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Euro consumers have TOO MUCH choice – telco operators


So she thinks 'GSMA director Anne Bouverot said it was ridiculous that there were nearly 100 players in the EU market while the US does perfectly well with four or five.' Well, I have a plan. She needs to come over here and use the system until she screams in utter frustration. And, she needs to spend at least 7 hours per day with tech support. Beer? Beer helps, but not enough.

BOFH: Oh DO tell us what you think. *CLICK*


Re: Security Breach

Possibly the only person I can think of who might stare down the BOFH


Ah, yes

A great Starship Troopers reference

BOSS Bang boffins: DARK ENERGY spreading across the Universe


Re: It's the best theory we have so far

Perhaps the full quote works better; "All models are wrong; some are useful" This is found in George Box's 1954 book. If there is an earlier citation, I have not found it but would welcome an update.

Windows 8 unleashed! Midnight launch for world+dog



Yawn. Wake me when something important is announced.

Metric versus imperial: Reg readers weigh in


The ONLY sensible solution

Clearly, there is too much nativism here. The metric system might work--if they could come up with a definition of the basic units that everyone would agree on. I mean, its been how many years and they are still fiddling with their definitions. And don't get me started on joules. The only logical method is to return to our roots. May I humbly(?) suggest we adapt our ancestral measurement system as illustrated here:


Airport bomb Twitter joker in second fine appeal bid


Ineffective? Cthulhu?

Hey, don't diss the Cthulhu. He/She/It might really get pissed and suck out the brains of some Or, did he already do that?

BUSTED! Secret app on millions of phones logs key taps


Agreed. Never ascribe to malevolence that which is equally well explained by stupidity. I would still like to perform violent acts on the entire company starting with the CEO and working my way down to the poor droid who will be blamed.

The cost of beating Apple's shrewd screws? £2




And, if that does not work? Get a bigger hammer, of course.

China takes HPC heavyweight title



Yen = Japan

Yuan = China

(sorry to be pedantic can't help it, really)

£1bn+ Royal Navy destroyer finally fires 'disgraceful' weapon

Thumb Up

You got that before I could, darn.

What would be neat as a follow-up would be a BOFH tie-in with PFY and Simon playing with their new toy remotely.

SCO rises from the dead (again)


In the FYI department

Based on a morbid fascination with this train wreck, I have come to following conclusions. The Bankruptcy court does not want to be bothered; whatever arcane excuse SCO comes up with is fine. The guy in charge is either smoking something or has never actually read any of the financials so thinks SCO has a whizz-bang case. The only reason that I think that they keep flogging the poor beast is that the end of this case would/could mean the start of SCO vs IBM. Since SCO NEVER EVER provided any proof of the alleged code violations and IBM lawyers are all Nazgul or worse, this even frightens SCO (maybe). IANAL.

Linux wins the SCO vs Novell case


RE: Unix Copyrights

That is the best short summary of this goat-rope that I have read. Well done.

SCO: jurors too busy Facebooking to rule on Unix claim

Jobs Horns

The Saga Continues....

Isn't it amazing that everybody in all of the known multiverses--and, some that are not known--has managed to look at all of the same evidence and yet can't get to the same conclusion as SCO? Gosh, we all must be facebooking. Or, not.