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How 'sleeper agent' AI assistants can sabotage your code without you realizing


Re: Do not train on random garbage Tolerance and profit

On the contrary definitely filter that stuff! Training it as canon is a bit much for a transformers without a grasp on how hard deprecation might need to go on, what the reward budget for fancybear basilisks might be etc

It's 2019, and a PNG file can pwn your Android smartphone or tablet: Patch me if you can


Re: Great (LineageOS, et al.)

So why would you not move to a nougaty or newer Lineage OS (take a los?) or take advantage of your device's maturity to freshen its loadout from a well-fuzzed bsd source? No current maintainer, or more like losing the back screen (driver?)

Sure, you can keep Grandpa Windows 7 snug in the old code home – for a price


Re: Not funny caption

So what's the plan for nicotinamide riboside and WINE 6.1 then? First sign of missing a nickname 4 times in a row, clinical doses (2800mg, in fruit) then 200 mg a day (early in meals?) and when it releases? Quarterly dose adjustment dependent on whether they've installed AROS or VMS?

>after they lose the ability to use the computer.

Shilelagh.device is missing; reinstall?

Wow, fancy that. Web ad giant Google to block ad-blockers in Chrome. For safety, apparently


paging Depatrtment of Prevulnerability...

Why have a browser war as the only browser if you can have a Schumpeterian contest of http/v5 wills? Look for VPs to show on Dwayne Johnson's Reality Protocol Winner workout show.

Scissors cut paper. Paper wraps rock. Lab-made enzyme eats plastic


Worm Bin Type 9 Courtesy The Farage

Single-use is design tragedy of sorts. Brutalism for nothingness fans. You either integrate the pipecleaner with the single-use straw or call it trash and imagine it thoroughly enough to pop out in a way that at least agonizes gulls if not performing as silage straw, doing turtle-gut cleansing that missing seaweeds no longer do, and making supercaustic in breakdown to combat carbonic acid.


Re: Brit boffins save planet

So they shouldn't alternately excrete perovskites, electroparamagnetic organics, graphene and nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes? What's a successor microbe to do? Straight up turn terepthalate into photonic crystals that emulate gold or some fashionable late transition metal? WiMP-consuming hyperperiodic bosonic condensates that turn deep space into light daytime talk/comedy space?

ViM>You can't "consume" metals very easily.

Not until the spring-steel connective tissue patch really hits 9.0.

You don't want to sample compartment syndrome at 8.0. Ping!

UK Home Sec Amber Rudd unveils extremism blocking tool


Bloom filters at Stainsbury's are $600k and 0.00 01 BTC, that's the way it is.

I wonder how much from Albertson's will get incorrectly flagged.

This will probably put the lid on the Theresa May bits where she wonders about shorting those people engaged in Labor; just when the exact opposite of what it supposedly discusses (plus honorifics and NHS LSD microdosing ad libum for the people who voted stay, and not waiting to TKO the rest of the wait or EU exit or probably poorly coined political terms in general) is earnestly needed.

Samsung needs to eat itself, not copy Apple's X-rated margins


Void Public Promise#(Self)

[checks GlobalSpec readin' laptop:] I don't quite understand. You mean they need to do a GE where they emulate South American large spiders and make grove nests of 40 startups at a time, making microwawashers and fridgeohobs and SSDberkeleyDBCriterionReleaseo3DScreens, but without faceplanting and firing everyone again to be certain? Or just renew themselves as a chaebol and make scuttle anew that only eventually reaches covet of EMEA?

Probably missing a perfectly obvious Korean Film reference here...

A fridge, audio monitors only, and long metal straws, stocked with bimbimbap? Like that?

Top supercomputing biz boss cuffed amid allegations of fraud


Ganbare, Jezy.

Crushed Juicero now officially a fruitless endeavor


The proprietors of Dirt Candy always said the downside of carrot sliders was having to pay honest wages towards all the work those took. Overconsistency and just blending the whole thing was never a shortcut on offer.

