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French newspaper gets e-edition

Laurent Zayani

Iliad ? Also Star-eReader, much better choice

Well, the iRex from Iliad is a marvel of techno, large A4 format, you can write on the whole surface, take memos, possibly even open MS Excel and Word documents.

It also takes a bit more than one minute to startup, crash on you with hardly a foreword and will make quite a dent in your geek budget...

Also on offer by "Les Echos", but hardly spoken off, is the Star-eBook .

Much more modest, you cannot write on it, except for a tiny patch at the bottom, palm style.

Also it runs a flavour of Linux, starts quite fast and is deemed stable.

Read text, shows jpegs, possibly pdfs in the near future.

the software to create ".stk" files has seen quite an upgrade and you can now prepare quite nice books with it.

Also, it runs up to a whole MONTH on one battery pack -up to 60 books, if you must trust the maker...(Iliad ? I see you redden somewhat in the corner ....is it your alleged 8 hours battery life expectancy that is bothering you ? )

a small presentation of that other option from les echos here :


Direct from the builder/maker/seller/little chinese guy with the solder patch on his clothes :


Ah, yes, just a small word to tell you that after waiting for quite some time to get a Sony Librie, oogling the Hanlin v2 and killing 2 palmVx, I am now almost ready to buy my own ebook reader. Possibly a StareBook STK-101, as it seems to be the best of the lot for the price...who would have guessed...

So, dear M. Star-eReader, you're free to send me a review ebook reader. I'm not sure to send it back, but I'll sure as hell review it 8p