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Google Chrome OS mauled by Richard Stallman


Stallman and Tovalds

Stallman managed to write a lot of the software you are using. Tovalds created the Linux kernel, but what good is one without the other? Your comparison is a poorly thought out one; and, when you think about it Tovalds did not create the Linux kernel on his own. He got as far as he could with it then released it to fellow hackers to modify and improve. At one time Stallman was writing software against people who were writing software that wouldn't be free and would not give you any freedom. Richard Stallman deserves a lot of respect, because I doubt you could have done what he did do. Why don't you think about that?

Student found guilty of obstruction in Sarah Palin email trial


American Justice

In Chicago, Illinois a Chicago cop told me of a bust he made. A 60 year old man was in the vicinity of a drug bust. The cop took him down and asked him if he had anything on him. He told the officer he had a .22 revolver in his pocket. The officer took the gun and asked him why he had it. The old man was collecting rents part time and he had the gun to prevent robbery. He was on the south side of Chicago, where things get pretty bad. The old man had a prior when he was 15 years old. They threw the book at him causing him to loose his job with the Board of Education, his pension, and pull time. The same cop arrested a known gang member, who has a arrest sheet several pages long, and he walks; because, he knows how to play the system. The District Attorney wants a solid case so he can will to look good for his re-election bid. In America it's all about the money. The old man was an easy case and fool proof, so he goes down. The punk walks. Welcome to the American justice system. The DA looks good and the cop is frustrated because it's all bullshit. The cop pleaded for the old man to walk. You may like to know that. But, he had to arrest the old man.


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