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Drive suppliers hit capacity increase difficulties

Dead Vulture

Check your facts before publishing

Shingled recording being used in the marketplace currently? If you have some proof of this, Chris, then this should be the big story of the day. (Burying the lead. eh?) The impact of using Shingled recording on the user would be seen in performance tests and should not be sold without informing the user. If you have proof of Seagate or any other HDD mfgr currently producing a shingled HDD, please publish it. Stop writing about hearsay and opinion and do some old fashion reporting.

HAMR knocks perpendicular recording down a notch


Links please, Chris!

@ Pascal: The write time (=read time for HDD) would be similar to present technology. If anything, since linear densities would be higher, the read and write times would go down if the spin rates were kept the same.

Please provide links to press releases or some more information when publishing these articles, Chris. While your articles may amaze the average Register reader, some of us crave more information and would like to be directed as to where to look for it.


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