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Slack bank practice creates opportunity for phone phishing scams


it gets worse . . .

I had one of these calls a while ago - think it was a credit card company. We reached an impasse where i refused to accept he was who he said he was until he proved it.

So, in a fit of inventiveness I'm sure he was proud of, he proved it by telling me my last transaction details and current balance. I was so shocked I carried on with the call!

Granny friendly phones



"to the over-60s it may as well be a concept that has dropped through a stargate from some far-away galaxy"

Cheeky young monkey! As a 62yo iPhone geek I object. I was actually reading the article hoping to find out which phone to buy for my toygirl wife, who refuses to wear her glasses so needs an A3 screen and hand-sized buttons on her tiny phone.