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Pop!_OS 21.10: Radical distro shows potential but does not play nicely with others

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Re: So, after reading this description of PopOS ...

If you have a notebook using Intel OPTIMUS platform (shared graphics processing between chip and mobile GPU), Pop is a great option... no manual config necessary, provides menu driven options for GPUonly, chip only or GPU+Chip operations.

That being said, I'm not going 21.10 for the above stated reasons. Favorite OS is still Fedora on my desktop.

RBS Mainframe Meltdown: A year on, the fallout is still coming

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IT Angle

And yet...

executive types still ask questions like, "why do we spend money on IT when they don't directly make money themselves?", and "why do we spend money on systems monitoring?".

The thick will only get thicker. Bad IT policy is a result of the profit-this-week-to-hell-the-rest mentality sprung upon companies by investors blinded by their own impulsive, myopic and short-term self-interests . Yes, I do believe its the investors who are the root cause, bad-children actors in all this mess.

Dell: Shhh, don't tell a soul, but the PC sector ISN'T doomed...

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A New Tack

Nice article, and I couldn't agree more that modern investors act like nincompoops. We're at the point we need to toss out our stock markets. What we need is to find a way and a forum for companies to find people with money who want to back... companies.

Good move by Dell to bail out of the nonsense. More companies should start putting value back into the long view. Weekly profits as measure of value are tatamount to economic mental disability.

Swedish boffins: An Ice Age is coming, only CO2 can save us

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tax reform

Shouldn't we set our best minds in government to come up with a carbon shortfall tax schedule? However we do it to ourselves, someone has to feed the monkeys.

Kim Dotcom pressing on with Megabox music service plans

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Paris Hilton

Re: Is he pushing his luck?

I completely agree. If he breaks from house arrest, comandeers a 50ft. vessel and crew and starts boarding tourist cruises, shaking people down for their paypal accounts and smartphones, then he will definitely go to prison.

However I'm afraid the U.S. DoJ has completely screwed the case they are chasing now. Scumbag or no, its incredibly ignorant to flout legal procedures and standards. What he's doing now has nothing to do with charges already laid. They will have to start all over.

I predict the case will be dropped in early 2013 when it is revealed that U.S. government agents flew in and disconnected servers pell-mell before anyone reasoned out the differences between direct and cloud storage systems, and that they have no hope of recovering auditable file evidence in the near future without the support of defendants IT staff.

Fatties are 'destroying the world'

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Governments and "scientists" really do suck.

Over-eating isn't near as much of a problem as poorly-eating. Thanks to the government mandates, just about every manufactured food in the U.S. contains high fructose corn syrup. Everything from sweets to hamburgers at McDonalds have HFCS.

This ubiquitous sweetener has caused so much human damage, U.S. private health insurance doesn't even want to predict Diabetes any more and stopped paying for insulin resist tests (which will indeed tell you if you are on the way to pre-diabetes, as it did for me). Now the insurance companies just wait for the Diabetes to onset and relegate to the least expensive, least effective treatments.

And here's the icing on their cake: lots of people want to start charging "fatties" more for health insurance. It's absurd... first they make a bunch of people fat by taking away healthy choices, then they start charging them for it.

Granted we can all *choose what we eat, but the choices in the U.S. are severely limited for the time and talent constrained. This restricted choice of healthy food is the fault of government in the U.S., not the fatties.

For most humans, eating a normal quantity of junky foods *today will get you fat... over the decades really fat.

Pirates not to blame for Big Media's sales plunge

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Re: Doesn't matter

Would that prison time be for the lewdness or the criminal consumption of trans-fats?

So, what IS the worst film ever made?

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Re: Worst Film ever

"If you really need to watch it, get the MST3k version of it."

And make sure you pay attention only the riffing. It is seriously physically painful to watch this film. It actually hurts, not kidding. The equipment and cinemetography were that bad. The symptoms resemble what it would be like if forced to listen to the worst bits of compressed noise from the DVD audio track of 2001 for hours on end (DVD only... BD 2001 audio is awesome).

Believe me, 2 hours of sand is a blessing compared to Manos.

Very good advice AC. Also if you have ever breathed oxygen, Manos: The Hands of Fate should not be taken without first consulting your physician.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Ha, I love my Fiona Shrek Smuggler.

At level 35, I'm still having fun with the combat. What I like about my healer (sawbones) scoundrel is she really is more of a multi-class healer/rogue. Stealth/CC/Heals. And when everyone plays nice in a group I have enough energy left to close in on a target, give it a nutshot to double 'em over then a cheap shot and finish it with a blast from behind with my shotgun... very satisfying to me personally.

I played a little Imp, but man, those are some dark stories. From a values/morals standpoint the contrast in stories between alliance and Imperials is nothing at all like Alliance:Horde. Evil! Evil!

Durban failed: Relax, everyone

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"Is witch-burning carbon neutral?"

No the burning of sulfur and wood is awfully carbon-y and needs to be offset with investments in the Soilent Green carbon-redux fund.

India asks Facebook and friends to screen content

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Not censorship.... and if we all hope hard enough we can turn the sun to plaid too. I wish these illiterate Romper Room censors would all just shut the hell up already.

Judge orders search giants: Delist Chanel rip-off merchants

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easy to say....

"Google can take care of their own site too."

Not sure if judges or politicians understand this but a search engine is not a censor engine. A search engine's nature and function is to discover and update, not to suppress.

Sure you *could add a filter/censor application as a middle-man between the search UI and the search back-end. But who will pay for its development? Who is going to maintain it? Who will keep the filters accurate and who will oversee the operation to protect the public from more malignant censorship?

