn't be posting that dribble of a comment(s)."

was in defence of creationism, please feel free to change career. Also take your views on a flat earth with you. Twenty First century tech workers deal more with science than myths and fairy tales...