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Japanese still locked out of PlayStation Network

Carol Orlowski

2 games from a list of 5

All 75% - 95% Metacritic scored...

+30 days PS+ (or 60 days for existing members)

+Movie Weekend Rentals (TBC)

better than the 1 crappy game that Microsoft offered me after their 15-day Xmas Xbox Live outage (that people seem to have conveniently forgotten about).

Apple proposes even tinier SIMs for future iPhones, iPads

Carol Orlowski

Ever tried

Bluetoothing messages, pictures or other media?

Obviously not, as it only works to other iPhones.

I'm guessing you are one of the idiots sending videos to friends oblivious to the fact nobody can play them, without downloading Apple Quicktime, which of course comes with Apple Itunes.....

Security watchers unpick PlayStation hack

Carol Orlowski

All the main ones

according to that link. As nobody knows what those servers were, or what they contained.

Anyways, it's looking increasingly likely this was all down to a SOE disgruntled employeee, not a cyber attack.

Don’t leak WikiLeaks: The NDA from hell

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Umm, not even close

If this were true, it would mean that Britons are allowed to drive on the left in America, since American laws don't apply to them. Or Mormons could legally have polygamous marriages to 13 year old girls, whether in Utah or New York, simply by adopting Nigerien* citizenship.**

In fact, any country's laws apply only to its *jurisdiction*. Working out the boundaries of a jurisidiction (which can be limited by territory, persons, or types of acts) is very complicated and definitely a job for a real lawyer. It is not infrequent to have different countries disagree, sometimes violently, on the nuances -- particularly with regard to taxation law.


* The adjectival form of Niger, not Nigeria.

** For those who find this appealing, I point out that a) I have no idea how to actually adopt Nigerien citizenship, sorry; and b) AC's claim is false, and adopting Nigerien citizenship will not allow you to legally enage in pedophilia anywhere in the USA.

Carol Orlowski

Ye olde "but I didn't know, guv!"

It always bemuses me that people think their clever philosophical arguments will be novel and suprising to the magistrates. They seem to be unaware that the people to whom they offer these arguments *do this for a living* and have probably heard the exact same ambit twice already this month alone.

In the case of AC's argument, above, the operating words are generally "knew, or REASONABLY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN" (emphasis added.) Thanks for playing, go to gaol, do not pass Go.

( We will also point out that classified documents have their classification at the top and bottom of each page, in bold red type, for precisely this reason. Electronic versions have similar warnings so that there can be no frickin' way you don't realise you are committing a felony.)

Bradley Manning now in nicer Army prison

Carol Orlowski

That's lawyers for you ...

So he charged with treasonous aid to the enemy in war, and his lwayer has gone to a lot of trouble to have him removed from solitary and put into the general prison population. In a military prison. The lawyer, probably, is very pleased at how clever he has been to help his client in this way.

Goodbye, Bradley.

Hmm, incidentally,

"...held in solitary in his cell for 23 hours each day, had very limited access to reading material, was frequently awakened at night and compelled to strip before going to bed...."

When I was finishing my thesis, I gave myself time off for a few beers once a week, if and only if I was ahead of schedule. Other than that, this is exactly how I lived for 12 months. (Well, I wasn't *compelled* to strip before bed, but I did it anyway ...) I'm not saying that living like this is nice, but as "severe" confinement goes, it's pretty limp stuff.

Plague of US preachers falsely claim to be Navy SEALs

Carol Orlowski

Some small inacuracies,

1. Yes, GWB signed the Stolen Valor Act (SVA) into law -- but that's what he has to do, as President, to all Acts passed by Congress (unless he vetoes them, which of course is done infrequently.) The sponsoring and passage of the Bill had nothing to do with GWB. Its sponsors in fact were both Democrats (but it wasn't Democrat policy and had a rought time getting passed.)

2. Many forms of military impersonation were already illegal under US law, and had been for a century or so. The main new feature of the SVA was restriction on wearing of *decorations* (and trafficking in them, which pissed off the medal collectors.) IANAL but SVA may have little to do with this case, as Moats was falsely claiming to be a SEAL veteran, not falsely claiming to have been awarded a decoration for valor.