It just sounds like Pols and Judges are using the good old "I don't understand what you're saying so shut up and do it" argument techs have been dealing with since the dawn of epoch time.

Time to reboot, America, we've hit another divide-by-zero error.

Mint Linux freshens up web searches

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"DuckDuckGo is a three-year-old search project with venture backing that promises to torpedo the business model Google and Microsoft's Bing are predicated on: making money from your search data by selling it to others."

Well, I'm all for torpedoing any monopoly of information. However your business model is a little off... SBBs (Search Big Brothers) make money when people use their search engine by way of the pay-per-click business model (simplified take on today's model, but true enough). They do get a little fluff when they sell the user data, but its nohere near another PPC battleship of a business model.

I'm really quite excited by the peer-to-peer search projects underway.... this is the most likely way to achieve large scale success in making censors and marketeers impotent once again.

Climategate 2.0: Fresh trove of embarrassing emails

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Politicians like to skew data? Sacre bleu cheese

So, without any information from politicians as to why they might want to over-scare with twisted scientific data, how should the common person react given historical knowledge of similar episodes in politics like the eugenics nightmare?

Apple's Mac App Store opens doors to devs

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Fine But No Lockout

I have no problem with Apple wanting to run a walled garden app store for their OS X hardware. I would have a problem if they ever tried to lock down application usage as they do with the iPhone/IPad devices. That arrangement is ripe for anti-trust action.

They can have an app-store as long as it doesn't prevent access to competing software from alternate sources. The customers bought the damned hardware and though somehow permitted, Apple has no grounds to stop people from using or developing on it the way they see fit.

Tweety profs offer political smear-meme 'truthiness' ratings

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Colbert would be Proud

(Stephen Colbert is a comedian with a 'news like' show on Comedy Central in the U.S. He did a lot to introduce the "truthiness" concept in covering politics).

This is just another bullshit engine they are describing. First of all, the big tip off is that this is a system to defend against "right wing" truthy campaigns. The only problem is that, at least here in the U.S., right AND left are completely full of shit.

What we need is a system that detects broad statements widely repeated without citation or evidence. As an example, the system would kick to the top grandstanding like "Video Games are harming our children", and "Speed Cameras save lives", and of course the ubiquitous "The Internet is killing <x>".

Even better would be a system that cross references the incessant stream of nonsense that comes out of our politicians brie holes with the legislation that is actually crafted and passed into law.

What this system would tell us is that everything any politician says in public is unsubstantiated, and merely fodder for the "reindeer games" they play publicly while actually spending their time at work clearing the way for continued mercantilism. (No, we do not have free markets. If you have any doubt I refer you to the last 150 years of legislation in the U.S. as a whole)


Google's Wave flop: Spare us the warm fuzzies

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Mass Observation != Existence

I believe Matt was referring to the technology, not the market penetration, when he referred to '39 years of e-mail'.

For all its shortcomings, the Wikipedia article on SMTP does have decent origins information for you:


Matt is just about right with his 39 year estimate if you consider SMTP to be the core of 'e-mail' (which most techs would).

Sure, my Mom knew nothing about it until 1995, but she's nobody's hacker.

Wikileaks publishes encrypted 'insurance' file

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Nothing bad to say ? Well, words are empty....

"At the time of the 9/11 attacks nobody had anything bad to say " about Afghanistan,

History and Fmr. President Clinton would disagree:


ACTA leaks - but secret squirrel stays secret

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Yes, we suck

Who has the most to hide? The representative from Disney, er, the U.S. of course. The film and music beggars in the U.S. are so far up the dems (and repub for that matter, same freaking thing) asses our Vice President is running around trying to convince everyone that "counterfeiting" and "copyright infringement" are the same thing.

I hate corporate aligned police states.

P.S. please do not export the Digital Economy bs. Thanks

Queuing for an iPad? Why?

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... does not read it

"Please spend a week with the device before reviewing it."

Just curious, which review were reading before you accidentally posted your reply on this opinion-about-the-fervor article?

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx: A (free) Mactastic experience

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@ Doug Glass

"And my installation with nothing addition installed (accepted all the suggested defaults) has an effective 17 GIGABYTE footprint."

From the sound of it, you used the "WUBI" windows ubuntu installer. This differs quite a bit from a normal Ubuntu install as actually it uses the Windows file system to store a root disk image. The 17 Gigabyte file represents how much total space from the filesystem you have allocated to Ubuntu, not the size of the OS install. (Tip: while in Ubuntu, check your free space and correlate)

The IT management dashboard

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IT Management Framework Licenses != Success

Good article, but I would argue that to find out how we are doing on the whole one needs to dig a little deeper than just finding out how much money corporations are spending on IT Management licenses and what their respective attitudes are towards the concept.

IT Management frameworks are completely useless without coordinated planning and instrumentation. Much like SAP is just an expensive license without the proper expertise applied top down. (And also like SAP, a successful IT management project should carry the impetus from the top, full participation from all involved lines of business, and expertise from across many disciplines).

In addition to product buy-in not correlating to success, some companies (such as those with extremely high event traffic rates) find that none of the off-the-shelf frameworks address core technological hurdles that must be cleared before an aggregate picture can be developed. Best product, and best practice go right out the door when the operating environment exceeds or does not cooperate with the given specifications. (i.e.: everywhere I have every worked)

I have to agree though, the picture for IT Management looks much better today than it did 10 years ago when precious few executives understood the value gained by putting their weight, and budgets, behind such an initiative.