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Antigua calls for pirates to return to Caribbean


Pharma and IP

Just one more post on the whole IP diversion. Various people have been defending pharmaceutical companies because IP means that they will fund research into new drugs. The problem is that noone seems to question why the only new drugs they are developing are to treat such life-threatening conditions such as erectile dysfunction, and obesity. The current generation of anti-malarial drugs are nearing the end of their effective life span as new drug resistant strains emerge.

If IP was 'working', then surely drug companies would have the 'incentive' that they need to research new ways of treating diseases like this, that kill literally millions of people every year.

This does not even touch on the sizeable amount of government and charity funded research that eventually ends up profiting these companies who end up with a monopolistic patent.

There is always more to the story than a first glance reveals...


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