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Get whimsical and win a Western Digital Black 6TB hard drive


Wtf, I'm going down for 10 years for sharing gorillas in the mist on bit torrent ?

IT jargon is absolutely REAMED with sexual double-entendres


Re: No keyboard present, press F1 to continue

It's not funny, I see this a few times a month with embedded print controllers that have touch screens. I have a bag of cmos batteries and a tiny keyboard in the car to 'fix' it. :/

Still it pays the wages :)

Lettuce in SPAAACE: Captive ISS 'nauts insist orbital veg is 'awesome'


It's lettuce Jim, but not as we know it.

Doesn't taste that good Bones.

Damn it Jim. I'm an doctor not a botanist.

We tried using Windows 10 for real work and ... oh, the horror


Nice timing

After upgrading everything possible to win 8 from mostly xp and almost finished migrating to server 2012 the gits throw windows 10 into the mix.

No I can't move to penguin land unfortunately :/ (our service management and support systems run on Centos vm's but anything the boss needs to see is flipping windows).

Good article though but I may wait until 10.1 before the 'free' upgrade :)

Welsh police force fined £160,000 after losing sensitive video interview


2 copies

There should be 2 copies made during the interview, one for the prossecution and one for the defence. Did they manage to lose both of them ?

Not so much 2 copies but 2 originals just to get that straight.

Nissan CEO: Get ready, our auto-wagons will be ready by 2020


Staying awake

I must be the only person that finds it hard to stay awake when I'm a passenger in a car. Actually driving the thing takes a lot more concentration and effort compared to sitting there and watching the scenery go past.

I would rather have full control to keep me awake than struggle to stay awake for hours on end as a passenger and be expected to take control without notice to avoid a collision etc. Not for me until it is responsible for is own no claim bonus and can drive me home from the pub etc.

I have to admit though the Honda collision mitigation system is quite impressive, I had to try really hard to hit the cardboard boxes in the car park. Took 4 goes and a lot of throttle to eventually hit them lol.

Look out, law abiding folk: UK’s Counter-Extremism Bill slithers into view


fixed it for you

'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'

I would like proportional representation instead of first past the post. Nuts now I'm a terrorist for my extreimist views along with most of the smaller political parties etc

Don't look now: Fujitsu ships new mobe with EYEBALL-scanning security



Will prevent me accessing the work phone when I have 'finished work' and round the pub chilling out !

Home routers co-opted into self-sustaining DDoS botnet


BT with the stickers

I would like to know how BT, Plusnet and others that supply handy credit sized cards, stickers or in the case of BT a plastic thingy that you can pull out of the wifi router would respond to this ?

Do I really need to tell my customers, family etc to throw all those handy reminders away and change the passwords? I don't know anyone that has changed then from default because the cards etc are Just there and (the assumption is that they are unique) easy to access.

What happens if the isp 'looses' the details ? They will have a record of them or maybe the company that prints the stickers will etc.

Microsoft cuts Facebook Messenger, Google Talk from Outlook.com


All poo

Hangouts, try not accidentally hitting the video call button ! You can't disable it either.

Facebook now own Whats App, was really good but another ad agency spying on what should be private communications.

Skype, Ms just following the pack and will eventually lock you in somehow.

Alternatives that work across platform and are easy to install ? I am all ears.

Flash dead end is deferred by TLC and 3D


made of money

'BY using this technology Intel anticipates a 10TB SSD coming in late 2016 early 2017.'

Nice if you can afford it, at the current rates it would cost around £3500 for 10 TB of SSD and that's consumer level stuff.

You can get 16TB of spinning rust for about £350 and spend the change on a nice controller and SSD or RAM cache.

Chrome trumps all comers in reported vulnerabilities


Foxy pdf

Foxit pdf is fine and in some ways better than Adobe Reader but please please please don't blame your printing issues on the printer until you have tried it with the Adobe version :/

Don't know why but I get several calls a month relating to missing lines, missing images or long print times with the foxy version.

If anyone can provide a fox sorry fix I am all ears. .. like a fox or something.

Thinking of following Facebook and going DIY? Think again


Re: Mine's the one with Trevor's boot print on it...

I intentionally use 128GB SSD for my users computers, it's the easiest way to ensure that they keep their files on the server and not their bloody pc !

I can swap a pc or just tell them to log on to another one if they keep their files in the correct location ffs.

