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Apple squashes location tracking 'bugs' with iOS update

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Are immune.

This was introduced in iOS 4.x

I believe any iPhone that is EOL'd and OOW, should probably be jailbroken, if you care about security, receiving new features, etc.

Honda Jazz Hybrid



We mention small cars that aren't available here in the states. The humber sceptre does sound interesting, though.

It's great that you guys have so many choices, and have had so many choices for good mpg over there.

Here in the states, if you want good mpg, you have to get a bona-fide hybrid like the prius, or, if you really really have to have a honda, the insight or the cr-z.

All other hybrids are known as "hollow hybrids."

The only exception to this rule, is interestingly enough, the Ford Escape/Mercuriy Mariner/Mazda Tribute hybrid.

a small-ish suv that gets 36 mpg.

Ford licensed the toyota hybrid tech to do this. this may have been what happened to the "maverick" project somebody else was referring to.


Here in the states

Our options for regular petrol or diesel based fuel misers are limited. No Citroen, no Toyota iQ.

There was a recent "Think City" event here in town where they allowed people drive pure electric vehicles, in this case, the Think City.

Like the Leaf, it gets 100 miles to the charge.

Like any small cars, and most hybrids here, they get no respect from the rest on the roads.

With gasoline being over $4.00 US per gallon (maybe not much to you Brits, cause you're currency is the bee's knees compared to ours) there is more resentment to people who drive small cars or hybrids.

I have owned a Honda before, but never again. I will keep driving my 2002 Toyota Prius until it literally falls apart. 52 MPG that I can get with it is better than the 40 MPG that my brother gets with his brand new Honda Insight.

Apple showers love on Mac malware protection


But don't real geeks

compile clamav from source?

How to slay a cellphone with a single text


But what about..

Internet email/text gateways?

F-Secure Mac security scanner bug bins benign files


If you're running a *nix based OS

and not running clamav, compiled from MD5 verified source,

then maybe you should just turn in your geek card at the door.

Apple bans iPhone 3G patch omission talk from forum


Alternatives for older iOS devices...

Jailbreak for security...it's out of warranty anyway.

Install a non-standard browser and use it instead.

Hello Opera, Snowbunny.

Install a non-standard PDF viewer and use it instead.

I'm sorry, what was the problem again?

Making sport of browser security, hackers topple IE, Safari


Alternative iOS browsers...

DO exist, even within Apple's Walled garden.

Opera, and Snowbunny browsers. Opera does work better. Both are free. Both in iTunes store.

The real question is whether or not WebKit is susceptible.

Everybody really knows, text mode browsing is the only way to go.

Lynx for the Wind!


What self-respecting hacker

Hasn't heard of nightly.webkit.org?

Isn't that the code base that Safari is derived from?

Methinks the hacker doesn't know much about them thar interwebs

Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410

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I'm looking into getting one of these to replace my "Frankenstein" machine which I ended up donating the system board out to a good cause.

Price was one of the factors I was considering, along with the ability to hook it up to a TV out of the box.

It's not that I don't have a decent, wide screen flat panel monitor. I do.

It's not that I don't have a decent, regular desktop style computer desk. I've got that as well.

I wanted something readily portable but not a laptop.

As far as the operating system goes, here are my thoughts:

Box is cheaper than Mac Mini (So, no Mac machine for me, sorry Steve.)

Called with Dell, and tried to get them to forgo the windows tax. They wouldn't budge on it.

Would want to put Windows 7 64 bit on it, but if I couldn't get that, maybe experiment with Windows XP Media Center instead.

I could put Linux on it, but this machine will be replacing the only computing gaming machine at home.

Electric cars not as 'green' as advertised


Ultimately, doesn't the consumer decide?

Especially with oil-based fuel prices climbing in recent days, won't the daily cost of operation factor into it, even if just a little bit?

Heck, I thought I'd never own a Prius, but I do now. Matter of fact, I see a lot more of the 1st generation sedan style around than I have before. Believe this to be a factor of the primary reason why people buy automobiles in the U.S.-the looks.

