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EVE Online erects mashed-up memorial to biggest space fight in history

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Glad this doesn't happen everytime someone forgets to pay the bills

WOW, yeah i remember playing EVE a few years back, was fun, trying to out run or outsmart the null sec guys, I mean what's the point in going in 0.3 space if you don't expect to get blown to bits...

I have a ship or 2 parked somewhere.. I do remember a few stories like this one lets just say

In game 3 million ISK PLEX's you don't tend to transport on a shuttle... Yeah still think that one was staged as a big "screw you" to his old corp...

I may get back into it, not sure..

BOFH: One flew over the PFY's nest

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Beautifully Warped

Hmm what can I say, twisted humor at it's best. The PFY is mentally unstable so was waiting on a "shrink" episode and this was a good one.. Great way to start my day :D..

Now pass me the..................... I've got stuff to plan...

Nasty BOFHses. It burns us! It burns...

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Well the building did need a new septic tank right....

So glad I remember NOT to be drinking my morning coffee while reading the BOFH, laptop saved... Keep it up, but I do wonder how Simon is gonna make the £100 back... I bet he's got a book running....

BOFH: Go on, beancounter, type DROP TABLE asset;

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SQ Hell

Well it was HELL for the Beancounter ;) The BOFH back to his best i see...

Now where did I put that bulk eraser....

El Reg in email address blunder

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Hmm a new play toy for the BOFH

OK I think the speed merchant needs to go have a word with the BOFH...

A light BOFH tasering followed by a halon shower should sort him out...

BOFH: Attack of the Global Corporate Overlords

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What can I say a master class. The facial tick doing that.. Yes I'm sure you buried them in enough BS to drown their grandkids..

LN never been near it, some people seem fanatical about it, just like some people seem fanatical about MS Sharepoint and Outlook - hmm yes but I don't like activeX controls if I can help it, no wait that's not true, I just don't like IE if I can help it.

BOFH: Every silver lining has a cloud

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Once again, classic. 100w soldering iron, a hole punch and about 5 pints of say hmm absinthe, enough to numb the pain but not enough so you screw it up.

I think I know what will be next a special document room, where all the documents are kept and you can only read them in there.. air tight box, and why is that cattleprod there? Oh here is why "bzzzzzzzzzzztt".... < door slams shut> oh and no mobile signal either..

The 64-bit question

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Now all we need is....

for the software guys to actually write full 64-bit software and we can do away with 64-bit WOW portal for 32-bit apps. This of course will no doubt mean a total re-write of some software or a recompile with some newer libs that are both. I have a good example of software written that works fine on XP / Vista / Win 7 but only if it's the 32-bit version as wait for it they first wrote it when .NET 1.1 was still okay to use and it needs some part of that to run and guess what MS never did made a 64-bit version of .NET 1.1

Oh to be a software programmer.

Mines the one with the .NET 1.1 install CD in the pocket.

Router-rooting malware pwns Linux-based network devices

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Hmm let me see so they run embeded windows do they.. They run a linux kernel. it's well disguised of course but none the less it is a linux kernel. I got a d-link somewhere that died or at least ended up needing rebooting every blinking day, don't think it could handle my 8mbit upgrade.

Mind you the router I have in at the moment I think I need to hard reset it got some unnamed port forwards most odd.

Jester claims credit for knocking Westboro Baptist Church offline

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Really, why. All I have to say is this, a solider goes and does the job he's asked to, to defend his chosen country where ever that might be. To protest at someone's funeral who's died defending their rights to free speech does seem a bit much really it does. I do suggest you go look up the bible see where it says god hates gays, he don't he defines marriage however as between a man and a woman not both the same. At least when I says this I don't go hiding behind the AC tag...

BOFH: There's no 'I' in team, but there's a 'u' in suck

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And they are off

Off and running, into bookshelves, coffee mugs, dishwashers..

Hmm I'm thinking it's been a quiet month as maybe the BOFH hasn't had any major issues to deal with as management has been away you know how they do like to take extended time off to recover after the last episode.

