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Loud sex woman coughs to ASBO breach


Not trying to be funny, but....

Isn't it her husband's fault? After all....

Animal lovers say no to radioactive NASA monkeys



We share 80% of our DNA with bananas. So why not irradiate those instead?

BT's giant new faster broadband boxes blocked


Typical Muswell Hill A*ses

Typical from the yummy mummies and liberal media dads who litter the streets of Muswell Hill! After all, Muswell Hill is not exactly attractive, is it? And it's stuffed to the brim with BMW X5s, off-road pushchairs and double decaf lattes. Although the Chinese Takeaway next to the cinema has always been pretty good.

'FAIL' because NIMBYs are good at standing in the way of improvements in the world. I suppose they'd rather the exchanges were replaced with Agas.

Another 0.03% of Blighty goes wind powered


To all the Anonymous Cowards

The author of this article is spot on - he's not being 'anti-green'. Read David Mackay's book if you want to understand the issues. David Mackay is 'pro-green' if it matters. Actually, what matters is actually working out the numbers involved, rather than reverting to tired old propaganda from either side of the eco-fence.

Sony PRS-505 Reader e-book

Thumb Up

Wot? No RSS?

Geeks love this device (I do), but the literati - Luddites at best - just don't seem to 'get it'. In the same way that vinyl-o-philes didn't 'get' the iPod when it came out. 'Why would you want to carry around all your music with you?'. Just like podcasts, this device, and others like it, will probably become newpapers, RSS readers, student textbooks etc. The University of Philadelphia are already piloting using it instead of textbooks in their English classes.

Orange to offer unlocked iPhones for €749

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I'm sticking with my iPAQ

iPhone + contract on O2 = nearly 900 quid TCO

Virgin SIM (+ cash back) + (unlocked) iPAQ 514 = 160 quid TCO

Errr, I'll stick with a Smartphone. PS It has WiFi as well... Ok, you don't get free WiFi access on the Cloud, but really, who reads their email in the pub?

China spots 42 new glaciers


Endangered glaciers

All these new glaciers reminds me of a Greenpeace announcement a while back, which went something like 'We have just discovered a new large mammal in South America, and it's already endangered'. Just like the glaciers - even MORE ice that's going to melt. Hang on a second.....

I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist (although the Cubans did introduce the idea of 'political correctness' into US colleges to undermine Western democracy...), but environmental organisations have a vested interest in keeping you thinking the world is about to end. Otherwise they go bust. And of course, your doctor doesn't really want you to think you are healthy.

Some interesting reading on the subject:

'The Skeptical Environmentatist' - Bjorn Lomborg

'Limits to Growth' - by Meadowsx2. They keep reissuing and changing the date when the oil runs out, but it hasn't yet!

'Innumeracy' - John Allen Paulos

'Damned Lies and Statistics' - Joel Best. Good for countering people who say they know all the 'facts'.

Maddy: TV torture for the ADD generation


Spelling frenzy

What makes me angry most of all is not the media frenzy, the manipulation of the media and by the media, or the sheer inanity and meaninglessness of it all, but how most of the comments here have rather poor sentence construction and spelling. Am I focusing on the wrong thing?

Left-handeders finally unlock the closet, researchers find


Load of rubbish

This research is flawed. I'm right-handed, and usually wave with my left hand. Why? Because my left hand is the one that isn't holding anything. I usually have stuff in my right hand, because I'm right-handed!

If I wasn't holding anything in my right hand, I think I'd probably still wave with my left hand. How can the researchers tell anything from that?

Endemol in 'win a kidney' TV show rumpus


AJ - How many reasons do you want?

Like Mark, I am very glad people with AJ's opinions aren't running the country. We'll leave out religious considerations, even though they shouldn't be summarily dismissed - the majority of people throughout history and even today subscribe to some form of religious belief, and they're not all primitive or thickos. With or without a religious background, there are plenty of good ethical reasons why the individual should have rights over their body and what happens to it, either before death or after it - read a book about it! Or alternatively, watch that great 70s film 'Coma' to see how things can go wrong....


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