I'm all for bio-diesel, but only in the form of greasel. This doesn't impact anybody's food prices, where traditional bio-diesel flavored by corn or soy does.

Ultimately, a bio-diesel (greasel) -electric hybrid would probably be the best of both worlds.

And, of course, being a 'Merican, I can't resist the smell of fried foods, so that's another benefit of a greasel car.

Mac daddy predicts all-knowing, all-seeing UI


Hey, wait a second...

Just got to thinking about this with tax time coming up...

Is it really kosher for you guys to let our I.R.S. know that this App sold 50,000 copies at 4.99 a piece?

We all know what the developer's take on an app sale is.

Let's hope Bill reported that income...

Apple refuses frozen iPhone repair



The colloquialism here is "no biggie" which actually does roll off the tongue quicker and smoother as well.

I, myself, have never heard it expanded out into the form of "not that big of a deal."

Apple slapped with iOS privacy lawsuit

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Maybe it's finally time...

To post alternatives to nefarious iPhone apps?

I'll start with accuweather instead of TWC, or Weatherbug.

If papertoss is your idea of a fun game on an iPhone, then you have my pity, and just maybe your personal stuff should be owned, it'd give you some excitement in your life.

I forget the third app mentioned. Maybe it isn't a mission-critical one either.

Sony PlayStation Network vs MS Xbox Live


But What about the Wii's online offerings...

Are these not even worth mentioning?

'London black cabs to go electric in 2 weeks' – Boris Guardian


They're working on it...

Stay tuned for the Prius V...

We'll probably see it before the Bright Idea from Bright Automotive, even though the Idea looks really cool.

Froyo snuggles into cosy Nook

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Look out, iPad

You're being undercut by %50!

iPad to lose weight, gain eye



But only on the first 2.

HTC is making some decent kit nowadays...

Still, iPad is a vanguard of the 'Pad devices.

Any reason why RIM wasn't mentioned?

AFAIK, Sony Erricsson doesn't have a 'Pad device?

Nor does HTC.

Nokia has the Tablet, or at least had it. I have one lying around my cube somewhere (old 770 series.)

Coat, with the oversized iPad pockets (Thanks for being prescient, Columbia)

Yes! It's the Reg Top 5 FUTURISTIC GUNS Thanksgiving Roundup!



Are only as good as the arm or rocket that hurls them.

Besides that, don't they have the highest dud ratio of any ordinance currently in use?

Toyota Auris hybrid e-car


On our side of the pond...

Diesels are very rare to buy, unless brand new, then ($$$)

The majority of hybrids out there are Toyota Prius.

Other, non toyota-prius hybrids still use the same system licensed by Toyota to them.

Citroen 2CV not for sale here, brand new. That'd have to be shipped.

Agree the Auris looks better than Prius.

I have a Prius, but it looks more like the old Toyota Echo than the new Prius.

I get about 52 miles per Yankee gallon.

Is the 60mpg figure going by imperial gallons?

Interesting, that it wasn't quoted Km per Liter, though.

Medal of Honour


But no WWI FPS games?

I, for one, thought it was kind of cool in COD to take part in the Normandy invasion.

I think, however; there's a huge opportunity being lost. Korea may be America's forgotten war, but even Korea may have had a video game ascribed to it (MASH)

However; where are the FPS games for WWI? And, no, I don't mean WWI flying games (something entirely different.)

A well placed and timed grenade always livens things up...

Bloggers swallow iPhone 4 screen weakness claim

Jobs Halo

More anecdotal evidence.

Dropped my shiny iPhone from a height of 4 feet. (About half a meter?)

Onto the concrete driveway. It landed face-down after hitting the right edge towards the top corner first.

No break in glass. However; a few little "dings" on the very edge of the glass that doesn't affect display, or even safety for the glass splintered off cleanly...

Biggest issue was the mistake of putting a screen protector on. To this day, even after removing the screen protector, it looks kind of dirty.

