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Decision time for AI: Sometimes accuracy is not your friend


Re: This article is full of statistical analysis, but it is not about AI

The question you tend to ask, but can’t answer

might be inverted into a question that sounds

a bit weird, but it turns out you can answer.

Isnt that "thinking"?

Hack uses Google Street View data to stalk its victims


my experience

bias warning: I am developing and testing exooc.com

Actual Comment: new HTML5 geolocation can get your location pretty close even without GPS I saw 36m precision quite common.... of course browser asks you if you want to allow it but... there are cases/places with proxy where somebody else clicked to share this information with specific web server-> therefore coz u r using same public IP your address could be already known to same web server without you knowing.

anyhow if you wish to check how precise your location might be known to others go to exooc.com

Vodafone upsets customers with upgrade downgrade


they resist inevitable... turning into just another ISP

they resist by trying to sell u content... and they fail each time they think they know whats good 4 U.

iPhone thief nabbed by GPS, cops say

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GFI wraps its hands around Sunbelt



Well good luck GFI .


Microsoft's .NET at ten: big hits, strange misses


tell this to customers

who can not understand why they need version 2 when they have 3.5 :)

IMHO M$ would do better if they install all previous version of .net with every new version.

And make it part of OS updates- transparent to user (with of curse manual delivery option)

Google: Flash stays on YouTube, and here's why

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Nice article.... what we should remember is how flash overrulled MS media plugin ... when all videos have been using MS media plugin or realplayer.... both tried to be too smart.. cached video as it wanted playing with uncontrolled pausing... or even worse some videos didnt start playing before it got it all... and here came flash which made it easy.... play instantly if you pause it it will cache it and u see how far it was downloaded.... simple fast and in less than 6-7 month it took over of most video content on internet.... devil is in details... dont play too wise with new videotag of html 5 pls

Google Latitude not dead despite Buzz

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Iam realtime tracked 24/7 for 5 month already.

Sharing your location can have some unseen benefits & problems which u can discover only when you try it... With this idea in mind I created service similar to latitude.. and I am testing it on myself first...iam just displaying/streaming realtime where I am at exooc.com/live.html Iam passing it to my friends as I need and real life is dictating whats needed as next feature... so far i had fun with it... for example when I thought friends wouldnt call me when they see me driving car... i was wrong.. they dont care.. they will call anyway... as its SEP(sombody's else problem) for them :)

Anyhow with W3C draft made on 10th feb.2010 and support in Chrome 5 beta firefox etc..(Android phones and Iphone..) for geolocation ... we surely will see some new creative ways how to use spatialy aware data.

do you want to test if your browser can disclose your position ? test at following page i created yday:



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