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Dutch ISP calls the cops after Spamhaus blacklists it

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Not As Bad as ORDB

There was once a popular "service" similar to Spamhaus that black listed servers with open smtp relays. (Where one could use the server to send unauthenticated male from an external domain.) I'd screwed up and left the SMTP open for about a week and they found it and blacklisted us.

Their method wasn't to go after spammers, but against servers who COULD be used by spammers. They would go through MX records and attempt to send spam to themselves and if successful, black list the offending server.

This was rather like walking down the street at night, trying to open doors and when you find one unlocked, publishing a list of them for the crooks to use.

What does HP want with Palm?

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Big Fail For Slate

Several of us have been jonesing for the Slate. Tablet PC running a real OS, millions of programs available and for half the price of an iPad.

If HP puts WebOS on it, then it'll be nothing more than a web browser. I mean just how many apps have you see for the Palm Pre vs Android, iPhone or Windows Mobile? I think there are even more apps for the Blackberry than the Pre.

So if HP goes WebOS, I just won't buy a tablet of any type. My guess is that a year from now, the Slate will be on TigerDirect.com as a closeout.

Heck at least Apple has a track record of delivering and has lots of apps out there, even if Apple does limit your choices.


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