3. Yes, SVA has recently been ruled unconstitutional, twice, but this was done by inferior courts. Again, IANAL but the prevailing legal opinion seems to be that these rulings are wrong in law, that they are harmful rulings that must be appealed (because they dangerously over-broaden First Amendment protections); and the rulings will certainly be overturned if they are appealed.

Bin Laden corpse pics will be malware, says FBI

Carol Orlowski
Black Helicopters

Umm, yeah, he really is dead ...

and was shot recently in Pakistan, not died of illness in 2001. It's been confirmed by an AQ "press release", and by one of his wives who was present in the safe house at the time.

But no doubt the fraternity of the barking mad will come up with some elaborate explanation as to why AQ would want to support Obama's conspiracy ...

Facebook caught exposing millions of user credentials

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Big Brother

Sign up to my service or I'll joe-job you?

There are 3 reasons why this fails to convince me:

a) it is not special to FB. By this argument, I could be forced to sign up to every service in the world immediately it comes on line;

b) Actually, it is particularly weak for FB. If I don't have a FB account, there is a pretty good chance that my friends know that I have made a definite decision not to get one (and perhaps are even tired of hearing my rants about it), and so will realise instantly that it is a joe-job; and

c) since I have never agreed to anything with FB, their user policies are irrelevent to me. When I advise them that are libelling me, their only safe response is the same as any other content distributor: remove the content "expeditiously" and replace it with a retraction and apology. If they do not, I will nail them to the wall, and their lawyers will advise them that my chances of winning are around 97%.

Additionally, in some jurisdictions, using an electronic forum for joe-jobbing may fall under new "cyber-bullying" laws, particularly if sexual insinuations are made. In that case, it's not just libel (a civil offence), it's a criminal offence, and FB is going to help the police find the offender. Possibly the offender may be smart enought o hide his tracks, but so the cops seem to have a pretty high success rate finding them.

Natty Narwahl: Ubuntu marine mammal not fully evolved

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Slightly unfair review!

So Ubuntu 11.04 is no good simply because of the scrollbars, and it didn't have a release candidate?? Bit harsh.

And I'm totally confused by all this Unity hating. I'm using it right now, and it's great!

Lots of people seem to be complaining that Unity is dumbed down. I'm finding the opposite. I want an interface that's fast and that I can get around with using the mouse as little as possible.

Gnome2 required too much point-clicking. With Gnome 2, it was Alt+F1, hopefully find the right category for the app, move up down with the keyboard to select the category, then move up and down to select the right entry, and finally hit enter. With Unity, I tap the win/meta key, start typing what I want to run, it appears and I hit enter. What more could a power user want? And guake still works fine if I want a terminal up.

Unity is smart, it's stable, and it just works. I've got more screen space, it gets out of my way, and it's fast. Gnome 3 on the other hand is slow, to switch apps I have to click some 'Activities' menu, then find the screenshot of the program I want, then click on it, and finally hopefully it's the right one. Why on earth would any power user not use Unity? It's the way to go. And if this is only the first release, I think it's gonna rock within a year.

Everyone seems to initially hate Facebook for making radical changes, but eventually they realise how awesome and common-sense those changes are. With Unity it'll be the same.

Did PlayStation Network hackers plan supercomputer botnet?

Carol Orlowski

Scaremongering BS

dear o dear....

People running scared about a what if "article" written based of chat logs based of speculation of data that may have been taken from a unknown number of people...

PSN gaming network outage sparks DDoS rumours

Carol Orlowski

They don't if they know the outrage it causes.

This IS the result of anonymous, if they claim it or not.

Carol Orlowski

Still another 13 day to beat Mictosoft's record

As title...

Microsoft inks Nokia deal with phones set to fly in 2012

Carol Orlowski

Problem is...

you trust Microsoft too much.

They are putting top Microsoft execs in at the top levels in Nokia.... That's a little bit more than the phone agreeement..


