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Google killed desktop Drive and replaced it with two apps. Now it’s killing those, and Drive for desktop is returning


how do you talk to google???

you can try, but.....

This always-on culture we're in is awful. How do we stop it? Oh, sorry, hold on – just had another notification


Re: Not office hours? No contact

TL;DR the replies, but if you use whats app or similar that grabs 'net access any way it can, there are a few good 'no root' firewalls that will make it think you phone is 'off' :D

Firefox 89: Can this redesign stem browser's decline?


Re: Stats

the pint is, MOST people don't have much of a clue, they just want to get away from the MesS..... :/

Safari??? it is always there, its part of apple .. Its NOT the browser that 'makes it good' but the apple OS that does..

Firefox is not 'that' visible, Mozilla needs to 'step up' its profile!!

Another problem is that it takes a ****lot*** of work to make the latest FF easily workable, as the OLD version was...

HAVE A LOOK for pale moon, if you prefer the old style FF without webext.. :) and they have all the OLD plugins on their website!!

Intel finds a couple more 11th-gen Core chips, one hits 5.0GHz in laptops


Re: Intel are idiots expecting rich people!!

Hey its great to get such speed, B U T... it is also great to buy a sports car that can go 200 MPH.

You see the problem?? not that much money about, not enough places that will allow high speeds, not enough roads that are smooth, and long enough,

need new expensive, PC (home build) with 'everything' to get that speed... would you pay £5000 for that, and 4Gb/s net on top??

Beyond video to interactive, personalised content: BBC is experimenting with rebuilding its iPlayer in WebAssembly


Re: This is all rather confusing

'web Assembly' ??? this is used by Edge (MS) _ they may have some new staff giving them Ideas...

If BBC is short of money it **could** sell the 'bank space' on channel 7 (was BBC 3 terrestrial)

PCs continue to sell like hot cakes and industry can barely keep up with demand – analyst


kaby lake, ivy lake, its a bit like arguing that 'stick shift' is better than 'automatic' !!!



Only idiots think a tablet will do everything!! try using gmail ** the same way** you use it in windows.. filters, forwarding, etc..google's fault or not??

And most pc users cannot even find or know about anything other than FB etc... :O

The apple ipad is bad enough, just to clear ALL the tabs opened, it takes about 6 or 7 steps (this was on a friends **ancient** one! tvguide co uk tries to load app, but it fails- too old OS!!)

What's that, Lassie? Dogs show signs of self-awareness according to peer-reviewed academic study?


all this bigotry is due to the ability to communicate in complex ways... I am sure some dogs can be argumentative if another is abusive!


Re: my Dog

:D :D like some humans then!!! LOL


The term 'self-aware' is very misused by psychologists who think it means something far more complex.. A bit like a many astrophysicists who say 'space' and mean 'spacetime'..

NORMAL people know it just means 'you know who you are' Just remember that most animals DO NOT think like humans - have a look at the tv prog 'dog whisperer'

The only similarity is with a 6 to 10 month old baby, that most people understand.

You must have seen dogs and cat that are able to open a door, realize how a 'handle' works and read your 'body language like a book!

It would be great if humans had their great sense of smell, you could tell of your GF was coming down the road yards way!! :)

Facebook bans sharing of news in Australia – starting now – rather than submit to pay-for-news-plan


Re: What is the Fuss ?

BUT do they **know** how to do that???

UK watchdog fines two firms £270k for cold-calling 531,000 people who had opted out


Re: Lots getting away with it

I have had calls from 00000000 and 123456789 !! :O

The only solution for the customer is to buy a 'call barring' -phone.. Panasonic does a very nice DECT phone with lots of fancy features.. If the caller is not in your number list, it does not ring (you can set the hours this operates), so goes to voicemail.. you can then 'bar' the number, so they will always get an 'engaged' tone..

Windows' cloudy future: That Chrome OS advantage is Google's to lose


Re: Contributing? EU bad?? LOLOL

and here we are, out of EU, and they are still behaving badly, proving it was all their fault!! LOL


Re: and...

I was working for a large charity, that decided to use Chromebook, but it was *totally* locked down.. not even a screen saver!!! :O

do tell the standard Chromebook is better than that... :P

How do we combat mass global misinformation? How about making the internet a little harder to use


Re: Trust nothing, check your data, use various sources.