EFF dinks HP Inc finks in rinky-dink ink stink


HPE has bug bounty cheering; get those MITM cartridge cozzies sent 'round!

Well, they have a bug bounty program https://firebounty.com/bug-bounty-program/4/hp so it the next log that hits 120 pages before INK OUT for a cartridge color you don't even love should let one take it out on a variety of select 'secure cartridge-printer communications.'

For example, can the printer tell that the cartridge inside it used to carry specialty inks used in vaccination labs, has a large family of colors (BEIGE 89257, BEIGE 89119, BEIGE 89740...) that have recently radicalized and traveled to color labs that also do human trafficking, eaten the chips out of several stockroom neighbors, and then trained for 3 months to put bows on replacement supplies with notes 'Please change ink when it whinges {top secret intelligence emoji}?'


Re: EFF Misnomer?

It could be Electronic Amnesty Foundation, out opposing the bricking penalty for printers and freeing PS4 from the obligations of PS2 or stopping systemic cruelty to odd version dot releases.

And it's not about advancing the bar or engineering per se, but more the people trying to live paperless and choose their own shared multi-head console without first shaking NIST (NBS?) .

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Spotify serving malware, no escape from reality


Re: Yet again

Yes similarly why would we have a default browser, and yet it looks like wolf bait has served us very poorly here. The bar for subliminal content to include in 'bad tees' (as opposed to fine art toques) has been fattened if not raised.

Even so I get lots of intents I don't intend even without baseband p0wn season on, and on a BYOD I haven't rooted (my desktop for that has 2MB DDR2, I can't root everything; like the phone with no 5 of another Stephen) supposing there were a reason to tether or otherwise connect on usb for trust maintenance and backup who's to say I'd capture the right logcat food or fout()? Kaspersky Family VM?

Our pacemakers are totally secure, says short-sold St Jude


What manipulation? That device design fraud isn't a possible thing?

Do tell us, what sort of bounty was the FDA 10K process going to offer researchers who weren't exfiltrated from a completely different AMA/NHS universe?


Re: Medical Devices

That happens to be exactly what wannaboffins would find in the garage if only they let go the A2500 to have enough space for cellphones. The radio bits in phones sound like a perfectly good way to address things, but the sufficiency of the radio environment and cryptography to execution vulnerability exploit isn't absolutely certain. Let me know if you know St. Jude's responsible disclosure pipeline to be up to snuff; this action sounds like an egg well warmed and come to term.

People in cities plagued with CSIOs and Medical Device Attorneys are seeing comic obtuse paean from security researchers. Try the Bloomberg, too: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2016-08-25/bone-st-jude-has-history-of-sweeping-things-under-table

US data suggests Windows 10 adoption in business is slowing


ZorinOS, sure; maybe BlackLab for power users?

I really don't know how they emulate all these x686 on the ARM7 that should be enough for everyone?

Every 2 weeks a new USB OTG cable and fb emulation monkey for the desk set? STEAM for workgroups?


Re: Have an upvote.

So, KDE for Openbsd, or some other alternate dbus? tmux to the masses?

Elder WinScrolls are VM Windows from Citrix et al as 'installs' FTW?

'No password' database error exposes info on 93 million Mexican voters


Re: no government will do it, but....

It's a miracle the mail ever gets to you if your address isn't zero padded and fuzzed. VAirBnB&D is the best place to stay. My employer, [[10 digit primes]+2] never fails to make proper local deductions. I am a veteran hospitaler of 11 indigenous democratic authorities...

Nvidia GPUs give smut viewed incognito a second coming


See OpenCL, any other buffer mechanism at hand

Openfb had this problem only 12 and 15 years ago, so it's understandable that OpenCL, which doesn't allocate specific memory (only something free on the scoreboard) and which can have quite a long callback in being asked to clear the buffer used would have a hitch or so coughing up a callback for a clear displaylist. Or, your OS might use Persistent Mapped Buffers (OpenGL) and not be compiled to worry horribly about data load determinacy (v. callbacks w. new pointer optional) and reusing them. Quite normal if you're not running signboards in a government building! (Flying dockets! Tripletake defense-state!)