Sony ships 50m PS3s

Carol Orlowski

Not that many

Out of 30 or so PS3 owners I know, only 1 person had a failure, a launch 60Gb units, everyone else's is just fine (including 5 or 6 launch 60GB models).

I'm guessing that the Squaretrade figures of 1-2% failure rate for the PS3 is not that far off the mark, and WAY better than Microsoft's 35-45%

Carol Orlowski


and shipped to Microsoft mean left the factory with no definite retailer orders to fulfill, (they just go and sit in a big warehouse until retailers buys them)

Sold to Sony means retailers have purchased stock, and retailers only purchase stock becuase their existing stock has been sold to consumers.

It otherwords, it's 50m sold to stores, and in a months time that will effectively be 50m in consumers homes.

Not bad for a console that launched 16months after the Xbox at a higher price, that the American media hated because Microsoft's advertising money stipulated that they had to,.

Carol Orlowski

everyone in the trailer park?

that might explain the 15 people you know with Xboxes....

The rest of the world plays PS3, as it's better hardware, better features and has better games.

Carol Orlowski

"Plus, Mario Kart + Wii Wheel > any other driving game. Ever."

Never played GT5 or Modnation Racers then?

Modnation racers is like MarioKart but 1000x better and 1000x more fun/.... Including a very epic track designer.

Just because YOU haven't discovered it, does not mean it does not exist. Some people will only buy things that Ant & Dec tell them to buy. There is no hope for this people, they will end up with whaever product the company with the biggest advertising budget has, rather than the best budget.

Having seen the state of Wii shovelware, it's clear to me, Sony have been spending their coffers on game development, Nintendo have been blowing theirs on marketing of crap.

Reviewers slam BlackBerry PlayBook software

Carol Orlowski

according to apple.

however those NOT brainwashed by Apple can see products better and cheaper. The Motorola Xoom, the Acer one, the Galaxy Tab....

Carol Orlowski

Marking gone mad?

Using the word Play in a product that has only ever had anything worthwhile (and even then that's debatable) to Business folk?

This is destined to fail.

Me, I'm waiting for a £350 Honeycomb Android 10.1 Wifi-only tablet with a MiniSD slot and capacitive touchscreen. Who gets this to market gets my money.

Reconceptualising IT security

Carol Orlowski

Interesting, but...

I don't necessarily agree with the idea of off-loading everything to the could. Besides, wasn't relying on the could part of HB Gary's downfall? (Among a myriad other things, yes, I know)


Wii price cut coming

Carol Orlowski

Unliklely, Wii is dead.

Have you seen how many games have (not) been released this year?









It's also starting to look like the Xbox is dying too, with it mostly all made up of multiplatform releases that are out (and usually better) on PS3 and PC.

Sony buries hatchet with GeoHot in PS3 modding case

Carol Orlowski


"There was a very good chance that it would have gone the same way that Apple vs the jailbreakers went"

You might want to get a clue and actually read the judgement on the Apple case, it doesn't allow people to Jailbreak.

Just because you read something on the internet once, does not make it true.

Page 6:


"Computer programs in the form of firmware that enable wireless telephone

handsets to connect to a wireless telephone communication network, when

circumvention is accomplished for the sole purpose of lawfully connecting to a

wireless telephone communication network."

Tell me how this applies to Sony and Geohot releasing the encryption keys on the internet to people can play pirate games?

Carol Orlowski

The difference of course

Is that PS3 does not need to be hacked to be useful.. You can stream to it without hacking.

Infact, there is absolutely nothing that's legal and wothwhile for a hacked PS3. There are some illegal emulators and illegal piracy, and that's it....

So your lame excuse falls apart very quickly.

Carol Orlowski

You talk crap.

The keys are out there, but they are now worthless. Neither of the last 2 PS3 firmware have been cracked, the PS3 is locked up again. You can't play latest games, nor can you connect to PSN.

As much as the cluess idiots claim, Sony have indeed got the horse back in the stable door...

