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Tor node admin raided by cops appeals for help with legal bills


Re: Clever police

The difference is the ISP will gladly tell the Police where the packet came from. Tor cannot by design do that. Hence you're left holding the bag legally until the law catches up with technology.

Symantec 'fesses up: 'Code theft worse than we thought'



Perhaps they should 'upgrade' to McAfee?

Antarctic ice breakup makes ocean absorb more CO2



like the the 'increase' in 300k sq km in the antarctic? Sounds like anti-CC except that the arctic lost 4 times that much. AND the arctic ice is generally thicker than the antarctic ice, so add another 15-20% more loss in the arctic than was gained in the antarctic.

Facts do shut down arguments, like anti-CC bullpuckey. Something the article doesn't mention is that by having more ice bergs breaking off, more water is exposed thus causing more of the suns heat to be absorbed by ocean.

This is whats known as a feedback loop. Even if the increased calving of icebergs results from higher temps and some of the excess CO2 is gobbled back up, it's already warmed up and more sea area is now contributing more heat to the environment. You stop the original small tip, but now that the big weight is rolling it's not going to stop even if you remove the original source.

NASA's Stardust set to 'burn to depletion'


Buck Rogers anyone?

I wonder why we don't fire the thing into the Sun. Guaranteed we don't encounter it again. Its not like we can 'pollute' the sun, what with it being an on going nuclear reaction and all.

New NASA model: Doubled CO2 means just 1.64°C warming


Methane is worse and not worse

Methane is significantly more effective at insulative effects, but it is only effective over a shorter time frame. CO2 stays around for ~100 years I think, methane for about ~10-20.


The real fun is the H2O, by far and away the biggest greenhouse gas. Fortunately it is static based on temperature and doesn't really change that much. We also aren't putting more of it into the air.


The problem is that H20 is the feedback loop waiting to happen. As CO2 and methane raise the temps 'somewhat', that 'somewhat' is multiplied many times over by the fact that H20 is far and away more plentiful in the atmosphere.

Germans plan to make 'synthetic natural' gas from CO2


Efficiency of free?

The article says that overcoming the 40% efficiency loss would be hard. I disagree, it's actually a very very easy prospect. Since the 'fuel' is free (just need energy to create the fuel), all that is necessary is adding infrastructure to scale up enough green generation to match average demand. Peaks are met with storage.

That's a far cry easier than trying to find, process and refine ever increasing amounts of fuel.


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