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HMS Ark Royal goes under the hammer

Murphy's Lawyer redux

It is my intention...

...to commandeer this ship, pick up a crew in Tortuga, raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weaselly black guts out.

Putting the internet into neutral, or neutering the net?

Murphy's Lawyer redux

I don't think Ed Vaisey thinks we're the Internet's customers...

He sees us as having ideas above our station. We need to be put back in our place and be reminded that we are the meat that is fed to the Internet's real customers. Who are, of course, the advertising companies and other corporations, just like it is in the television and newspaper businesses.

This, for a certain breed of Conservative, is the Natural Order of Things and must be upheld at all costs. And if the companies this benefits just happen to put large sums of money into the Conservative war-chest, that's natural too.

Mine's the one with the "Lone Gunmen" DVD in the inside pocket...

Craigslist subpoenaed over thriving adult services ads

Murphy's Lawyer redux

Techdirt's take on the story

"Attorneys [sic] General Upset That Craigslist Is Profiting From Procedure He Forced Craigslist To Put In Place"


The money quote for me is: "I believe Craigslist acted irresponsibly when it unilaterally decided to keep the profits from these posts,"


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