Either you want a fuzzer or active padding daemon competing (maybe with some determinism) with your power scheme to prevent leaks on displays of the same machine...reproduce it with lvm and you've earned an educational use case to ponder...or you really want to save power and noise.


Re: Video driver clearing memory

As reported it seems like the video replayed. If it's Flash, won't fix deprecated things seems to apply, but if it's incognito mode and HTML5, seems pretty significant to issue, commit and execute the GPU cache and data (otherwise frustrated by OpenCL, which I thought we liked.)

Contrawise, if there were a link that broke out bugzilla or git so:

-Reproduced with 4K HSVC 3D Gay pr0n; 2 hour video plays during aggravated Just Cause 5 Load (parameters at link, etc.) Came twice anyhow like always with loading screens.

-Reproduced with Hatsune Miku while falling at 7000' in an updraft 3:40.2. Came twice. Peckish.

-Reproduced with locals. Came four times. 5:13:11 according to FitBit. More worried than anything I can't remember seeing them.

-Cannot reproduce; it's video not actual fecundity. [Don't want to know.]

From Zero to hero: Why mini 'puter Oberon should grab Pi's crown


Re: Author comment -- could you lot miss the point any more widely?

The VGA, PS/2 keyboard bit sort of plays up the historical and wearing-the-sweater-to-the-last-pill (missed the easy germanic word, sorry) sensibilities and gilds the age of the pre-U1...U3 microSDHC. Just the sort of thing for playing Assassination Classroom in public; can Team Bluebottle find vulns in Team Oberon? Only perhaps this sticks one with exposing a pad with the JTAG pin or feeding it an ASK antenna.

Playing on Hardcore you'd have to bring tree frog/caterpillar blood antifreeze or some other rite of spring (...for 10y.o. if I'm reading this right, so caching freshwater might be in there...) into the competition.

The FPGA is a perfectly sensible inclusion; no need for 10k seat licenses on there until you lock in Knight's Bridge wordlengths (500-bit?) at scale. It would make it uncomfortable for the wearer to have to dissipate top-line SHARC or FPGA...you'd know your sweater shorted it or you'd been found vulnerable.

I am looking forward to the next XMOS thing.

'Fairly bad core bug' crushed in Linux 4.4-rc5


Re: Difference of opinion #newsworthiness #NewYearsTriggerAllTheThings

Just in case you wanted the (or a, or the person with the maturity of a) 12y.o. kid to experience hot-side kernels, you'd want to be aware of this. If that's boring, you can tell them nobody will be doing any kind of plumbing (kernel, clean water, used water, hazfluid, bongs, routers, serializers; none) in 10 years and see what they turn forth and whether UML and IME work with it.

Music lovers move to block Phil Collins' rebirth


Too Popular Compared To Conscription Of DRC Girls To Interdict

So let him feel the fully armed and operational might of musical democracy, is what you're saying?

.flac aside, do you think this could be more or less of a debacle than Dick Smiths?

We suck? No, James Dyson. It is you who suck – Bosch and Siemens


November Svitzstuurm Madness

Well, finally we have a lab for measuring differential craptasmal intensity, and power draw for cleaning it up, across some western EU members. Courts aren't usually this fun, and for once the argument won't be at all for the hearing.

If you like that, how about wet-dry vacs for use on Mars. Quite inexpensive as those things go if you buy locally.

Western Digital's hard drive encryption is useless. Totally useless


Re: Do you trust a spinning rust manufacturer to get full disk encryption right?

Here WD has folders full of women writing encryption for the price points and industries to suit them best, and you're certain the reason they don't mainstream 8-128kbit AES keys for shopboys is because they make spinning rust? Surely you've heard of their airgap line?

It's a shipping option. (cough)

Standards body wants standards for IoT. Vendors don't care


Re: They ignore IPv6 ?

