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Be your own Big Brother: Monitoring your manor, the easy way


I've used IP cameras for quite a few years now and look forward to the day when there are some standards and they can be expected to work well after configuration by the average homeowner. The use of dynamic IP addresses (as most homes receive) is problematic for many cameras. There are ways around this but they vary by camera and router and ISP, so a royal PITA.

None of these last very long - remember they are on 24/7. Figure one-year lifespan. I've used D-Link, TrendNet, Panasonic, Y-Cam, Edimax... all have differing configs and even nomenclature (so you spend time trying to determine what they mean). The most recent wired-only Edimax cameras with a smartphone app work reasonably well and at a price (£35). I recommend forgetting wifi cameras for any really remote use. They will fall off the network regularly. So best to connect via Ethernet and/or plug the camera into a mechanical timer so it reboots once a day.

And finally, I've yet to find a camera that allows motion detection to be set up on anything other than Windows and IE.

BUSTED! Secret app on millions of phones logs key taps


And who is paying for these data transmissions?

Vodafone to introduce out-of-bundle data charges


So long Vodafone

I left VF after seven years when they jacked the minimum US/Canada data roaming charge up to £15 A DAY. DURING the term of my contract. What kind of contract binds one party and not the other?

It seems they are trying to claw back lost profits in the EU (from charging caps) by screwing their loyal customers wherever the law doesn't reach.

See ya!


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