Tesco broadband goes TITSUP, world keeps turning on wobbly-wheeled trolley


75000 subscribers

In the grand scheme of things 75000 subscribes is very small, still I wouldn't mind them being transferred to a BT wholesale account. .. hold on I'm just filling in the paperwork. ..should be an isp in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Shitty reseller ISP with one member of support staff is GO !

On a more serious note. If you make £1 profit per subscriber a month that's serious wonga !

Labour manifesto: Tech Bacc, not-spot zapping and hi-speed interwebs


I remember copying code into Blitz Basic on the Amiga 500, it took my uncle to point out that the REM parts were just notes to explain what the code was doing (I was 8 give me a break). He gave me some of his old programming books and they were much better than Amiga Format for actually learning what you were typing.

These days of unlimited Internet, mobiles and tablets make consumption too easy and programming looks like it has an almost vertical learning curve. Take video streaming away for a week and see what happens?

They need to point kids that are interested to places like code academy etc even if they just learn the basics of html they may move on to php and mysql, then they realise they can do some awesome (for geeks ) stuff in a few hours that works on all their devices.

You don't need a masters to write code !

You’ll be the coolest guy in IT if you ain't got your ID


Re: Seperation alert tags

I have one on my USB stick.... it's my car keys ;)


Re: That's why you get to know the security people

I remember my first day on guard duty when attached to the Grenadier Guards. I didn't recognise the RSM on his motorbike and asked him to remove his helmet and produce his ID card. To be fair he was really nice about it and the guard sergeant made me a coffee because 'you got balls of steel mate'.

I don't understand why people refuse to show ID, the security guards are just doing their job. It's like a computer thinking ahhh nuts to it I don't need the password, you entered the right username and I can't be arsed checking. ..

It's not you, it's EE ... again! Mobe network hit by 'PDP authentication failure' snafu


Not that bad

Work phone is on EE and apart from the patchy coverage along some parts of the M4 I don't have any issues. The fact that I can add extra data in a few seconds is much better than the previous contact with Orange, though accounts don't like the extra on the bill I don't have to pay and claim it back :p

There are some areas without coverage but my personal mobile on O2 rarely gets a better signal.

What a time to be alive ... hard and floppy disk drives play Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit

Paris Hilton

Paris has a headache.

Sounds better than me trying to sing it on karaoke round the pub !

FAA approves Amazon US drone flight just months after firm gave up and went to Canada


Re: And now - the rest of the story

Next up the Goodyear sorry Amazon balloon as a mobile depot that launches the drones with a few operators on board. From that height line of sight is plausible even if the drone is a tiny speck in the distance.

Or maybe not....

Microsoft uses Windows Update to force Windows 10 ads onto older PCs


Re: Really?

The 'upgrade' to Yosemite borked the print system for one on my customers using Vectorworks :/ Their IT deny responsibility and it took the install of another copier for a week to prove it wasn't the bloody machine that was at fault. Ducking Apple Grrrrr !

Toyota Yaris Hybrid: Half-pint composite for the urban jungle


How much !

That seems a little steep for a tiny car !

I just got upgraded to a 1.6 diesel civic 2015 model and it's not much slower than my previous 2006 2.2 diesel civic (or the frv with the same 2.2 engine). It sure as hell feels quicker off the mark but a little less enthusiastic around the speed limit. The biggest improvement is getting it under the 95 / mile c02, saves a whack on tax and the purchase price was less than the yaris.

Chelsea Manning sets up low-tech Twitter account from prison


Still a person

Sexual or racial orientation should not matter. Chelsea is a human being and 35 years for essentially telling the truth is ridiculous !

Forum chat is like Clarkson punching you repeatedly in the face


Sticks and stones

The whole country is going soft. Man the fuck up.

I should add that if you would prefer to woman up I'm also fine with that OBVIOUSLY.


Any opinion you may think I have is just your interpretation of my views. You are probably wrong and I will not be held responsible for your incorrect conclusions. If you don't like it punch yourself in the face or just ignore me.

Nvidia tears wraps off GeForce Titan X (again) and $10,000 GPU brain for DIY self-driving cars



Has AMD / ATI got anything that compares to this ?

The integrated AMD APU are awesome for general Win 8 ui compared to their Intel counterparts (price point) I'm just hoping they haven't dropped the ball with the high end stuff.

Would be nice to see some numbers even if they are totally out of the game and going the way of Cyrix.

BBC gives naked computers to kids (hmm, code for something?)


Re: Great idea and all that...

My daughter gets on well with her IT teacher but is 13 so will probably miss out. I have asked her to have a word and get any extra devices that may end up as coasters etc. Fingers crossed we can get one or more to actually use constructively!