Missed that part of the Martian movie. They have to move too...unless you found the solution for that?

US Treasury: How did ISIS get your trucks? Toyota: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Who told your sharia guy how to dress?

Nuts, so much for sending dodgy lock codes to the boots. Or do they lock now?

I'd definitely want to have a good look over the infotainment system options. A/B test the New Humblest State.

JavaScript creator Eich's latest project: KILL JAVASCRIPT


Finally, you'll be able to freely select ARM7 or Intel's SGI graphics bytecode freely and communicate between them with an eventually consistent network call.

Would YOU touch-type on this chunk-tastic keyboard?


The built selfie-stick environment gets caissons.

Looks nice. Saves nailing my hands and feet to my custom gaming keyboard and being carried around by Ibis. Whenever I need to be heard going CLACK CLACK over a large event, this is the thing. I'll just store it on my back, or as a fashion goiter until I need to look awkward and ignore my fun note apps like Fii. Looks like it could double as a kettle bell. And a fire extinguisher or chocolate nib cold brew rig if I have the demographic right, I think.

Tim Cook chills the spines of swingers worldwide


Re: 3.45am is *not* the beginning of the day

For consistency's sake he should've said bike key, but if you get up at 3:45AM and start tutellating your wheelamadoodle, you are almost certainly going into more ER rabies care than you authorized yourself.

Jeb Bush, the man who may lead the US in 2016, dumps Floridians' private data on the web


Re: Republican'ts

Got that Minimum Viable Error Product all warmed up, they did. Well, if we get a security reset every time, we'll just skip the election altogether and hope Solaris Desktop '16 works out for us and that we don't all have to live at equidistant points on one road, the Rue De Bolivar.

Avoiding data retention will be as easy as eating a burger


She talks like that then demurs about 'tricky territory'...plz. no.

Truly she couldn't answer for herself. Still looking for the viral remix bit...

Solar sandwich cooks at 40 per cent efficiency


Re: Iceland

No, we must go simpler! Passive DOSing is denying we exist and can only be stopped by concentrated plumbing of sun pumps.

Simpler! Denial slack must be done faster by Fabry-Perot up swipe capture instead of active IR. Having that detection in place means installing Green's stack.

After the licensing art's out.

Renewable energy 'simply won't work': Top Google engineers


Re: reducing energy consumption

That's a fine conclusion just as soon as you explain how the previously solved (cough) condition of sustainable growth for...you know, non-electric non-carbon-burning nuclear power products...is the tallboy can of protoculture of the future that runs into no mineral shortage. Carbon fiber clothes, kitchenware and whiteboards, very nice...

Mozilla remembers 2013. Y'know, back when it still gobbled at the Google money-trough


Re: The author is thinking like a colonial.

Yes, once we realize Libya is a completely together place from the point of view that they live and breathe browser SoCs and evangelism, and the character encoding of their communications becomes clear, the USA will have nothing to do but build humble desalination plants; also raising sorghum, hominy and cinnamon. Everyone will want to move to Libya's stylish non-filetree namespace for .mozilla/firefox/CrashReports/pending/ to have the absolute latest.

Also they have been publishing group photos of all those million-a-day founders; just wait for the associated 3D web printers, the tv shows about fighting API docs, the Limits To WebGL financial to-do...


Re: The author is thinking like a colonial.

Yes, once we realize Libya is a completely together place from the point of view that they live and breathe browser SoCs and evangelism, and the character encoding of their communications becomes clear, the USA will have nothing to do but build humble desalination plants; also raising sorghum, hominy and cinnamon. Everyone will want to move to Libya's stylish non-filetree namespace for .mozilla/firefox/CrashReports/pending/

Microsoft exams? Tough, you say? Pffft. 5-YEAR-OLD KID passes MCP test


Re: Biased? Brilliant dad moment.

This is a little marvel of time management. The kid knows about SoC systems and still bothered puttering about...and his dad stayed away from the cliche 'took his chance' fine also. Where are all the 'forget you, I bet Mom did all the test runthroughs!' 'Let him try the high-pressure MCP gauntlet in Expury!'