As I said above.. https://www.google.com/advanced_search will show you how to add 'parameters' to your search, to get a good result..

Think,(NO, seriously!!!!) when you get your first car, do you just jump in, and start pressing stuff, hoping thing happen?? crash a lot, break a lot, your arm, feet, someones fence....

I am sure you know what you have to do FIRST!!! :) :)

and then many do not seem to have heard of ECDL....



Re: That's the sort of thing

Wikipedia is NOT that trusted, due to many people having 'too much access' to its content... many people online just refuse results from it..

So I google a lot, and find a **proper website** that has the facts I am looking for.. :)

brush up on your searching skills, and DO NOT just put random stuff in!!

NHS and BBC links should be better!! :)

start here, and you will see the 'advanced' way to use google!


Smartphones are becoming like white goods, says analyst, with users only upgrading when their handsets break


Re: I with

soooo damn right!! why spend MORE money on a phone that has *minimal* extra features, and then the confusing changing of all the ways to use it!!


Re: Not a lot of new features?

My samsung smart TV has an app for android that will make you phone into a 'TV remote' :) NO IR needed...


Re: They all look the same these days....

how to enable 'zoom in' in Android Firefox beta..

select 'desktop site'.. :) :)

Fedora's Chromium maintainer suggests switching to Firefox as Google yanks features in favour of Chrome


LOL, and then they complain that it will not do some web pages they want to load... EG THIS website!! :) :P

but then if they use Dillo or Lynx, they most likely don't bother...


well only 5% of the population has no clue anyway...


you may have missed that 'chromium' is only on Fedora repository, or you have to compile it yourself...


If you are using Ytube on android browser it has problems, yes... that is why you use 'vanced' or similar app for it.. :)

unless you use Fedora... :O :O


Re: Good riddance

er, 'Chromium' is the tech *behind* chrome, AFAICS..

Search 'Chromium' gives you a page asking 'Chrome browser' or 'chrome OS'..

or is Fedora trying **another* * way to call a 'chrome-like' browser??

yet more confusion..


Re: Chromium is doomed.

or just use Basilisk... see my last post..:P


Re: "blocks

Ok tested on my galaxy s8 (OS 7), firefox beta (85.0.0.-beta6) - better reviews on gplay..

set to 'desktop mode'

logged into my gmail account.

went to youtube

checked notifications... all there... :)

I forget, but I think I did switch OFF 'open links', ext DL manager' ,etc... no adblock, but I dont visit many sites..

I use 'opera beta' for most of my browsing, it has its own adblock.

I look in 'wonder' at people happy to use a 2 inch by 5 inch display, for their internet use, when I normally have 10 to 15 pages open on a 32 inch screen, with a proper keyboard and mouse...


using Android?? maybe THAT is the problem?? Or a bad def in Ublock?? ON MY PC, I use FF ESR 84.0.2 with 'adblockultimate.net' and have NO problems with ytube notifications et al..


Re: "blocks

Some confusion?? AFAIK.. (PLEASE correct me!! :) ) 'chrome' is the 'layout engine' in all FF-based browsers ?? Look inside, you will see a 'chrome' folder..

Also, is 'chromium' a new browser, or is just another name for the 'chrome' browser??


Re: "blocks

the recent FF (ESR 84.0.2) does not seem to have problems with Captcha..


Re: "blocks

have a try with these... all regularly updated, BTW.. :) I dunno, but you can ask on their brilliant forums! :)

https://www.palemoon.org/info.shtml - its very like the 'old' FF, with its own addons page

if you want something with the GOOD parts of the old FF, plus a nicer type of the new, try


An Open Source XUL-based web browser, featuring the well-known Firefox-style interface and operation. It is based on the Goanna layout and rendering engine (a fork of Gecko) and builds on the Unified XUL Platform (UXP), which in turn is a fork of the Mozilla code base without Servo or Rust.

You can drive a car with your feet, you can operate a sewing machine with your feet. Same goes for computers obviously


head the old one about 'polish your balls' :D :D

150,000 lost UK police records looking more like 400,000 as Home Office continues to blame 'human error'


I did note to my network admin (a couple of years ago, using win 7) that it was a bit unnerving that the rightclick 'delete' was perilously close to the 'rename' and 'create shortcut' function... don't worry that what the bin is for... a big problem is, if it is on a network share, it **does not** go to the bin, but disappears..

