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Linux to eclipse Microsoft's 'all-in' tablet enthusiasm

Less the Best

Who cares the OS when the main use is surfing?

Microsoft was strong when computers had keyboard and mouse because users had got used to their logic. Tablets need to have totally different logic so ditching the MS now is really easy for end-users.

Every aspect of tablets is simpler:

- Main use and core functions: Reading blogs or books, surfing web, watching videos and photos instead if Word etc.

- Programs: If you really need something else than core functions you use single purpose apps

- UI: No more desktop, see new Meego. Chrome OS and of course iPad

- Settings: Who need, everything should work out of the box

- Controls: You can use one, two, three, four or five fingers

Learning curve for new OS is shorter. There is less reasons for user to pick Windows-tablet.

Nokia tops iPhone and BlackBerry (again)

Less the Best

Nokia vs Apple

Rupert is right. Apple is making right now more money with their high-end smartphones. But so what?

They are in different market positions. Nokia have been and still is mass-market phone manufacturer that produces all kinds of handsets. It's totally different strategy than Apple's. Nokia couldn't even replicate Apple's strategy and Apple couldn't replicate Nokia's because both companies are result of their history. Good example of Nokia's strategy is N8: good spect, low price.

At present time it seems that Apple's strategy is winning: more profit, more goodwill, more headlines... But no-one knows about future. High-end smartphones are the most competetive part of phone market these days becoming more and more competetive. It's entry level for new brands: margins are wider and possibility to make money is bigger (no need for huge volumes).

Apple position is not as solid as it seems. They are doing everything to cement their position but it will not be easy and there is lot of competitors coming at their direction.

Next year Nokia, Google, Microsoft, Samsung ... everybody has their new OSs ... I'm also exited to see also Apple's new tricks.

Microsoft's Courier tablet dies before it lives

Less the Best

One purpose device

It would have been surprising to see Courier alive. It seemed too much of a one purpose device.

Maybe we will see some kind of MS Office Courier application running on Win7 touch devices.

I think it could work.