EPIC FAIL is the words that describe people that think somehow GeoHot won. He has $20k in debt over his tinkering.

HTC Android tablet priced up for Blighty's shoppers

Carol Orlowski

Personally I would have neither.

The iPad2 is crap, the HTC is overpriced.

If I am going to buy a tablet, it will definately be Android, and it would have to arrive with a dual-core chip, capacitive touchscreen, honeycomb OS and 10in screen, and be £400ish.

Otherwise forget it.

Nokia to help WinPho outsell iOS in four years

Carol Orlowski

Nokia to help WinPho outsell iOS in four years

I wonder how much Microsoft paid for this dumb prediction.

I'd be surprised if Nokia are still around if 4 years. Microsoft will have bled them dry and moved on by then.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Android smartphone

Carol Orlowski


Not only is the internet the worlds biggest liar, it's also responsible for the worlds biggest Chinese Whispers.

The "Rootkit" was never malicious, it was merely copy protection (in the same form that many other publishing companies were toying with at the time). The only difference here, is that it hid itself, a side effect being it also opened the door for carefully coded spyware to hide itself too, courtesy of the same routines.

The code wasn't even written by Sony, it was written by First 4 Internet. Sony bought it in. It affected about 10 CD's (and a distribution of about 20,000 copies, all in the US)

Since then the story and been bigged up and twisted out of all recognition by clueless idiots like yourself.

Carol Orlowski

The internet is the worlds biggest liar

Sony never removed PS2 compatability in a software update, it was always hardware, and removed to make it cheaper to sell.

They never removed linux in a non-optional software update either. (it was ALWAYS optional)

I believe the Experia phones have Android 2.1, which is pretty uptodate.

Spying software? You mean copy protection software that stealthed itself? Rather different....

You should stop listening to people on the internet, they are idiots, and it's rubbing off on you. EPIC FAIL OF THE WEEK AWARD IS ON IT'S WAY.

Carol Orlowski

Why miss out?

Sony make some of the best products around? Their TV's are great (for TFT), the PS3 beats the pants of both the Xbox and Wii in terms of gameplay, features & value.

Their phones are pretty decent, the Walkman brand is better sounding than anything Apple have ever made.

By not buying Sony, you are only spiting yourself. Sure you pay a bit more, but quality comes at a price.

Japan 'quake hits PSP2 launch?

Carol Orlowski


Google for Bug Me Not....

Who's the idiot now?

Carol Orlowski

Sigh, another cretin

Sony are protecting their millions of dollars of R&D and IP poured into the PS3.

They are rightly taking a couple hackers to court, because they intentionally posted the keys that unlocked piracy on the system. You would have to be an idiot to actually think these people are into homebrew, which is a myth, does not exist in any worthwhile shape a form, and is basically a cover-story for piracy.

OtherOS was removed BECAUSE GeoHot was using it to try and hack the PS3. had he left it alone, you would still have it today. He couldn't leave it thou, so it was removed as a security measure (a measure that ultimately failed, but that's irreverent).

Let's not go back and change history and pretend that Sony removed OtherOS one day because they felt mean. The removed it to protect the system they invested billions of yen on.

And for Rootkit, that's the most laughable of all. 10 years ago, different Sony division, not even written by Sony and affected a few thousands CD's. You really ought to stop it, you sound live a total cretin.

EPIC FAIL indeed.

The Sun still not shining on Nintendo's 3DS

Carol Orlowski

Is that why

Nintendo don't suggest letting your kids play the 3DS in 3D mode then? Advice from medical experts...


"Nintendo is warning young children against playing 3-D video games on its upcoming handheld gaming system, the Nintendo 3DS.

Kids age 6 and younger who play the 3-D games may have the growth of their eyes stunted, the company said in a statement on its Japanese website."


Carol Orlowski

whilst it's very easy

to write the Nintendo story off because it's The Sun, there is some serious concerns about the the long-term damage to young eyes using the 3DS.