PHABBA-DABBA-DOO! Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Edge, Gear VR – feast your eyes


Re: Do Not Sit Too Close to the TV Set

Side-eyeing the Oculus Rift from a full meter will be the next skillset anyhow. For users of course, it will be a constant battle of eyegaze-S-Pen apps inducing autism and others lap-reading them back into office (car driving, etc.) relevance.

That was what it said at The National's guide to caustic UX, right?

Fedora gets new partition manager


Re: Yeah that's what Linux was missing!

M0ar 4m4t! This ash stick isn't formatted with zfs, shall we get a go on? [OpenGL fireworks] Yeah!

Did you want 90 50GB volumes with 7GB swap on this SSD and SATA3(HW, SATA 3-drive failsafe) set? Done, picked JFS like this...change away...twongle SElinux and backup settings, lather and rinse protocols, plant User Mode Linux here and there...console sparkles affirmingly.

Revealed: GCHQ's beyond top secret Middle Eastern internet spy base


Re: X marks the spot

Clearly an Airtight Garage reference. Otherwise hey, let's make a building in the mideast with lots of surface area, making openly stilted meeting bits in the core, group 5 who mine literally (on their break hours,) and freaking aircondition it, or just paint it white for temperature stability anyways, and then we can have an easybake oven for our new thermophile overlords. Who will...vote for us during the Zombie Radio4 reading of all 4 books of Capital plus 1Q84 or something.

Or: It is a stealth unit. That is the Starbucks they visit. Local colors. It looks like Bauhaus gone lurid but those are bedouin tents all the way down. Huge bsd and hgf fans fan the swag by hand.

Gartner magicians conjure technological TUBE MAP


Re: Hitch-hiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Gartner has been canny at making names for things that are real but not recognized. And El Reg finds many many neologisms to be proud of. Norks. Gosh. Do you never get a 'magic quadrant' investment jostle browsing about (your Script Arch browser extension starting to sneeze as you allow some Engadget script over Reg Hardware, say?) The thing is, C-level business sometimes very sensibly asks for their reports to answer questions like 'can I has designer VM flash market?' and 'So where are all the people I came for, then?' When people cannot afford the work and terms of Sterling, they hire Gartner.

Our week with Soylent: Don't chuck out your vintage food quite yet


Re: Organic? The Fey Monsanto (well, fey LCL.)

You did see the bit where, like muscle-building shakes, it's undrinkable unless chilled? Not that hurricane season doesn't have an office in late fall, methinks your next electric car might as well come with the molecular gastronomy (heatpump, sous vide baths, etc.) option.

Top Norks bone up on Hitler


Hershey Bars. No pub atmosphere at all. Twinkies. YMMV.

I hear the ones from the plant in Pennsylvania are better than OK owing condition, but it's not like there aren't lots of artisinal bars with 20-92% (tastes better than nibs by me) more than 4% cocoa solids. Gritty sounds like it's not a bar made of sugar and fat, and no flour that would make it shortbread, so...was this a thing of focus in the book?

Twinkies are very durable cakes for when a patisserie seems 700-7000km away, and though I would make plans to change this and that (oh ruin, fiber, flavinoid and ALA3; towards a cell signalling narcotic snack food for today) I did like them.

Wouldn't they do better to acquire and study Gone Girl? The words go together, I hear.

Paris Hilton

Re: Novel tactics and surprise @murph

That slog thing is a bit reflexive as a claim, Bumpy Cat, but if you said it became harder to amass 16-year-olds who agreed with prurient fascism; you know, keep whaling on that nail.

If you want to do a Mein-Kampf based outcomes assessment, that would be a great deal apropos; might be a great marketing antiwiki for the more profoundly hypocritical spammers. Might work up as a way to cheer up peeps who grabbed the edge of a PTSD in the service (for the light oh...I wasn't going there. I guess I'm critically okay.)