Surprising everyone, spending watchdog says the UK's 2025 deadline for nationwide gigabit broadband is 'unreachable'


Re: Gigabit Broadband

The problem with BT fibre back then is that they used a **totally** different spec...

A whole housing estate was wired with optic fibre, and when people moved in, it was found to be 'wrong' so it all had to be pulled out and replaced with cable!!

**tech guys, if YOU know why, do explain..

next point is, due to stupid 'standing line charges' on landline phones, *everyone* is starting to DUMP them for 'pay as you go' mobiles...


Re: Gigabit Broadband

It all depends how much bandwidth is **needed**..


most feeds are 'multiplexed' , and many websites only use one of these.. have a look at the speed check to see !!


yeah, they have put all the cables in place without checking if any one really wants it or can pay for it...

It is like big housing projects..

"I am paid to build something, it is someone else's problem to sell it.."


how many rich people??

yup, how much are they planning to charge, once they get it going??? VM is almost £100 a month....

Openreach??? LOLOLOL you want it when???? LOLOLOL problems with your new BB?? dont worry it will only take 2 weeks....

VM is a lot faster!

How to avoid pesky border controls: Be a robot truck driver… or insanely rich


Re: You're not the only one...

Nope, that that face says 'heck when are we getting out of this cold, and home to a nice warm cuppa tea and cake????'


Re: Thermodynamic Pedantry Alert

It was the toyah vid that helped???


totally distracted Toyah Fan... :O

wow Dabsie, you a Toyah fan??? she looks amazing for 64!!! go ytube to see links for her concert in may 2021 !!!

and that's her hubby there, being careful not to be 'poked' :P :) :)

Boffins store text message inside E. coli bacteria using electromagnetic signal – and you'll never guess what it says


Re: Not what I'd write...

HHGTG Fans??? be careful, "hello world!" may mean something awfully rude in another language and encoding!! :) :)

And now for something completely different: A lightweight, fast browser that won't slurp your data


Re: Firefix about:config

android is a totally different thing.. no windows pc??

using android FF beta, all other reviews are bad. this one does do config..


Re: RE DrXym :)

HMMM, since when does 'executable' mean 'files in folder' ??? >:(

"hey girls, mine is 18 inches!!! :D (off the ground..)


Re: Not Free

or should you have said 'No freedom' ??


Re: Indefensible

Lomax, By javascript, are you talking about something else, that is not controlled by this add on??



many others, depending on ease of use..

The following websites work ok, except some have limited functionality and look similar to that displayed on an Android phone..








If you do not use windows much except for internet, well ok, but I found months ago it tends to over take many things unless it is *heavily* moderated at a server level -

Its like Marmite, taste it once and hate it, never go back even if they promise to have changed it...


FF stable?? a number would help... I am using 78.6.0esr , about:config is easily available..

If you mean one that does not update *every* day and night, that's what ESR is for..


Re: Firefox chasing it's tail

If you want to use the old type of extension/addon, try these..

"Pale Moon is based on a derivative of the Gecko rendering engine (Goanna) and builds on a hard fork of the Mozilla code (mozilla-central) called UXP, a XUL-focused platform that provides the underpinnings of several XUL applications including Pale Moon. This means that the core rendering functions for Pale Moon and Firefox (and rebuilds) will be a relatively close match and that functionality in the Gecko core code"


"Basilisk is a free and Open Source XUL-based web browser, featuring the well-known Firefox-style interface and operation. It is based on the Goanna layout and rendering engine (a fork of Gecko) and builds on the Unified XUL Platform (UXP), which in turn is a fork of the Mozilla code base without Servo or Rust."

-- this means it has the good parts of the new mozilla , but not the bad..



Re: Not Free

PLEASE CLARIFY "not free" ... you certainly do not mean "you have to pay money for it" !!

It has been TEN years or more, and my expenditure on browsers and things to do with them = ZERO.


Re: No JS??

erm, BBC website, if you switch off JS you basically get the 'mobile website', with no instagram or other 'inserts' available..


Re: RE DrXym :)

"The Flow executable weighed in at just under 34MB" what?? FF 78 executable is 567K !! BUT it is all the plugins, DLLs, APIs, and other stuff that really eats up the ram!

another consideration is whether it will run on a 32 inch, 1920 x 1200 display or larger??



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