Naked woman demands cab ride to Michigan


In other news...

Officials have noticed an uptick in the applications for taxi licenses in Louisiana!

I'll get me coat...

Road test: putting the iPad to work

Paris Hilton


You didn't mention if your iPad was a 3G unit or not. This may or may not have some bearing on battery life?

Energy-saving LEDs 'will not save energy', say boffins


The elephant in the room

Try and buy an LED bulb that will fit in a standard lightbulb socket, and see how much light you get. Is it a lot? Not really.

LED lights do have their place, and, for the life of me, I can't understand how things with just one LED light in them are so bright compared to the $12 (or probably about 6# for you Brits) I spent on one freaking LED lightbulb which has more than a few LEDs in them, but is the dullest bulb (outside of blacklight) that I have ever seen.

HP board cooked Hurd's goose before settlement


To me,

This is just another story begging for Playmobil re-enactment of some sort.

Bring out the Playmobiles!

Troll doll icon, closest thing to a playmobil...

Office for Mac steps closer to Windows version of software

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iWork sometimes actually better than MS Office

No, it isn't heresy, hear me out on this.

Received a corrupted MS Office file recently at work.

Office 2003, no go.

Office 2007, no go on the Windows machine.

MS Office on the Mac, no go.

But, Pages opened up the document, and was able to print it out just fine.

St. Steve, obvious reasons. Too bad he'll end up ditching OS X for iOS. Also, a capital idea of putting a decent Mac OS X gui on top of MySql.

Malware protection for the rest of us


Is keeping up with a blacklist hosts file

Really that much? How difficult is it to distribute. Granted, they are getting quite lengthy.

Mozilla Thunderturkey and its malcontents


People have

been predicting the death of email for years now.

All I can say, is when it dies, so will a little bit of me.

As far as whom to blame, there's enough to go around.

Microsoft with their insecure Outlook product.

Yahoo, and other WebMail providers who sometimes allow direct email client access to their webmail products, and sometimes don't.

I do fondly remember PINE, and also ELM.

I tried to get PINE to work with an exchange server (no joke) they said it could be done, but I had difficulties.

As far as "blunderbird" goes, I echo many of the other comments here.

It was important that Evolution was not mentioned at all.

Since Evolution was abandoned pretty much by Novell, this isn't a surprise. Unfortunately, this had the most promise of an email app of recent history.

Hands on with RIM's BlackBerry Torch 9800



All new devices in the U.S. have to have the Micro-USB. Congress passed some law. It should be interesting to see what Apple does with the iPhone's connector.

iPhone users get more sex than Android fans



There *IS* an app for that


Private lessons


Want a safe browser?

Text mode only

Lynx FTW!

Total cookie control

No annoying flash

Ditch the malware magnet


PDFs are the bane of my existence


Perhaps Nader has to work with (i.e. MODIFY) the PDFs that get sent to him.

I know, I know, there are other alternatives and we use them here, but for some reason, Adobe keeps jacking with their document spec (PDF) in order to make it difficult for other Editors to work. Editors is capitalized, because chief among them, would be the ability to MODIFY EXISTING PDF DOCUMENTS. Ecopy9, and PDF Converter Professional by Nuance are what are used in my neck of the woods.

As far creating new PDFs go, I second Van Buren's mention of PDFCreator. Be careful here, though you want to do a custom install if you don't want another Internet Explorer Toolbar installed. But I'm interested if any of the known PDF Printer apps that exist in the wild will make URLs clickable in the created output, does anybody know?

Now, to the meat of it, reading PDFs.

I've tried Foxit, and was dismayed by their recent sways towards the dark side with toolbars and bloatware.

And, it couldn't handle displaying our online pay statements.

Sumatra PDF, couldn't either, and took a little bit longer to load.

I've downloaded PDFExchange, but haven't tried it yet.

Evince seemed quicker than Sumatra, but still couldn't handle the paystatement web site. That website is controlled by a vendor who can't be convinced to code it any differently. That, in itself, is a real PITA, but not entirely due to the PDF coding.