Microsoft announces Windows 10 and Azure for humanity's implacable IoT foes


Macros not changed

Aka we haven't improved anything just screwed around with the ui..... again.

Ofcom: We're going to shake up the digi comms market


While they are at it why not force sky to give their broadband customers the username and password so they can dump the POS router that sky supply and replace it with something half decent !

NASA 'nauts complete another EPIC SPACEWALK to route cables around ISS


Would it not be easier to run some cat 6 stp through the door once it has docked ? Or maybe have the connector designed into the docking mechanism. Not sure if wi fi would work up there but if anyone could explain why not I would be very interested ! ( shielding from interference I expect).

Not my field. .... I spent a few hours today contemplating how soft close copier doors work with springs and pistons, awesome !

Elon Musk: Hover rocket? Check. Hover ship? Check. Let's DO THIS


Soft land test

Probably won't work but....

Instead of landing on a hard surface perhaps a heat proof fabric attached to floating pontoons would be a bit easier on the craft if it went a bit wonky like last time ? Even a huge net would make for an easier landing Until the tech is perfected.

Microsoft: Flunked our test? Fear not, techies...


I see these certifications as Windows dressing next to experience. Don't get me wrong I have a few from MS but they are not asure important as certifications from the likes of HP, Ricoh, Canon OCE, Nuance etc. It may be due to the market I work in but these companies won't even speak with you unless you have the ticks in the boxes for the specific devices you may have an issue with. It's not ideal but most of the training and exams are free, the good ones are a few hundred quid for the training and the best ones involve a week in Italy or Amsterdam.... Awesome compared to a PV test centre.

Increased gov spy powers are NOT the way to stay safe against terrorism


Re: What to do?

I'm just over half your age and in the same boat. Its changed for the worst in the last 10 years ( from my perspective) I'm worried myself but terrified for my kids !

REGARD our TINY but POWERFUL LASER, suitable for very SMALL sharks


lasers schmasers

I thought I was good with a soldering iron until I seen the pic!

I don't think you're ready for this Jelly: Google pulls support for Android WebView


Awesome timing

Maybe MS should spread this around a bit with twatter or something after Google's latest 90 day Windows 8 exploit shenanigans?

IBM: Hey, Intel and pals. Look on our massive patent pile and despair


Real world value.

Is it just me or are these patents just going to be used to protect their own arses from the competition ? I have a great idea every 7 seconds on average, I have no doubt that some are original but I really don't think I could enforce royalties every time a couple tries reverse doggy banana splash hoopla. I would explain but it's (not) currently under review by the patient office.

Also... If anyone has any prior art I need a pic or it didn't happen.

DAMN YOU! Microsoft blasts Google over zero-day blabgasm


Fire with fire

I'm sure that MS can find some equally exploitable code In one of Google's applications, maybe even Android ?

Just to be bastards about it they should implement a 60 day policy for fixes after reported. Draw the line at providing proof of concept code but demonstrate the flaws.

Would be good if Google responded with a 30 day ultimatum :p

WE WIN... ?

It's 4K-ing big right now, but it's NOT going to save TV


Old Bravia

I'm still using a 7+ year old 42 inch Sony Bravia that spent the first three years of its life on for 12 hours a day mounted on my mother's pub wall. I think it cost her £700... I had it for nothing when she had enough of the drunks. Of the two 46 inch LG models (£1000 each) that she kept one has been used for spares to keep the other running. I think I will buy a Sony when mine eventually dies.

Don't even mention plasma tv's... They should come with replacement power supplies when you buy one.

Ex-Microsoft Bug Bounty dev forced to decrypt laptop for Paris airport official


wrong checks

This happened to me when leaving Canada in 2003.

I had to power up the laptop and log onto it. To be honest I was a bit miffed at having to go through security at all as it was an RAF flight to the UK with a lot of squaddies on board. We all had our SA80's in our possession and they didn't go through the xray machine or check for loaded rounds. They did however confiscate numerous plastic sporks, multi tools random items including a rabbit skin and a pair of pliers.


I should add that we got all the stuff back when we landed, they even wrapped the sporks up and had a printed label with our names on ha ha.

Post-Microsoft, post-PC programming: The portable REVOLUTION


Editing code

Any device you can get your hands on to do a quick emergency edit is fine with me, no idea how I would do it on an iPad but if that's the way you roll....