Should it not be if it's got a PS/2 / USB / RJ45 / RJ11 / VGA / DVI port it's IT else it's not, that thus doesn't cover the bosses big HD TV unless it's a computer monitor, the kettle in the staff canteen, the photocopier unless it's a network printer to ...

BOFH: Who's been naughty and who's been nice?

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Love it

I'm so glad I wasn't drinking anything else someone would have owed me a laptop..

Top class Just when they think they have him beaten...

Nailed Top class. The Halon and the robot are nice touches and since when has the BOFH ever followed EU rules.... That will be recharged ;) maybe not with HALON though but a close proxy to it maybe some nerve gas / CO2 mix.. either way the tape safe is no longer a safe hiding place ;).

BOFH: Look out!

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Good One Simon

One of these days the "boss" is going to learn to keep quiet about these things and just let them be. Liability insurance they have that maybe that's why the banks collapsed really they had to bail out the BOFH's company. Jacqui - I do like the 3B vending machine, but how would you make sure the beer was cold and the Bhajji's hot? Why also do I think it is also time for a reshuffle at beancounter central or did they finally learn to just stay quiet?

Now where did I put that barebones linux build just right for embedding.

Outlook preview pane-shatter bug fix stars in November Patch Tuesday

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Preview PAIN!

Hmm who in their RIGHT mind has the preview pane turned on? I turned my Windows Live Mail one off when I updated it.. I turn it off even in web based mail that has it where possible. I know it's a massive "You don't need click anything here as you've just been code injected" although most AV will catch it.. I really can't believe people still use it.

BOFH: Pepper-packing bot plot

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I hope you....

remembered the backup power supply just incase the geeks got smart and pulled the power. You are right just when your about to get into something interesting someone rolls up and demands action...

I'd gave gone with CS Gas and a small flash bang just to make even more fun.. Gassed, disorientated and blinded totally.

Would work :)

Hmm more money for our hand crafted imported beer - hmm I want one of those but only for the bottle :D

BOFH: Lock shock

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Revenge - best served Chilled..

Hmm got to love it, PFY and BOFH in full flow, the erm sorry who did they say they were again the boss, can't be, I'd see it come up on the system. I guess not.. Security we have people in the building claiming to be the Boss and various IT people, they aren't in the HR database or in the system anywhere could you kindly deal with them.. You are authorised to use any means required..

UK passes buck on Europe's cookie law with copy-paste proposal

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Sorry this to me is just an EPIC fail, why is this even needed surely it's a USERS RIGHT to decide IF he / she wants them ... I don't mind targeted ads I don't, some people do and that's what "AD blocking addons" are for..

BOFH: Die, Robot

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Robot II

I can see this robot coming back, I mean who else is going to reload the cars on to the racing track when they come :D

Koran-burning 'pastor' loses website

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What can I Say

Hmm there is always one somewhere that wants to upset the apple cart, the small minority that ends up getting the rest of us tarnished with the same brush. I do hope it was some white hat that took his site off line, I'm sorry but as independent bible believing baptist myself, this saddens me terribly. I'm just thinking maybe someone, a Christian would be nice should go deal with this Inbred idiot who's doing to Christianity what the Taliban and "old hook-hand" did to Islam, and then let God judge him..

@ Jake that ain't strictly true now it's just what happens when the garden don't get weeded right and the hateful get left to grow and then preach their own TWISTED version of the truth.

@NH - yeah when Sarah Palin thinks your a nut job, it's time to call the men in the white coats to come take you back to the nut house. I wonder if the nut house there is missing a few nuts.

@AC - Yup totally true, the bible comes from the original Hebrew through Greek to English with nothing left out and anything added clearly marked, at least in my bible it is.

@S.Pam - I feel for ya, I can see why you've probably stayed away from church, there are other churches out there, as God (if ya believe in him or not) has a purpose for all.

BOFH: On the couch

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He's back with a bang, and maybe he's only telling the truth so far.. I mean what better way to get rid of the boss and be able to BLAME it on someone else I wonder if a bean counter will be taken out.. I think the shrink is next to Security for her own safety and also maybe as she's colluding with them and or the bean counters!

I'm sure the PFY will be fine, the boss will too hopefully...

I'm sure also that the PFY will get back to colluding with the BOFH soon.