I've also downloaded the fine GhostView, and heartily recommend to use it, even though it doesn't handle the paystatement web site. Why? Simply put, IT BREAKS DOWN THE SECURITY OF (YOU CAN'T PRINT THIS PDF DOCUMENT.) Whoever at Adobe who came up with that particular security setting should be drug out to the streets, and shot for the dog that he or she is.

So, how did I end up fixing the paystatements thing for myself?

I grabbed a hold of an earlier, less bloatier version of Adobe Reader, Adobe Reader 5.1

It loads quickly, but I was slightly worried about how many vulnerabilities it may have.

I will take the article's suggestions to heart, and change my preferences post-haste. The disconcerting thing, is with every vulnerability Adobe discovers, those w*nkers use it as an excuse to make it even bigger, and bloatier.

OTOH, does anybody know if the Mac Preview app is also prone to as many vulnerabilities?

I guess, what would be nice, would be a simple chart- PDF Reader app vs. vulnerabilities discovered.

Microsoft dry-cleans browser trousers ready for IE 9 beta


@ Si 1

And, there, is the ultimate reason for further development of Internet Exploder.

It will force adoptions of new Windows versions.

Kind of insidious, when you think about it.

That's what IE has been about, ever since they stopped making it on the Unix machines (no joke) and even the Mac machines as well.

Webkit, compiled from source if you must.

Otherwise, text mode browsing FTW!

Liberal Google, Yahoo!, Apple hurting America claims Reagan


A real conservative

would run and host their own mailserver.

Just sayin

iPhone 4 jailbreak banks on browser exploit


iPhone 4 Antenna problems?

I call badgers or troll with "known iPhone 4 antenna issues."

Other than that, an interesting read, especially the comments section.

Couple charged over hybrid car industrial espionage plot

Black Helicopters

The real question is...

Were these H1B hired workers by G.M.? Does anybody know?

For those of you across the pond who don't know, this is a lovely U.S. program that allows foreign immigrants into our workforce to work for sub-par pay. I believe they may have similar programs in the U.K. to keep costs down with the NHS?

Forget the Jesus Phone, here's the Rude Phone


Am I the only one

old enough to remember Wang (funny on this side of the pond) computers, especially mainframes?

Running reports on "The Wang"

Of course, since it was a mainframe-

"Is the Wang Up?"

"Is the Wang down?"

"Is the Wang working?"

I'll get me coat, the one with the "Wang Operator's Manual" in the pockets...

IE and Safari lets attackers steal user names and addresses


Text Mode Browsing


install a text mode only browser. You'll never regret it.

All-in-One Inkjet Printers: Best Buys


Kudos on including cost per page!

This is frequently over looked by other so-called reviewers.

However; you should also have mentioned which device would print from an iPhone, and which devices print from a Mac?

The reason why? I'm currently looking into replacing my Canon multifunction with a new inkjet multifunction because it's cheaper than buying 5 ink cartridges. 5 cartridges * $15 per cartridge yields $75, plus tax.

Was seriously considering another Canon multifunction with the MX340, but the Kodak 5250 (not reviewed here) also allows for printing from an iPhone. I'm not so sure about printing from a Mac, though.

Some HP Officejets allow for iPhone printing, but I think they have to be WiFi enabled.

next up, perhaps a laser multifunction printer review?

Miniature Apple display spotted in the wild


Ok, Ok, I'll bite...

New iPod (touch or video)?

New iPad jr?

finally a Mac OS X based netbook?

Odds are the first, not the last. I mean, what we need are more iPods to choose from!

Android slurps market share from Apple, RIM, Microsoft


Android, OK for personal use, but not for business!

I really like the idea of the Android operating system, but am fearful with so much Google-ness being behind it.

That being said, Google seems to excel at targeting personal use kind of stuff. Business critical stuff? ehh, not so much.

To fully lock down and tie an Android phone to Exchange, you have to pay a separate third party! WTF? This certainly doesn't have to be done on Windows phone devices, or even the iPhone devices.