I have pretty good vision, and 20 minutes of gameplay was enough to give me nausea. To be honest thou, after 20 mins of the horrendously bad launch software, that was enough anway.

Nokia floats out a collection of cool concepts

Carol Orlowski

Nokia pretending to be relevant

how cute.

The day you sold your soul to the devil was the day that there was no return from....

Toshiba: PS3 chip too hot for tellies

Carol Orlowski


It's not the Playstation3 chip, it's a derivative of.

Half as many cores, running 1/4 of the clock with less local store and a much less powerful PPE.

Basically it's nothing like the PS3 chip then......

Nintendo notches up record sales for 3DS

Carol Orlowski

I'd be VERY cautious letting my offspring have one.

young eyes are far more delicate. I wouldn't want my kids eyesight knackered in a few years over a cheapy handheld console.

But then looking at the number of obese kids, Parents clearly don't know how to say no anymore, and would rather settle for the quiet life.

Carol Orlowski

But fails to meet own expectations

It also fails to meet consumer exceptions too.

I expected to have a good 3D effect, not a rubbish one.

I expected to not have to endure headaches and eyestrain after using it for more than 10 minutes...

Sony CEO signals summer of tablets

Carol Orlowski

Looking forward to this.

Sony have the might to take on Apple, make a better tablet, with a more open (and better) OS, that sells for less.

Bring it on....

In the meantime, I'll make-do with my 10.1in Advent-Vega dual-core Tegra2 for £199...

Samsung BD-D6900 3D Blu-ray player and DVR combo

Carol Orlowski

Here is how to calculate the real score.

if (Sony)


score +=20%


else if (Apple)


score -= 20%


Official: PS3 has more fanboys than the Xbox 360 does

Carol Orlowski

Idiot alert

"and have been caught out by dual format games being only 720p on the PS3 when they're 1080p on the Xbox"

No you have been caught out by Microsoft's dishonest labelling of games.

Sony report the NATIVE resolution of games.

Microsoft report the UPSCALED resolution of games.

Both systems run the games at the same resolution, and both the XBox and PS3 wil upscale if needed using their hardware upscalers.

You need to stop listening to what Microsoft tell you.... I bet you even think that Xbox games look better than PS3 counterparts because Eurogamer told you so.....

Carol Orlowski

You know nothing..

GT5 is not a collecting game...

Why not actually BUY and PS3 and GT5, you will then understand what you are missing out on, rather than relying on information from Microsoft and their industry partners for your information.

Carol Orlowski

Your 360 might be

with it's PS2-era DVD player.

My PS3 is just getting going and has another 5 years of life (at least)...

Carol Orlowski

Most people I know have Xbox.

At least in our trailer-park.

Someone did tell me once that people with jobs actually bought PS3.

Carol Orlowski

That's because

the Xbox is a kids console, with games like Kinnectimals and such.

The PS3 is the far mature demographic, and the console is way more capable too outside gaming.

This is why it's managed to obliterate the 18month headstart that the Xbox gained by launching early (albeit chock full of faults) and with a higher pricetag.

Mozilla puts squeeze on slow Firefox add-ons

Carol Orlowski


Get a browser that doesn't need compromises...


Google 'clamps down' on world of Android partners

Carol Orlowski

How long can Google legally delay

releasing the Honeycomb Gingerbread source before they fall foul of it's opensource licence?

Dell, HP badmouth Apple's iPad

Carol Orlowski

Not an enterprise tool

a penis extension....

Game stocks shops with Tesco 3DS consoles

Carol Orlowski

I think you got it right first time...

"As pre-owned 3DS consoles line the shelves of Game, customers could be forgiven for thinking Nintendo gamers were unsatisfied with their purchase."

Everyone I know says it's crap, not just the 3D effect, which at best is minimal and fades quicker than you can say "move you hands or head"... And if you are lucky as an adult, it may just cause temporary eyestrain, but in developing kids, it may cause much more permanent problems....

Nokia lobs more patent claims at Apple

Carol Orlowski

Microsoft lobs more patent claims at Apple via Nokia.

Fixed it for ya...