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Quantum is shutting down sync'n'share biz Symform in July



The customers' ability to restore their data from the cloud during the last months of June and July is (probably) dependent upon those same customers leaving their distributed nodes up and running.

It's like banking - the whole system works, so long as the depositors keep their money in the banks. But if there is a run on the banks, and the depositors take all the money out early, the bank cannot demand back the money from creditors (e.g. people who have mortgages) over a certain term.

Personally, the moment I heard the news I shut down my Symform nodes and moved to another service.


Re: Well it was fun while it lasted...

Storj is another offering, but it seems as though it needs a little more work at the moment to be as functional as Symform.

Recovering Quantum buys Dropbox-alike cloudy biz Symform


And now it's toast...

Having bought Symform, Quantum have today announced that it's going to be shuttered and all data removed in a month.


UK gov's smart meter dream unplugged: A 'colossal waste of cash'


Seems unlikely they would be used for cut-off...

I think it very unlikely that the costs of including a 60A remote controlled switch in EVERY meter would be part of the design.

To say nothing of the possible litigation if the meter accidentally restored a previously disconnected supply, into a house where all the appliances were turned on, chip pans lefts on rings, and so on.

O2 tries to explain its new prudish nature


Just tell 'em you're moving and they lift the ban at once...

The online-verification site has an advert for an online dating site, so they obviously don't care about "protecting" the children THAT much.

In any case, I just banged off an email to O2 saying that this reduction in service level was not mentioned in my original contract, and as such I wanted to terminate my contract with immediate effect under the clause of "continued unavailability of service", and I would also be keeping the iPhone that came "free" with the 24 month contract.

My ban was lifted immediately, no credit cards or visits to the O2 shop required.

Samsung NaviBot robot cleaner


I can't believe your flat is that DIRTY!

Jesus H Christ, the little camera on the poor little machine probably took one look at the mess and tried to drive all the way home to the Samsung factory. "Is that a dustball, or a cat?"

When you gave the cleaning robot back after testing, did Samsung have to bury it as high level waste?

You don't need a Samsung cleaning robot, you need the new Husqvarna DXR 310 Robot, which has the added advantage that it can be controlled by bluetooth.