So, all in all, no big surprise. Android phones are cheaper than Apple phones (usually), and, despite what some people think, over here on our side of the pond cell phones are a personal consumer driven business more-so than a business customer driven business.

Don't even get me started about Palm WebOS. They came too late to the party, and got bought out by HP.

Why we love to hate Microsoft



admit and support previous Windows releases as "legacy" or release their source code for them to the entire world with no strings attached.

drop criminally expensive XBOX live gold membership pricing. Why should I pay Microsoft to watch netflix? I don't have to do this with the Nintendo Wii?

you want cross platform? So do I=open source Microsoft Office, port it to Linux.

create media center connectors for linux and mac so that they can, too talk to your xbox 360.

get out of the server business.

get out of the email server business

get out of the programming business (visual studio, really?)

at least they know not to get into the phone business

as far as netbooks go, wasn't there some study that said that their sales were hurt by the iPad?

windows 8 direction? OK, scrap the whole DOS based thing. base it on top of Unix. It didn't hurt Apple that bad when they did it. And kill Internet Explorer. Please.

Multiple flavors of the the operating system? Maybe just Server and Workstation, like the good old NT days.

But, then again, trust must be earned before I would ever, ever want to pay money for a server product from them. Maybe a three year hiatus on server, while they perfect workstation.

also, stop buying companies/people/etc out to stifle competition and innovation.

Apple seeks antenna engineers after 'Death Grip' debacle

Jobs Horns

But what happened to...

The previous employee of Apple in Mainland China?

If I was applying for the job, I'd probably want to know...

Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip

Jobs Horns


It's just a bad batch in the U.K. I had no problem with mine ever since it arrived earlier this week.

I have noticed occasional service issues (mostly indoors, and mostly with 3G) and sometimes I have to switch to GSM to make/take reliable calls, again, indoors on floor 30 of my office building.

But, if I'd hazard a guess (I didn't look into too much of the take-aparts) I'd say both techs use the same antenna.

It's almost time for me to pick an icon. I'll go along with the rest of the haters and choose Evil Stevil, even though I've had no major issues with the unit. Why? Clearly, he not only wants to have his pick of donated organs, but also thumbs as well!

Apple gives MobileMe a makeover


back in the halcyon days of .mac

It was free.

Not that it matters now.

Odd, to think about it, it probably stopped being free right around the time that the first iPhone was unveiled.

As far as other's spying on you, isn't that what encryption+steganography, etc are for?

I'll get my coat, with some banned cookbook in it's pocket, my work is done here.

Apple apologizes for iPhone 4 gaffe


To add some more fuel to the fodder

In the states,

AT&T's server most recently fessed up to running LINUX at netcraft.com


This is where I pre-ordered 5 on Monday.


Burger van busted offering free takeaway porn


I, for one

demand PlayMobil re-enactment! Or, it didn't happen.

Also cheers all around, everybody else in the thread got the best jokes.

I'd thumbs up everybody, but the thumbs-upping at theregister is vastly more difficult and time consuming than regretsy.

Fanbois howl over 'hang a lot' Safari 5



Why use Safari, when you can use WebKit instead?

That way, if you do find a bug, you have the source, and you can fix it yourself.

Or, are people installing 5 for the much-discussed "make the web go away button?"

FFS, if you want text only internet, you can have text-only internet. Install Links, or Lynx and be done with it!

Evil Steve? Halo Bill? Halo Steve (for not killing nightly.webkit.org?)

When in doubt, Tux it out. Home to fine, secure, text only products like lynx, pine, and elm.

Apple lifted 'make web go away' button from open source


What's the difference?

Between "make the web go away button" and a true, real text mode browser, like lynx or links?

Can I call shenanigans yet?

It wasn't too terribly long ago when you could tell your browser NOT to automatically load graphics, etc because you were on a slow dialup connection.

Web 2.0/HTML5 Badger's Paws, you be the judge!