As previous posters have pointed out, some of us prefer desktops with multiple large monitors. I can do my simple edits from any laptop, pc or Android phone but for serious work my £300 pc will wipe the floor with laptops that cost thousands of pounds (not tried Crysis on it though :)

Microsoft promises open plan mobile Office. Who sits by the Windows?


Re: Macros

You can disable macros with group policy but you will have to put up with staff moaning that some documents don't work etc. Royal pain in the arse when there are probably easier ways to produce the same result without using macros at all but just try telling that to a supplier that insists on using them for excel spreadsheet order forms grrrr.

Can you really run your business on a smartphone?


Just works

Or only just works?

I can do the majority of work from my mobile, exchange sync for email calendar and contacts etc. Works really well with a bluetooth headset so I can talk to customers, suppliers or engineers while I'm under a desk or getting dirty fixing a copier etc.

The problem comes when you need to view some complex information related to a call you are on or need to make. Eg you can't remember a 10 digit serial number, customer name, phone number etc to log a service call with a support provider. My solution is to have printouts in my 'manbag' (that I absolutely hate btw), laptop case or toolbox. It's a right pain in the arse keeping it all up to date, searching through it etc. What takes 30 seconds in front of a proper pc and phone sometime takes 10 minutes when out of the office or gets left for several hours until I can get back in front of a pc.

Ok if you can't avoid it or palm off work to other staff but a pain in the backside compared to a proper pc*.

* I say PC but you can probably do it with a mac if you want to look swish.

Microsoft, Dropbox execs go public with their Office hookup


All good

As long as you don't mind the mighty US of A Having access to all your files.

Pitchforks at dawn! UK gov's Verify ID service fail to verify ID


No need

Why should I check my credit rating ? Never had a problem getting a credit card, loan or recently a mortgage.

My bank asked for my birth certificate some 20 years ago to open an account. Passport and chip and pin for a large transfer to the mortgage provider, fair enough.

Gov gateway for tax and self assessment etc, no problem. Why the hell do they need to use Experian to confirm your id ? Experian are like lawyers, ppi cold calls and ambulance chasers. Fuck off until I come to you, don't push your crap on us !

Tales of infiltration from Fight Club man Chuck Palahniuk, Peter Carey and Anonymous


Pleasure nanobots

I could use some of those, must have a fail safe radius so they only work when im in the room though !

Sign off my IT project or I’ll PHONE your MUM


Small company similar issue

I thought I had written a rather good call logging system to use for our service department. I thought I would know the most important information that should be logged so that I could assign the correct engineers to deal with the customers faults. I though the MD would be happy that I saved us over 6K plus ongoing costs by not purchasing an off the shelf system. I thought I ran the department ?

Engineers have been using it for several weeks, just for addresses to start with now they can close calls with a customer signature on their phones...... so whats wrong with it ? Turns out that I hadn't argued enough for the budget and he would have signed it off if I had kept pestering him grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Ever have that feeling that using initiative is sometimes not worth the effort ? He doesn't even have to use the bloody thing but apparently it's not pretty enough ffs

Awesome article, Yours are some of the best that I read on the reg.

Carry On Cosmonaut: Willful Child is a poor taste Star Trek parody

Paris Hilton

Re: Picard?

The only time I can remember Picard getting a bit frisky was with the unfortunately named Vash ? If anything she took the lead role and Picard was really not interested.

Anyway I'm off the pool with my trusty Horgon, would love Vash to turn up as long as Q is busy elsewhere.

'Kim Kardashian snaps naked selfies with a BLACKBERRY'. *Twitterati gasps*


Think of the mrs

I'm sure my mrs would love to see some pics of that kardash woman's other half, is she still clinging on to an f1 driver ? Please link if you find any :p

Oh God the RUBBER on my SHAFT has gone wrong and is STICKING to things

Paris Hilton

Sticky shaft.

Why can't they make paper pick up rollers out of the same stuff they just go shiny and slippery grrrr.

Back to your 'shaft' problem. ... talc will help as previously posted or you could try fine glitter in your favourite colour and leave a pretty trail of fairy dust in your wake as you fiddle with your shiny tool. Heat shrink is the best option though.

Good luck with your sticky issue.

OECD lashes out at tax avoiding globocorps' location-flipping antics


About bloody time. ........ if it actually happens.

Starship Troopers beat Aliens, Robots AND Chuck Norris to WIN in a FIGHT


Selene vs Walker Texas Ranger, I really want to get that image out of my head now !

Otherwise good work on a most difficult question :)