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Nokia deal to 'rocket Windows Phone 7 past iPhone'

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Puhleez! It's Windows...Are you serious...50% of the Smart Phones by 2015 against Apple and Google??? Um, they should stay where they are, their venture into the SmartPhone business is way out of their league and they ARE way over their heads on this...kind of like when they pushed Windows ME and Windows Vista... Yeah, like those two were really great OS!

The Wrath of Jobs' latest victim: Motorola


And "YOUR" point is???

If you are saying the discussions are "petty", are you not adding fuel to the fire by YOUR comments and continual rehashing of the problem? The external antenna is a wonderful idea, and had the testing been produced a little more "real world" and not so much behind closed doors (Apple's style) the flaw may have been noticed sooner and addressed. I have a friend who has a Droid and he is NOT satisfied with it's performance. He however loves it even with it's flaws of needing to be rebooted several times and "butt dialing" when it's in the passenger seat of the car and for no reason starts launching apps. He has not noticed the same reception issues mentioned by others but then I've never had the issues with my iPhone 4 that others report either. All-in-all I believe that this is merely a marketing ploy by all parties to keep the publics attention off of other depressing NEWS of the day and I for one am thankful. in rating your attempt at "not" being part of the Antennagate issue I say you have failed. Thank you for the information however, always a joy to read yet another angle in the ongoing saga!

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re: Nothing New...

and YOUR point? Don't you believe that bashing anyone who is ON TOP, even if the product has a problem in ONE AREA, that doing that in itself is no better? This basic instinct of MOB MENTALITY is rampant in all posts where people jump on the band wagon and beat up on a person, company, or product. Just not sure that you understand that the iPhone 4 is MUCH MORE than the antenna issue. Had APPLE not made the bold gesture many years ago with the first iPhone, you wouldn't have the "cool" ones that are out now by other suppliers. Apple has and is always on the leading edge, so as one of the OTHER posts stated, "Just deal with it!" And regarding the three year old comment, are you and others who BASH Apple playing the same game; or is it different because YOU believe they deserve it???

'Steve Jobs' switches to Android

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i vs A

I have to agree with you! If one is not within the IT circle, Android and it's hardware is a mute point. It doesn't have the style the iPhone does, not even the newer HTC submissions.

If one doesn't know C++ or other languages used in Open Source what good is the Droid? I have to add that there is ONE APP that the Droid has that is awesome and I would love to see on the iPhone; LOCALE! This App blows the iPhone out of the water and is the ONLY reason I'd even think of jumping ship. I have several friends that have Droids that are standard users not the programmer power user type and they say it is ok for what they use it for. They aren't app freaks, so none of the bells and whistles people are shouting about mean anything to them.

The first submission of the Droid was a little shakey. One of my friends had to take his phone back for a replacement because the OS was glitchy and the hardware non-reponsive. With the new Droid and the old software, he is happy, I'll have to see what he thinks when he upgrades to the newest version of Android.

So far I'm staying with my iPhone. Waiting and watching since HYPE is merely empty words, I'm in the frame of mind; SHOW ME THE MONEY! Show me WHY the Droid is better than the iPhone with tangible, everyday uses for a regular user NOT a power user who is an IT GEEK and loves to tinker and program for themselves.

Two different camps, two differnt platforms, two different services (GSM/CDMA) which is better???

Thanks for your time and input! I look forward to it!

Nokia tops iPhone and BlackBerry (again)



It must be a European thing, the Nokia I had was not supported by any US provider NOR did I like the feel of the set. I had an N97 which was interesting, but clunky! I thought the touch screen was out dated and I could feel the inner workings of the phone each time I touched an app or swapped screens. I think that for the US and seriously the rest of the world, the Apple iPhone is the best bet. But I know there are those who are just as loyal to Nokia as I am to Apple, and if the European provider market is at all like the US market, chances are the iPhone isn't getting the support it needs to be a competitor for the European Cell Phone market just as the Nokia wasn't here in the US.