-goals; outperformance

-Start with scarcity; glooorious scarcity, 20,000!!% (double exponential): Necessary condition for skunkworks CMM0

-identify and apply mass-production to fixing natural problem(cough)s; sunrise to move later in day when not so hot: TBD, reverse proton and electron roles; success rapportage from outlying universe promising, human scum making trade/conquest difficult; tsunderetsuris domination complete (now moving to CMM1...)

Boffins build substrate for 'peel and stick' solar cells


Re: Duh,,,

No, no, holding out for self-assembling. I am willing to spin a mani wheel at board meetings if it means that I am growing virtual daylight windows, signage, and garden gratings and making them available for licensing. No requirements for notification when my +5 waterproof fireproof methproof crystal palaces are ready are necessary.


Re: I wish... And yet definitely not buying puts.

Meh, somebody missed a ramp in 2011. You licences your tech, you books your fabs, you book and trade hold and excise fees, you ship your superoleophobic moth-eye dark themes, they pay you back for not having shipped leccy over bad lines to good places. Pretty soon you own a weird network of antediluvian car charging garages with fens and too many old supercapacitors; but it turns around. Or you could make skylight bits; all distinguishable from fap because reasonably good polycrystalline silicon isn't that much cheaper even with dyes in passivation to help the conversion rate.

Climategate 2.0: Fresh trove of embarrassing emails


Adapt or...mind the carbon and live on land.

That's excellent adapting more, and I feel that some carbon-based life is up to it, but side-effects of doing things right (reducing filth, farming (well...buying from a local vertical farm) in concert with a like for natural abundance and adaptability) permit society, and mean a human die-off less harsh; plus transhumanism suffers less salt damage. With luck, buildings that can weather 100 years well will remain possible. Efreet cities and orbital arcologies' workup would need workup cycles shortened from 9000 to 9 years out; no model rockets, 11th grade is for sentient foil air bearings and a Masters' Defence for replicating your department's level of work in half their volume of night sky.

Carbon from industrial sources is on par with...farming! For every ruiner tribe faking sewage treatment with pipes seaward, cooking alone and dieseling to work, there are farmers using land cleared in the last 50,000 years, hard put to emulate uncleared land productivity.


if climate change appears to be just mainly a multidecadal...

If it appears to be mainly a multidecadal natural fluctuation, but it empirically floods you into Atlantean Lore (for a few decades), you neither need to nor can (with or without title to your senseless rage) kill the IPCC and faction. In their polar forest soils improvement grotto and favela mines. By rooting their e-mail server.

This isn't good for FOIA, though.

Amazon quietly acquires voice capability


Quiet as transcribed. Silence rendering engine still in quiet mode.

Some SunVentures wag said the Jablonski Bross' Yap rocks, too. Kindle Fire 2 indeed; the words of love, they will be rendered into LoveML. Show me on the doll where your phone heard the speech....


Logitech CEO: Google TV a 'gigantic mistake'


$149 for 1080p (so 60Hz) videoconferencing ain't bad. Well....

It's the 2.5-meter diameter warm-white ring light and gobos, plus peri lens, shotgun mics, and software to make corner shots look like structured spaces that made the product.

Logitech managed to make the universal-remote-wot-has-a-screen hover at $100-250 for a decade, but to credit their wits I hear it works great (and doesn't chime or drunk-dial.) They've definitely fallen under the rollers Samsung, ASUS, store brand et al have on market (counterexamples?) in timorous introductions of pool-cue, brainwave, nunchuk, and 6-DOF cue shuttle controllers. Given the scale of the company, the $300 box is a giant mistake in the manner that an Economist reader tossing $30 instead of $5 on lotto is. Obviously they did not lose (gain) a toehold on set-top-boxes in China.

They should, of course. As it is it looks like conferencing envy is split between Dick + Ribs Software Holdings Premium customers, and people with RED cameras and something Sony's demoing among comers whose studio and H.364 self-noise is under 7dB; so it's not like there isn't room in the $29.00-3900 gap, user-made content hype machines revving or not.